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Deconstructing DOOL: Even with a few reveals the week was uneventful

Salem Shenanigans from June 27 – July 1:

Nadia Bjorlin, Arianne Zuker "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 01/07/16 © Jill Johnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12875 U.S.Airdate 06/29/16

There were about 394 scenes crammed into one week in Salem so while a lot happened, nothing really happened, if that makes sense. We learned that Salem is a five minute drive from Chicago and though I’ve a few thoughts on the week, I’m purposely ignoring Summer’s reveal and Ciara’s sudden interest in becoming the next Marlena. 

Green Mountain Lodge.
In Dustin’s Deconstructing DOOL last week, he said the show turned Aiden evil to prop up Bo’s short return and then made it worse by making him scheme with a DiMera in order to win Hope away from Rafe. I agree. It’s not how we’d have liked Aiden written and for me, puts a damper on the romance. If Hope can’t kiss Aiden without flashing back to his look-alike trying to strangle her, then they probably shouldn’t have planned a romantic trip together so soon. They’ve both common sense which makes this decision seem irrational. Still, it’s a shame they couldn’t enjoy that hot tub which has seen some action over the years. Instead, Aiden’s too busy pulling a move worthy of Sami by hiding Hope’s cell phone from her!

At least Rafe is on to Aiden, AKA Guy Haynes.

The grieving husband.
In the beginning of the week I thought it was high time someone who cares for Chad gave him a verbal smack upside the head and told him life goes on but toward the end of the week my thoughts changed and now I feel as defeated as he is. Still, Abby wouldn’t want him moping 24/7 or wearing those fugly old man cardigans. I think he was fighting with Andre over who could wear the ugliest outfits this week.

Two exciting bits this week: Abby’s diary and letter, and Andre buying that house just outside of town.

Kate’s new BFF Andre.
Kate and Andre are an interesting pair though their dialogue has been awfully repetitive. Andre still hasn’t said what exactly he wants from Kate. If he wants her help in offing Rafe for Aiden it’s doubtful Kate would agree to it considering her history with the cop, but I suppose if push came to shove she might agree to just about anything in order to get Andre to take care of Deimos for her.

Is Deimos a master manipulator?
I really can’t tell if Deimos is trustworthy or not. He stated that after almost dying, he was a changed man, but he immediately sought revenge on Kate the way he did with Victor, instead of going to the police. Nicole is right – he’s using a survival mechanism from prison and after thirty years of using it, it’ll be almost impossible to change, especially in ten minutes! I think he’s more fun bad!

Question of the week: Is Chloe in love with Deimos or does she just not like playing second fiddle to Nicole?

Stop forcing it!
While I love John and Paul’s easy relationship, and seeing Paul, some of John’s lines felt forced, too giddy in nature, as if he can’t believe his freaking luck, that Paul’s his son. It’s sweet yet sort of borders on annoying.

That kiss!
PhillyK certainly hasn’t let Belle go. He’s a funny drunk. I dig that stiff-assed walk, but the kiss? It was pretty passionate and Belle sure enjoyed it. But then that’s always been the case. She’s always been torn between these two and it looks like Philip’s kiss ignited something in her which led to her jumping into bed with Shawn. I’m over it.

Remember this is an opinion piece and your opinion counts as much as mine so please, leave me a few comments and visit me on Twitter! I follow anyone who asks and love to dish on the show.

Best lines of the week:

“Then may I suggest electroshock therapy,” Victor says, bitingly to Theresa.

About Victor’s nastiness, Maggie says to Theresa, “I’ll put him back in his cage and he won’t spoil your wedding. If necessary, I’ll get a restraining order!”

Caroline to Victor, “You’ve become a cranky, cranky man.”

Victor to Caroline, “Don’t get your knickers in a bunch.”

Kate to Lucas, “Can you please stop playing Dr. Doomsday?”

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– Christine Fix


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