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Deconstructing DOOL: It’s been an interesting ride with blackmail at every turn and the SPD getting a clue

Salem Shenanigans from June 13 - 17:

Galen Gering, Alma Delfina "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 12/10/15 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12865 U.S.Airdate 06/15/16

Blackmail was the name of the game this week in Salem. Kate blackmailed some poor unsuspecting person into lying to SPD that they witnessed Kate and Deimos’ “marriage,” Victor then blackmailed Kate into giving him Titan and in return for double-crossing Nicole to make it appear as though Nicole killed Deimos. Last, but not least, Andre told Aiden that unless he gets him out of prison, he’ll tell Hope everything. It’s been an odd week. Nobody believes Kate’s accusations, Steve is suddenly unable to disarm a teeny-bopper, and Roman’s actually doing his job…

Hostage story:
In my really ranty soapbox last week, and in Dustin’s the week before, we mentioned Joey’s whining. This week the show decided we needed even more Joey and a little bit of drama so they threw in a quickie hostage situation for good measure. The timing was off, in light of the devastating Orlando shooting, but that couldn’t be foreseen. Whether the shooting is supposed to cause us to care about Joey’s character it didn’t work. I couldn’t care less about him, though surprise – I did feel a little sorry for poor Jade, since Joey’s right. She has nobody. I feel she’s been redeemed just by watching her sobbing over her guilt and lashing out at Simone. Dirk was really convincing as a gun-toting crazy person, but in what alternate world of Salem would Steve screw up a hostage situation the way he did, letting himself in and not waiting for his moment? Steve fans everywhere were shaking their heads. He’s ex-ISA. He has taken on way crazier people than Dirk and has come out on top.

Some fans wondered if the show would bring Simone back to Salem as a villain. Interesting idea. I like the actress. Loathe what she has done to those kids, though her returning to the hospital to see how Joey was spoke to me. I think that it could spark some passion in some viewers if we saw more of her. I forgot how much fun it can be to love to hate a character.

Things that make you go hmm:
Fynn and Kayla’s car broke down halfway to California from Salem and they got a hotel room to wait for the car to be fixed. Kayla rested and they never got back on the road. Steve and Joey turned up at their hotel room from the commune but they didn’t travel across the country to get there. The hotel suddenly was outside the commune!

Still restive.
I like that Julie offered Jennifer some tea to calm her nerves and how Jennifer reacted by shooting her offer down unless she put something stronger into the tea cup. She’s still on edge visibly which is good to see, considering she’s got a long road ahead of her and is probably jonesing like mad. Though I find they’re showing way too many flashbacks lately, I was glad (yet pained) to be reminded of her ransacking her place looking for those painkillers. It brought me right back into her world. I hope that Julie’s mention of how Alice and Tom got through their issues by relying on family means that we’ll see more of Lucas in Jenn’s life. It’s got to be a comfort to the family knowing Jennifer has Julie staying with her.

Jason Voorhees returns.
Abigail’s face was badly burned in the fire she started at Shady Pines (I think it’s called Shady Hills but I’m a “Golden Girls” fan so to me, it’s Shady Pines) but why did they force her to wear a hockey mask? And did she really do it or is Ben still around somewhere, gas-lighting her? Who can tell? Abby’s getting worse which could mean that the drugs aren’t doing their thing or Ben’s really there at least some of the time.

Is Rory going to die?
Jennifer fawned over her grown-assed son’s facial bruising, asking who beat his ass and I drew a blank. I couldn’t even remember the last time I saw JJ on the show let alone who hit him. So right away, I was taken out of the story, because I was trying to remember what happened. I can’t be the only one. Are we supposed to start memorizing storylines just in case they decide to wait two weeks to resume each? Is Rory really a dead man walking because of JJ’s newbie mistake? I know I’m in the minority but I’ve always had a soft spot for our clueless Rory. It’s bad enough they turned him into a dealer but now this? Ugh!

Eduardo’s messages.
It’s been a while since Eduardo discussed the threats he was receiving via text message. I forgot all about those, too, and about him until he showed up. It’s not my memory that’s faulty! It’s not the character or actor’s fault. It’s that lack of airtime – lack of balance that doesn’t lend itself to becoming invested. Viewers shouldn’t have to research our show or memorize anything. We watch to be entertained, not to study. At any rate, his scenes with Adriana were cute. She’s adorable, at least in my eyes, even though she’s overbearing to Rafe and doesn’t want to take the hint that he’s still in love with Hope and not ready to move on with Blanca (who I also like). I don’t know what it is about her but she has this chemistry with the whole family and it’s hilarious the way she uses props such as tea towels…keep writing for her, please! What a fine actress Alma Delfina is!

The triangle is already forming.
Dario was right. Deimos will lie about anything to get what he wants. Deimos told both Chloe and Nicole that he wasn’t able to love anyone for 30 years until he had met each of them. Doing time in the clink generally does that. It’s now clear that both Nicole and Chloe are into the same man. I’m cringing at the possible outcome of this. At least it’s nice to see Chloe return. I’ve missed her blank reaction to surprising news.

I hate to be so picky, but…
Suddenly Summer moves out of Maggie and Victor’s townhouse though no viewers were privy to it. (Case of telling vs showing again.) She has 50 grand that she stole from Brady, yet didn’t have a few bucks for a coffee at The Edge? Maybe that was just her strange way of flirting with Justin!

These scenes still creep me out.
I wouldn’t mind seeing no scenes from Ciara and Chad at the mansion. I’d rather see Chad working to keep his mind off of his personal life. Besides, it’s always dark at the gloomy mansion. They sit there fiddling with the chess board, it looks boring, they look bored, they mumble. It’s depressing and the dialogue doesn’t spark any real feeling other than… boredom. It does appear as though Chad can see that she has a crush, even before she said: “If anyone loved me half of what you love Abigail, I’d be in heaven.” Hey kid! What about Theo? 

Happy Father’s Day! Soap Opera’s most fascinating fathers. Included from “Days” are John Black, Stefano DiMera, Victor Kiriakis and Clyde Weston!

That’s enough of my opinion. I would love to hear from you in the comments and over on Twitter! I follow anyone who asks and love to talk during the show! I’m off for a week and Dustin will be blogging in my place next Friday. See you back here in two weeks!

Best lines of the week:

Steve to Simone, “You indoctrinated those kids to lie cheat and steal in order to support your lifestyle and now my boy is in there having a bullet cut out of his guts. That’s on you, lady.”

Victor to Theresa, “Summer may be a low-class grifter, but she comes from good stock.”

Victor to Theresa, “Now maybe he’ll give me an heir that’s not named after a root vegetable.”

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– Christine Fix


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