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Deconstructing DOOL: Why can’t we have good storytelling year round?

Salem Shenanigans from April 18 – 22:

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The “Days” ratings slid right down to 1.6, which is where “Passions” lived for ages. This is so disconcerting and we’ve months to go before the new writing regime takes over. It seems like every year we’re awaiting good storylines in September that’ll hopefully carry us to the new year. 

The theme of the week is abandonment…

Roman Brady – Hypocrite or not?
We’re all still annoyed that Roman let Joey get away with murdering Ava in cold blood. Neither Steve nor Kayla even suggested that Joe go into therapy at the very least. Yet, Roman let his own son, Eric, go to prison for manslaughter. He is usually able to run SPD any way he wants but in this case, was it actually impossible for him to do anything to change Eric’s sentence? What are your thoughts on this? And do we care that Joey and Jade are planning to run off to Chicago together because of their teen angst? Maybe we care because more and more it seems that Jade is so much like Ava that we worry they’re gulp, somehow related!

Protecting your kids.
Abe’s not sure Ciara shares Theo’s romantic feelings but it sure seems to me as though she does. It was sweet to watch Abe try to protect his kid. Lexi would have probably done the same thing but you can’t protect your kids from everything. They are going to get hurt. That’s all part of growing up. Abe’s going to have to let go of those apron strings. And Theo’s got to control his temper! I loved that he pummelled Mark for attacking Ciara but am afraid it’s going to end with charges pressed. And Roman’s not even his uncle, so what will that mean?

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Kate’s kids always resort to disowning.
Lucas already disowned Kate last year so I was glad when Kate mocked PhillyK for threatening to disown her if she didn’t help him get Victor’s business and mansion back from Deimos. Why on earth would she? I have to admit I found myself drifting during their conversation. They don’t have the same dynamic that Jay Kenneth Johnson did with Lauren Koslow and I didn’t see much of a point to their meeting. I did notice Kate’s outfit, that cute handbag and her green streaks…and…

Abandonment issues.
Theresa’s father, Shane, deserted her in favour of his job with the ISA at a young age, causing her abandonment issues. She’s jealous of anyone who she perceives has more than her or who might want something of hers. She could use loads of therapy, but she’s not the only one. After Brady stopped using, his interest in Theresa was partially because he wanted to “save” her. Now that he’s done all he can, he turned his compulsive attentions to support Summer, a woman despite having absolutely no connection to him, in lieu of snorting a line of cocaine. I talked about Brady’s addiction in last week’s soapbox, I’ve always thought Brady too has abandonment issues rooted from his mother’s death as a baby and his father constantly taking off for parts unknown in order to try to discover who he was – because he too was abandoned.

Summer’s abandonment.
I bloody loathed all of the flashbacks of Summer recalling Maggie’s confession of giving her up for adoption. Since we still don’t give a crap about Summer and she’s leaving anyway, why do we need to put so much focus on her storyline? Summer’s an interloper, and obviously into Brady, so even with Theresa’s annoying jealousy, I’m still on her side. Summer needs to give up and go back to California.

Jennifer’s addiction non-story.
Last week we watched some random scene of Lucas confronting Jennifer over her addiction but there was no background story to even suggest that Lucas ever saw Jennifer popping pills. This week it was JJ who suddenly accused his ma of being an addict. It was bad enough that when Eric first suggested Jenn was hooked it was after he saw her take one pill. What could have been an amazing storyline has been muddled and edited to the point that I’d rather just see it dropped. It pains me.

Characters not staying true to themselves.
What a shock it was to see Maggie, the kind-hearted-wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly-even-though-she’s-the-nosiest-woman-in-Salem, spurring Victor on to join her in taking revenge upon Deimos. It doesn’t ring true that Maggie would take that route. That wasn’t the only strange happening in the scene. She found out Victor lied and was the one responsible for Helena’s death and didn’t bat an eyelash? She’s much more judgemental than that. I love that I’m not alone in checking out what the characters are wearing when scenes become tedious…

Gun-happy Hopie.
Hope feels awful for murdering the wrong man, she’s sorry she dragged Rafe into the cover up, she’s shaking in her boots from Andre’s threats, yet as soon as she got a chance, ran over to the Kiriakis mansion to confront Deimos for Bo’s kidnapping? With a gun? Then, when it came right down to it, she chose not to shoot? She looked like a wimp. I don’t even know who she is anymore and at this point would rather have seen her shoot him. At least I might be able to respect that. She’s a cop who just gave Deimos a case against her. What a fool.

Abigail’s being committed.
I don’t have anything to say this week about this storyline which has become a little long-winded for me. Kate Mansi did a great job with her scenes, making them very believable. Her realization that Thomas was suffering because of her was heartbreaking.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be worried Kayla will die or that she’ll date Fynn.
Did the powers that be really write this storyline of Kayla having a health scare just to give Fynn a chance to become interested in her, romantically? Kayla belongs with Steve!

That’s all I’ve got. I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and find me on Twitter!

Best lines of the week:

Philip to Belle, after sex: “I’m sorry for grabbing you like some caveman.”

Ciara, “I feel like I’m in the middle of that movie, ‘Groundhog Day’.”

Kate to her son, Philip, “There’s not a lot of talking when Deimos and I are in bed.”

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– Christine Fix


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