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Deconstructing DOOL: It’s not even September and DOOL already has us hooked

Salem Shenanigans from August 24 - 28:

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We’re on week two of the new writer’s storylines and the show is just getting better and better. Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I said, “So far we’re seeing less scene jumping and more quality time spent between characters which is already building a connection between them and the audience.” This still holds true but alas, our characters can sometimes irritate us so I’m ranting, and raving today!

Mumbling characters.
Most characters are mumbling their lines when they should be enunciating. Enough said.

Straight outta Salem!
I can’t believe how evil Eve has become, telling Kyle about JJ working for the cops. Unless she has the lowest IQ of any Salemite to have walked the face of the earth, she had to have known this could get him killed. It wasn’t enough to screw her daughter’s boyfriend continuously, now she’s trying to get him killed? At least she knows what she wants. I guess. She just pushed Paige back into JJ’s arms which is pretty funny in itself. She’s almost irredeemable for many viewers. You know it’s bad when your own daughter can’t even stomach calling you “mom.” Ouch.

Closing one door…
Um Nicole served Xander and went to court and had a verdict all in the same day, along with two cashier’s checques for $250 grand? What happened to the process server? This was hilariously fast. I guess it was a way to end the storyline so they could move on. Xander’s in jail and Nic’s developing PTSD. Seeing a shrink could help. Goodness knows Flip Flop Eric sure isn’t going to be able to talk things out with her. First he loathes Nicole, then is in love with her. Then he loves Serena, then hates her, and now is her BFF? And this guy was a priest? What’s wrong with him? Can’t he see that Nic put Xander in jail because she wants to feel safe and doesn’t trust Serena who was basically an accessory to the crime? What a tool. It’s a shame that Nicole didn’t rub it in his face that she used Serena’s cash for the Horton Center. One interesting possibility for Nicole at least is that Theresa putting Xander in jail could mean future bonding for these two gals. I hope she snubs Eric next time she sees him.

Another tool.
Ben. Yeah. Tool. Instead of talking to his possible wife-to-be about why she’s still hanging around DiMera, he broods, stalks her and falls over himself trying to be the “perfect” fiancé. What a turn off. He needs some cajones and fast. And Abigail’s just as bad. These two liars made me sick. I hope they both get what’s coming to them!

Stefano disowned Chad – his only son – because he betrayed him by being forthright with Abigail. At least we know Stefano has his priorities and his son’s not above whatever is under the land in Ireland. How sad. Though I have to admit that the scene with Chad and Abigail in the park really made me go gaga for Chabigail. Great job, “Days.”

There’s a serial killer looming over Salemites.
Rafe’s back on cop duty just in time for his first case – Salem’s new serial killer. It’s doubtful that Chad murdered Serena. It’s too obvious so right off the bat I am going to rule him out. But who could it be? Andre? Aiden? Clyde? Or is Aiden up to something else he doesn’t want Hope to find out about? Feel free to speculate as to who else it may be. I never liked Serena and boy I’m glad she’s gone but she didn’t deserve that indignity.

Patch returns!
In the minute that he returned I was immediately in love with Kayla and Patch again. One sentence did me in. Thank-you, “Days.”

Oh how long we have waited, some of us with bated breath, to see Bo Brady back on our screens. It’s hard to lose a vet and already we can see he’s been held captive, which is why he’s not in Salem with Hope. We can root for Bope again! Unless of course you’re into Aiden though I’m pretty sure he’s not sticking around Salem, making it impossible to invest.

What do you suppose his secret is? Leave a comment!
Best lines of the week:

Chad to Rafe about his badge: “Where did you get that? A yard sale?”

Patch to Kayla: “Hello sweetness. It’s been a while, huh?”

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– Christine Fix


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