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Deconstructing DOOL: Salem prepared to celebrate Christmas, though not everyone is feeling the spirit

Salem Shenanigans from December 21-23:

The doom and gloom from last week continued into the holiday week, though some Christmas spirit was finally found in Salem. This week’s blog is early due to the holidays. Next week’s blog will discuss the holiday episodes from this week, including the annual decorating of the tree.

Moving in the ex-mistress.
I have to hand it to Maggie, she handled Victor’s request to move Caroline in with them with a lot of class. Most people wouldn’t have reacted that well to having their husband wanting to move the love of their life in with them. However leave it to that busybody Julie to stir up issues and put doubts in Maggie’s head. It seems it’s only a matter of time before the redhead cracks.

Brainwashed and arrested for Christmas.
“Days” has been pretty down in the dumps as of late, and the last thing I want to see during Christmas week is Chad having flashes of his brainwashing. As for the images Andre used to brainwash him, what is this, “The Ring?” I feel like I am going to die in seven days if I don’t show a clip of it to someone else.

Just as depressing has been Hope’s arrest. As if that storyline wasn’t frustrating enough, watch angst filled teen Ciara going over the top with the tears is just too much.

Money makes Theresa’s world go round.
I’ve actually been enjoying Theresa’s character lately, and watching her dish it out to Kate and insult her wardrobe choices was hilarious. I even felt bad for her when Kate pulled her designs from the company launch. With Brady nixing her idea to ask Belle to buy Kate out of Basic Black, how long will it be before she’s barking up Philip’s tree for money? “Days” loves to pit Philip and Brady against one another in love triangles as much as they do Philip and Shawn. I hope I’m wrong here, but I can see Theresa trying to use Philip in any way she can to get rid of Kate.

Bad boy Philip.
In last week’s Deconstructing Days, Christine wondered what Philip was up to in his schemes to rush the drug Caroline was given through to the market. Now he’s spying on conversations about Caroline being the only one to have been given the drug. Caroline better get one of her whacky visions about Philip and soon, because he’s up to no good.

The quality of nurses at Salem University Hospital has nosedived.
Clearly the lack of Maxine is being felt with the poor job the nurses at the hospital are doing. How on earth that one nurse didn’t realize she was sticking a needle into Ava through fake skin and into a big sack of blood is beyond me. Meanwhile Ava has latched onto poor clueless Joey in her revenge scheme against Steve and Kayla. So far this story is a big thumbs down for me, as it pales in comparison to some of Steve and Kayla’s amazing storylines and adventures from the past.

Eduardo, aka instadad.
In refusing his assignment to kill John Black, Eduardo has now brought threats down upon his family. While A. Martinez is an amazing actor, I just don’t care about Eduardo one bit. He was a dead beat dad, and they are trying to spin it that he was brainwashed to be, but I just don’t care. It’s as if he is just here to prop up Rafe, who the show seems to have no idea what to do with anymore. Frankly every time the writers have tried to build up Rafe’s family it just falls flat. They shouldn’t have killed off Arianna if they wanted more of his family in town, and let’s not get started on the horror that was Dario.

Speaking of propping up Rafe, the show seems determined to make Hope and Rafe happen. Bo’s body is barely cold, so perhaps they should slow down a bit with this storyline. asked our readers what they thought about Hope and Rafe and boy did they have a lot to say!


Christmas in Salem.
Christmas slowly began to bring a change in the air from the Debbie downer atmosphere of past weeks. Steve and Kayla seem happy, in spite of Ava’s appearance. Claire sang a beautiful solo at the Horton Square gathering, garnering Eve’s attention and even spurring her to test her own voice with a Christmas song.

Best line of the week:

Theresa to Kate, “I’m not going to listen to someone who dresses like David Bowie.”

This is just an opinion piece. Please leave your own thoughts. I’ll be back again next week filling in for Christine Fix. Happy holidays to all!

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Dustin Cushman


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