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Deconstructing DOOL: No time for picnics in the park with all the addiction, theft and assault

Salem Shenanigans from May 23 - 27:

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It turns out I’m really ranty this week and judging the hell out of our dear Salemites…The week started off with stolen kisses and alcohol consumption and the highlight was Jennifer’s standalone episode.

Deimos conundrum.
In last week’s Days soapbox I mentioned that the characters on “Days” morals have been so inconsistent that we’re no longer sure who is good or evil. I’ve had mixed feelings for Deimos over the last few weeks. It was exciting to see Vincent Irizarry return to soaps and as a villain but Deimos is not really a villain, is he? He didn’t kill Helena in Greece, yet he spent 30 years in prison because Victor was jealous that Helena loved his brother and not him. Deimos is more of a victim or survivor than a villain if you don’t count him putting Maggie in a wheelchair, which I almost blame Victor for now. Seeing Deimos with new eyes has made me confused about who he is. I dislike that his interest in Nicole is only because she looks like a woman who died 30 years ago. Nothing’s sexier than a man who lives in the past. Yep. And his relationship with Kate…yikes. Kate’s self-respect seems to be MIA more than usual. She doesn’t seem to really care too much that Deimos cheated on her with Nic Nic hours after he accepted her marriage proposal. Gross.

Love triangle.
Let me preface this by saying I’m not in anyone’s camp. I have issues with this triangle due to the writing for the characters, which might have looked good on paper but doesn’t translate on screen. Plus, I’m having issues seeing chemistry with either man with Hope right now, though I’ve seen it in the past.

Aiden showing Hope that video of their very first dance, kissing her in the rain and reminding her that she still loves him were all romantic gestures but fell flat because he just returned five minutes before and Hope’s still reeling from that. She needs time to process his return. He needs time to process everything he has been through. I’d find it sexier if he went into therapy, stopped lying and started taking control of his life again instead of focusing solely on Hope, especially now that Chase needs him after the stabbing. Did anyone tear up when they heard Chase was stabbed? I didn’t think so.

Rafe witnessed the Haiden kiss and drowned his sorrows in booze. Understandable but then his White Knight complex reared its ugly head and he blathered to Roman about how poor Hope is reeling from Aiden’s return. Gallant, sure, but what about poor Rafe? Rafe never gets lucky in love at least not for very long. I was glad when he listened to Roman’s sound advice went to Hope and told her he’d fight for their love.

Some fans pointed out the irony of Hope murdering Stefano yet sitting in judgement of Chase for raping Ciara. Good point. And she’s not even paying for her crime like Chase is, but what Hope did to Stefano doesn’t negate her need to protect her daughter from a rapist. She still gets to judge and protect her kid!

Moonlight Sonata.
That last scene in Monday’s episode where the camera flitted from one character to the next with Deimos playing Moonlight Sonata of all things was the most boring scene I’ve witnessed to date. Yes, visually it was well done and Vincent is a wonderful pianist, though I’m not a Beethoven fan. I did like his rendition of Gymnopédies: 1. There’s a thread dedicated to Deimos’ music on Soaps’ message board if you’re curious about any of the other melancholy tunes he has played. While Deimos played I wondered what he and Stefano would have thought of each other. I asked some other “Days” fans on Twitter and the majority thought they’d be Frenemies!

Not every couple needs to be destroyed in an attempt to improve ratings.
Having Belle and Shawn return as a broken couple was bad enough but having them sniping at each other ever since ruined good memories of them over the years. That super long scene at Marlena’s with Belle’s drunken monologue bored me to tears. Then Marlena pointed out that the only reason why Belle is remotely interested in Shawn again is because PhillyK dumped her ass and that she ‘needs to be in love’? Nothing prepared us for them suddenly having romantic feelings toward each other again. I can’t go from 0-10 that fast! And who is buying that stalker Lani’s going to go off quietly after Shawn dumped her?

Ciara kissing Chad.
I didn’t mention Ciara dreaming she kissed Chad last week because I was trying to block it from my memory. I loved Ciara’s response to Hope questioning if she has a crush on Chad. “Don’t go there,” which echoed what everyone else has been saying all week! It’s so soon after the Sami, EJ and Abigail triangle. It’s almost worse considering Chad’s Theo’s uncle. Ouch. At least Ciara was honest with Theo about where their relationship stands. I get it. Both Ciara and Chad are in need of a shoulder and are helping the other get through their troubles but not every man turns to someone else literally days after their wife is found to be mentally ill and not every teenager is Lolita.

Rescuing Joey from Jade.
This story still isn’t grabbing me. John followed Steve to Los Angeles to find Steve’s son but between those three private investigators, not one thought to give that store clerk a photo of Joey? I’m not sure who is the biggest moron. Jade and Joey for letting themselves be branded with an easily identified mark on their hands or the idiot who branded them. The police are going to thank them when they pick them all up for their petty crimes. Joey needs to run far away from Jade.

Jack’s bittersweet return.
I really wish that the show didn’t kill Jack off but thought the writing for Jack’s visit (so far) during Jennifer’s ‘rock bottom’ was phenomenal and provided much needed closure for Jack and Jennifer. Melissa Reeves will be a big contender in next year’s Lead Actress category at the Daytime Emmys if she uses those reels. That entire episode dedicated to Jennifer flew by and held my interest. Having Lucas there was the icing on the cake. She’ll need him since things have just begun for poor Jenn.

Oh Rory, you dumbass.
I’m so sad that my sweet dumb Rory went from doing a little weed to being a dealer and now got caught up in this whole mess with the police. While it was nice to see him back on screen, I’m sad how things have progressed and that his friendship with JJ is over, all because Rookie cop JJ thought he could make a deal with a perp. Oy. And Eduardo is right – Gabi is in danger because her boyfriend is a cop. Duh! Case in point.

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Best lines of the week:

Jennifer’s admission, “I am an addict.”

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– Christine Fix


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