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Deconstructing DOOL: Dropped storylines, teen angst and b-movie goodness

Salem Shenanigans from April 25 – 29:

Brandon Beemer, Sal Stowers "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 11/12/15 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12834 U.S.Airdate 04/28/16

We saw a lot of teen angst this week and some good old fashioned family drama mixed in.

A slice of life.
From the decorating to the preparation, the prom was low-key but oddly it drew me in. All of the photos taken of Ciara with Theo made me feel nostalgic. The only thing better would have been clips from the proms of the past and flashbacks to Ciara and Theo as kids. It’s a shame the actual party didn’t last throughout the episode. The faux 80s tunes were even pretty good. When Theo and Ciara were chosen as Prom King and Queen, I almost expected Mark to throw pigs blood on them. What he did was just as bad. It’s lame that their choice of revenge was to spray paint Mark’s father’s car. Maybe their night in jail will give them better revenge ideas. Stefano would be rolling in his grave that his grandson didn’t think up something better. Haha

Ciara’s had a rough year, what with her father’s death, “Aiden” turning out to be a whack job, Grandma Caroline’s health issues, the fire at Bope’s house, Chase raping her, she has a record (I’m sure uncle Roman can expunge) and though nobody has mentioned it, her grandpa Victor and step-grandma/great-aunt Maggie are both in the hospital. I’m positive I missed a few things but my point is that she’s had a rough year so it stands to reason she’d try to make a big change by leaving school. I’m glad Chad talked her out of it though I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to see something happen between Chad and Ciara considering both are vulnerable and the show loves to repeat past storylines.

Family dynamics.
Shawn’s been back in Salem for a few months and has barely been a brother to Ciara. Hope’s around Claire all the time but never once treated her like her granddaughter. She acts as if Claire is merely one of Ciara’s friends. Does this annoy anyone else? And why is it that Claire’s suddenly being touted as a rebellious teenager when we’ve only seen her do one thing wrong since her arrival to Salem?

Hope actually has a selfie stick. It’s been days and it still hasn’t sunk in and if that’s not bad enough, she basically forced Rafe to take selfies with her. The look on his face was priceless. I think what’s happening is with Aiden returning, the powers that be are purposely ruining Rope. The writing for them is really silly which is fine for friends but not for a couple. Even when they were close to making love I couldn’t take them seriously enough. At this point I just like them as really good friends. Hope’s not really ready for anything.

Creeper alert! Stalker alert!
The huge desperate red flag flew over Lani when she faked a friggen stake out in order to lure Shawn to the seediest roach-infested motel she could find in order to bed him. If a man did that to a woman he’d be in jail. The murderess saved the scene for me by saying, “My husband. He was cheating on me. SOB said he was bored, wanted more excitement in the bedroom. More danger. So I gave him what he wanted. What do you think officers? Job well done?” That was some hilariously B-movie quality humour, which I was thankful for.

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Paul is MIA.
Last we saw of poor Paul was in the hospital after being brainwashed but nothing has been said about him since. Hey “Days,” if you’re going to do a massive storyline about a guy being brainwashed, at least be respectful of the fans and end the storyline instead of dropping it completely. Fans invest several hours a week on your show. They should be rewarded.

Young love or young lust?
Yeah I know supercouples are a thing of the past and not every kid at 16 is going to fall for their one and only. Especially with Tinder these days making sex so easy to find! That being said, a big part of me wants Theo and Ciara to be the next Bo and Hope, but many keep raining on my parade and pointing out that Theo’s autistic. I know. I know, and so do the writers, but they also know it’s not impossible but challenging for a person with Autism to get into a romantic relationship. Maybe I’m reaching. I don’t know but we rarely notice Theo’s autism anymore, whether it’s due to the show making it disappear the way they made PhillyK’s prosthetic leg disappear or if the autism is cemented in reality the way EJ was born in 1997 yet looked to be in his 30s. Either way, I kinda love Theo and Ciara together, even though I, like Abe still question if Ciara really is into Theo the way he’s into her.

While it’s always sweet and romantic to watch some couples go through a long courtship, not every couple needs to become a supercouple or a couple at all. Sometimes sex for lust sake is fun and fun to watch. Joey and Jade are never going to be a supercouple. He’s a murderer and she’s a nutbar. They’re so perfectly dysfunctional together, lacking in the parental department. Joey’s dad has barely been around, his mom showed her love by shipping him off to boarding school and Jade’s parents ignore her and are now shipping her off to Florida to pick weed on her uncle’s farm or something. I was surprised they didn’t have sex sooner, frankly. Kids like this who seek attention and love usually jump in bed fast. Some fans found the scenes uncomfortable since the kids are not yet 21, but I think it’ because the fans grow older and even though these teens are the same age Belle and Shawn were when they first had sex, some fans likely have kids or even grandkids of their age. Maybe for some the difference is that there’s no love between Joey and Jade but maybe we’re wrong and perhaps they love each other in their own dysfunctional way. Overall, I thought the whole scene was well done and didn’t find it uncomfortable. They even used condoms. Still, Joey can be annoying when he starts whining and I said it in last week’s soapbox and I’ll say it again, Jade’s too close in looks to Ava for me not to wonder if she’s her daughter. Ew. I don’t like going there.

Psych ward:
Abigail and Chad’s scenes while she was being committed were heartwrenching and Daytime Emmy worthy. Kate Mansi really wound me up, making me want to protect her while Billy Flynn’s tears and demeanour made me feel his emptiness. Those scenes will likely stick with me for years to come.

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That’s about all I’ve got this week. I’m dying to hear your thoughts so please don’t be shy. Even if you disagree, I respect your thoughts and want to hear them! Be sure to find me on Twitter!

Best lines of the week:

Rafe to Hope, “I was 113 pounds and was sporting a crazy mullet.”

Ciara to Chad upon learning Abigail is in the psych ward, “Should I write her a card or something?”

Claire asks her mom and grandma, “Do we look rad to the max?”

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– Christine Fix


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