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Back from the break & loving DA Aiden but still unsure of who Deimos is

August 22 - 25

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We made it through two whole weeks without “Days,” and the return week has been decent, though there’s always something to rant about. This blog is one day short because I’m off Friday, but if anything major happens, I’ll be sure to give my two cents next week as I hope you will!

Blurring the lines – is he a villain or not?
I hate to admit this because I love Vincent Irizarry, love Arianne Zucker and Nicole, but I’m still not sold on Deimos or Deimos and Nicole as a couple. Deimos can be charismatic, intense, and intriguing when he does something ‘evil’, but then he has that good, decent side which could be seen as disingenuous. Unless the writers are done with making him a villain. I don’t trust him. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget that he was in love with Helena, the woman who could pass as Nicole’s twin. At least Nicole didn’t move in with him but how boringly ironic that she told Deimos she can’t have kids when Chloe’s preggers with his offspring. Gee any guesses as to where this is going or did we have this conversation already?

It’s long overdue for the writers to establish his character…

What year is this?
Chloe is in her mid-30s, yet she had a pamphlet on abortion at her hotel room for Claire to accidentally find, instead of having Claire just stumble upon her Google search, you know, on her laptop or tablet? This sort of writing makes my brain hurt. Well, if Chloe’s going to have this kid, we’re going to need Mama Wesley’s schemes to get us through this. Besides, Mama Hernandez needs a friend to commiserate with. They can compare who has the loudest bark.

Maggie’s operation.
As I wrote two long “Days” barren weeks ago Sonny’s homecoming was heartwarming, but I just don’t get the reason for the return. Monday, they had him hanging around with nothing to say while Maggie had the quickest operation known to mankind and went into recovery. Then whenever he spoke, he displayed a lot of bitterness. So is his return about him taking down Deimos? Sonny? Kind, good, sweet Sonny? They’re going to pair him up with Paul, but I don’t really recall them having chemistry. Wasn’t it Will who had the good chemistry with Paul?

Tatenapping has come to an end. Sort of. Was anyone else letdown by how suddenly Tater-tot was found? The wallpaper resembled the Salem Inn as did the doors, too, so it felt as though they weren’t in Indiana or wherever but in Salem. Three minutes later they were at University Hospital, arresting Victor for the crime, which everyone around them fingered Deimos for and Twitter exploded with thoughts of Theresa being the mastermind. It’s a shame Vic was arrested after Maggie’s good news that she’ll walk again but a note to the writers: If Vic’s going to give Maggie a gift, please don’t make it another knockoff of Mickey’s gift to Maggie of red dancing shoes. That was crushing. It wouldn’t have stung fans as much if Victor mentioned Mickey’s memory.

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Abigail’s “death.”
I understand Chad’s going through a custody case but it felt scummy of Belle, who is far from scummy, to pounce on him to not give up on custody. Maybe Belle should have given it a few days, give Chad time to grieve over his presumed dead wife before resuming talk of getting custody of Thomas? I’m sure Jennifer would have been okay with this, seen as she’s more in love with her bottle of pills than Thomas right now…Ouch. Too soon? Scenes between Jack and Jenn were major highlights for me. Melissa Reeve’s acting was so powerful and raw. I almost want HRH to take a few more weeks or months to really hit rock bottom, just to see what else Reeves can do! 

A few questions about HRH’s relapse: How did Belle get into the Fleabag Motel? Some viewers were disappointed that Belle didn’t follow through and ensure Chad got full custody of Thomas? Do you feel this way? Did it make this lawyer a little Pollyannaish? Vote!

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Puppy love hurts.
Ciara expressed her unrequited feelings toward Chad, he turned her away, swiftly and effectively. Of course, it crushed her. I guess. I mean it’s difficult to tell what she thinks because she doesn’t express it much. I’d have preferred to see more drama from Ciara, considering her history of being a little brat.

I didn’t expect Theo and Claire’s kiss to be so hot or their scene to be so unique. It’s never easy telling somebody you “like like” them and I felt a little embarrassed for both Ciara and Claire. This could be an interesting story between these three coming up.

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The new shady DA is Aiden. Shaiden. And you know, I love it. Daniel Cosgrove is sexier as a badass and this move may just save this character. I loved how he threw Hope’s crime in my Justin’s face. I didn’t love Rafe ranting around SPD about Abe hiring a “criminal” while he and Hope are more felonious than Aiden! Spare me. SPD’s always been corrupt. I might enjoy rooting for Aiden this time around.

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– Christine Fix


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