Deconstructing DOOL: All hell broke loose as February Sweeps started

January 30 – February 3

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The last few weeks, as discussed in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, the calm before the storm of February Sweeps, came to a crashing end on February 1, when Deimos started going after his enemies and all hell broke loose. What a week!

The biggest plot hole…
This baby kidnapping storyline is just not plausible. Of all characters in any soap opera, Nicole Walker would never choose her fiancé over her child, after everything she’s been through. If Nicole really wanted Holly, she’d dump Deimos like carbs the day after Christmas vacation ends and raise her child alone. Luckily, she saw Deimos for who he is – a murderer, and is close to dumping, but if she does, will Deimos take this sitting down? He seems to be lashing out all over the place this week!

Waiting for Friday’s episode was harsh after Nicole caught Chloe nursing her child: “You’ve got to be kidding me. Give me back my baby you crazy bitch.” Amazing.

The height of hypocrisy.
Lt. Raines bashes Roman every chance he gets, claiming he wants to do everything by the book – unlike Roman – yet the first place of business with JJ as a detective was to tell him to get to the hospital, “Screw the doctor’s orders” and get a forced statement from the man Nicole stabbed. Er. Right…wait, what?

There’s something about Jenn Jenn.
Many of us mocked the way Jennifer was written the past few years. It couldn’t be helped, but lately she’s showing signs of being back to the Jenn Jenn of old who is at her best working on a case, not when she’s being a helicopter mother. On the case, she’s already got the best lines of the week, though I apologize. I was so thrown by the hilarity of that docks scene I forgot to actually type it out! Give us more of that and of Drew, in all his shaggy glory and wonderfully fun energy. Just stop all the whining over Camille.

Should I stay or should I go?
Valerie’s being intelligent, weighing the pros and cons about moving to Salem instead of forcing it. That slow introduction is a good move.

It’s the little things…
Chad promised to bring home champagne at Abby’s behest. Have neither of them bothered to take a tour of their mansion? Their wine cellar has been tied to the biggest, most remembered storylines. Chad probably never needs to buy it.

Abigail’s feelings for Andre don’t ring true considering their entire relationship was created off screen. Sure, Abby feels she owes him for helping her fake her death but her singing the serial killer’s praises are a little much. And he obviously had an ulterior motive. Fans don’t forget that. Why would she?

‘How are the mighty fallen’.
It’s a little scary that Father Eric was able to waltz right into University Hospital and steal drugs from a cart with such ease. I’m not sure which was worse, that the nurse on duty left her key on the unattended cart and left him with it or that the person stealing drugs is an ex-priest. Yikes. It also left me wondering how Eric’s doing with his alcoholism. If he doesn’t believe in his faith anymore, does that cause issues at AA? Isn’t AA based on God? Will they address this?

Jenn and Eric still have that delicious chemistry, sans booze or pills, it’d be nice to see where their relationship is headed.

Ex-cons on the job.
Gabi suddenly has mad skills breaking into safes. She must have honed those skills in the big house. Her chemistry with Chad shone even when he was demanding she give him the Orwell. Though I’ve felt having Gabs and Abs on the case was weak, it was almost worth it to see a couple with such sexual chemistry. Give us more!

How does something like this happen?
Uh did somebody forget that Abigail still needs to do time from attempting to murder Ben Weston by setting him on fire? We know Roman made the (possible) charges disappear from her setting fire to Shady Hills. It’s a stretch but accepting that is easier than believing that with her crime, her ass wasn’t thrown in the can or hauled back to the psych ward. Those mandated psych ward sentences don’t just go away, at least not where I come from. Must we start chanting? Send her back. Send her back. Send her back. Bring back PhilyK…

That’s just my opinion. I just call it the way I see it. Please feel free to do the same in the comments!

Best lines of the week:

Nicole, “Holly I love you.”

Mandalay waitress, “I’ve got three words for you. Shay dee ness.”
Jennifer, “That’s one word.”

Nicole, “There are other ways to fight back.”
Deimos, “Like what? Using my words?”

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– Christine Fix


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