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Deconstructing DOOL: Could our high expectations and impatience with storylines be ruining our viewing experience?

Salem Shenanigans from May 9 - 13:

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We’ve seen a lot of excitement during May sweeps so far, though a lot of fans still have high expectations for their show and are impatient to learn what comes next. I suppose we’ve all been guilty of not letting the story play out before we judge…that being said, let’s judge!

A return from the dead which we were told would never happen, happened.
It’s been an interesting return so far, but I think if the show had kept all of us in the dark about Aiden’s return, it would have packed more of a punch. The standalone episode was well done. It was nasty as it gets and old school of Andre to keep Aiden locked up in that cell with the gas being used as a way to get him food without giving him human interaction. Smart move to have him held quite a distance from Salem, too. I did feel a little sad that we only saw an hour of his entire six months being held prisoner but if we had to watch it for the last six months we may have felt it was dragging on! Many are asking why this story is being told at all, especially since Corday said there’d be no more returns from the dead. Apart from entertainment value, I guess the triangle must have been the endgame in the making for the past 8 months. Already, we are seeing many fans wanting Hope to reunite with Aiden but will that happen once she learns that he has lied about when he was kidnapped? How will she feel knowing he changed the life insurance policy on her? I asked some Twitter fans what they think Hope should do now that Aiden’s back and there was a surprising response…

Will Chase get out of jail?
For some time many of us have wondered if Andre brainwashed Chase to rape Ciara. It never made sense to me that Chase would rape her. Even during the rape, none of it made sense. Chase seemed as though he was in a trance when it happened. If they aren’t planning on using that as a way to redeem him then I’m not really sure why Aiden’s already making a case based on Chase’s ‘innocence’.

The new outdoor set!
It was fun to see Rafe and Dario sitting around doing shots in the backyard even if the dialogue got us nowhere. I love that outdoor set. I’d like to see more of it and with other characters.

Killer flu epidemic.
This story has been really rushed. I do love that it’s tied into Yo Ling’s storyline, which makes it way more interesting but at the beginning of the week I was laughing that they were treating it as if it was a pandemic so fast, when only three people showed flu-like symptoms. Of course we’ve since lost the model and photographer but soon after the rest started feeling better. Some fans were disappointed that nobody called more family such as Lucas. Some are still waiting for something big to happen. It’s a double-edged sword. Fans don’t want characters dying, but if nobody dies, the story seems to fall flat in many viewers’ eyes.

What struck me… Why wear a hazmat suit if you’re going to take your mask off every few minutes to talk? It’s hard to suspend disbelief when that happens.

Get her out of the hideous robe and slippers.
While I’m sad for Abigail and Chad, this storyline seems to be going around in circles. They’ve not shown Abigail have therapy more than once. She hasn’t been in group, nor has she been put on medication to help with the hallucinations. And since when does the doctor not talk to the family about what happens inside? That’s not the way it’s done at least where I’m from. It’s helpful to get the family’s perspective and to let them know how the patient is doing so that they can aid in their healing.

Ciara and Theo.
Ciara’s the typical teen who doesn’t know what she wants. She doesn’t need to know yet. I love that she admitted that she thinks she loves Theo yet found him unexciting. It’s honest though one would think after the year she has had that she might invite less excitement into her life.

In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL I talked about Joey and Jade seeking a change of scenery from their difficult lives. It occurs to me that they’re both 18, so why act like fugitives? And Jade’s ‘so called’ hippie aunt is (brace yourself!) a bloody loser who needs to get away from Jade and Joey and get a job. I’ve never loathed a character more in the five minutes of screen time she has had. That’s a testament to the writing! It’s made me invest and I can’t wait until Steve goes to take those kids home where they belong.

That’s all this week. I’d like to hear your own thoughts about the column and this week on “Days?” Leave me a few comments and find me over on Twitter!

Best lines of the week:


Victor to Kate: “You’re running in traffic with scissors.”

Hope to Andre:  “Evil twins are a DiMera’s specialty.”

Hope to Aiden: “You’re a lying piece of garbage.”


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– Christine Fix


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