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Deconstructing DOOL: Watching Days is like watching the evening news, Criminal Minds, or Dateline

Salem Shenanigans from April 11 – 15:

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With so many horrible happenings in the real world, fans are having a difficult time staying true to their ‘story’ when there’s so many horrors unfolding five days a week. Here’s just one headline to start off the column…

Break-in ends in Necktie Killer set on fire.
Salem Mass — Salem woman, Abigail Horton DiMera, soon to be of Pine Haven Sanitarium, was let off the hook without even a hint of police interrogation when a man said to be her ex-fiancé Ben Weston, AKA The Necktie Killer, broke into her house late Monday evening, where Mrs. DiMera promptly seduced, stabbed him and set him ablaze. While the “victim” convalesces at hospital, Mrs. DiMera faces no charges as her husband thought quickly on his feet and made up some cockamamie story about his wife defending herself with a “kerosene lantern.” Story at 11.

WTH moments:
Chad had to break in to get into the mansion. Doesn’t he have a key to get into his own house? In Last week’s Days blog I rambled on about consequences not mattering in Salem. This week’s no different. It took JJ a week on the job to start keeping secrets for his family from SPD.

Santos and Colleen?
Nobody liked the Santos and Colleen storyline circa 2007 and it looks as though this is exactly where the Nicole and Deimos storyline’s headed. I find it unbelievable that Nicole would give Deimos the time of day, let alone go to “his” home and question why he came to Salem. Why would she care? And why on earth is she acting so coy with him? Is she attracted to him? I find it all very forced.

Give the man a focus!
Why have Dario return if only to have him stalking Nicole and acting bitter over his father’s abandonment? Can we give him something else to do? At least now that Nicole reminded him she’s not ready to date, he should give it a rest.

Adriana and Eduardo.
I may be alone here but I loved their scene at the square – only because I adore Adriana, who is obviously torn about what her heart and head is telling her. Dario ended the scene with a lot of barking and carrying on. The Pitbull doesn’t want his mother hurt again. It’s understandable but she’s a grown woman who in the end will make her own decision. Arianna’s name was brought up a few times since Adriana’s Salem arrival, so we spoke with Lindsay Hartley about her soap opera past, and a new film

Hope’s inexplicable murder confession.
Everyone’s realized by now that Deimos, not Stefano, was behind Bo’s kidnapping. This is one theory: Deimos abducted Bo looking for the formula to the serum for Yo Ling and thought he’d kill two birds with one stone and take Victor’s son from him so he could get to Victor and take over the formula to the serum. Do we suppose just because it was one step in what he really wanted, which was to take over Victor’s life? If that’s the case, why didn’t he just poison Maggie instead of going through all of the torture with Bo? I’m truly baffled. At least when Hope confessed to Caroline, the older woman had some funny lines. That being said, nobody murdered anyone in this scene but Caroline just condoned it. Maybe the fumes from the Salem Tunnels are turning everyone’s morals to mush. Without the Brady or Horton moral codes that this entire show was based on, I no longer know what we’re watching. While nobody wants any of them to roll over and play dead when faced with a threat, the way they did in the past, we still want to be able to respect them for following the law in dealing with these threats to some extent!

Rope kiss.
Many don’t find Rafe and Hope have chemistry to pull off a coupling. I liked them at first, though felt any discussion about them becoming an item was far too soon after Aiden and Bo. After not seeing them together much for the past few weeks, this kiss felt sudden and didn’t move me. I would have liked to see their connection re-established before anything physical.

Obsession much?
Brady’s fixated on Summer. He gave up drinking and drugs and now uses Summer to fuel his obsessive personality. I find it boring because he’s not Marlena and he’s not Daniel. I don’t understand what the point is but I miss his scruffy look and leather jacket. He’s at his best when he’s at least a little ‘bad’. The best part of this storyline this week was Theresa calling it like it is. Summer really is a “needy self-destructive waif in search of a savior.” Haha and as some would agree, it does take one to know one.

Vote! Tenth annual Sudzies!

Goodbye Eric and Greg Vaughan.
Eric definitely deserves more than a measly 5 year prison sentence for drinking and driving, killing Daniel, almost killing Brady and causing Jennifer’s back to be messed up. That being said, I felt so bad for him! He’s truly regretful and has such a rich history of being a good man I found it terribly sad watching him say goodbye to his family. From Marlena’s sobbing and cheap-ass mascara running down her cheeks to Roman’s eagerness to ensure his son had a lifeline in prison, it all touched me. One of the spoilers for Tuesday’s episode had Jenn and Eric making love but it didn’t happen until Friday and even then, only in a flashback. And the spoilers called it love-making. It was more like drunken comfort sex. It appears to be foreshadowing another Horton’s downfall. I can’t even mock her. It’s not funny and isn’t our Jenn Jenn. I loved the last scene of Eric being led on the bus to Statesville. How powerful. Here’s a screen capture:


Spoiler issues.
Speaking of spoilers…Some of the spoilers from the publicity team have either not come to fruition or happened well after the originally proposed airdate. I’ve seen other episodic spoiler photos on JPI weeks in advance that also haven’t made it on canvas. I contacted the publicity team who are looking into it.

That’s all I’ve got for the week. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and find me on Twitter!

Best lines of the week:

Caroline to Hope when Hope confessed to murdering Stefano: “Good for you. You did the world a service.”

Nicole to Deimos as he hands her his card: “What’s it going to say, ‘Deimos Kiriakis, menace to society?'”

Chad to Jenn: “You know, what happened in the square.” (This line should have been edited out considering the scene with the square is on the cutting room floor.)

Theresa to Summer: “You’re a needy self-destructive waif in search of a savior.”

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

– Christine Fix


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