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Deconstructing DOOL: ‘Tis the season to be jolly, though not every Salemite or fan is

Salem Shenanigans from December 14 - 18:

John Paul Lavoisier, Lauren Koslow "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 06/24/15 © JJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12737 U.S.Airdate 12/14/15

There’s a debate amongst “Days” fans that the show is still missing that elusive balance and the holiday spirit. We’ve romance, we’ve folks decorating trees, but underneath it all is an underlying theme of doom and gloom with brainwashing, deceit and arrests. I may be in the minority but I’m enjoying it. Not all viewers are.

Stayla romance.
Steve and Kayla had three seconds of happiness before Ava showed up on their doorstep pretending to be sick. Ouch. Sure, she’s credited with reuniting them but why is she zombifying herself before she goes out in public? Dare I suggest she and Joey are…gulp…together? At least we got to see the family Christmas tree hunting, and Steve and Kayla have an actual home.

He Man: Masters of the Universe.
Thoughts on nu-PhillyK…It’s still early but so far I think he’ll do fine. He, like JKJ in the past, has some hair issues. His is longer than I think anyone would prefer but his demeanor is similar. Despite his er…prosthetic leg, he can play basketball with the best of them. What was the significance of that Challenge Coin the commanding officer in the Marines gave him and why suddenly is he hanging on to it when he hasn’t been in the Marines in a decade?

One thing fans may be able to agree upon is that it was good to get Philip right back into the thick of things especially at Titan. Going against Victor’s wishes by trying to figure out a way to get the drug approved with or without FDA approval is a move Victor won’t thank him for when he finds out. When he does hear of it he may wish he’d never given Brady the ultimatum.

Hear Belle roar!
Belle is stronger this return. I welcome powerful woman in any soap. I love that she’s a lawyer. I guess Hope does too. It was good to see her confiding in Brady about Sami dragging her into her issues. Someone needs to know that she’s got that money but really, I think she should just give it back. Theresa should stay out of it. Taking DiMera money can never end well!

Eddie, John’s would-be-killer.
In my last Deconstructing “DOOL” blog I touched base on a cool theory from one of the posters on the “Days” forum, Altered Tundra about Winterthorne Academy – grooming kickass soldiers since 1956. This week Eduardo revealed to John that Miriam and the other powers that be wanted him to off John because he’s digging into his past at Winterthorne. Hmm…Their alumni society isn’t anything like my University’s. How ironic that just as Eduardo revealed this to John that Chad was being brainwashed the same manner that John once was by the DiMeras. What an interesting twist that Winterthorne really was hand-picking kids to be sent to a secret training facility to become assassins.

Abigail and Chad have great chemistry and could make a good solid couple but almost making love so soon after having her baby made some fans a little squeamish! Their short-lived romance was rushed to ensure Chabby was on good solid ground before Andre swooped in and brainwashed Chad, turning him into his latest pawn. Poor Abby. Poor Belle. Poor Chad. Poor Stefano? Wait. What? Even Stefano didn’t like where this was going. Not many of the fans did, either. One Facebook fan wondered, “Why didn’t Andre just brainwash Belle?” Hilarious. That’s way too easy. Still, there’d be no story to tell if they were blissfully happy from now on. This <i>ain’t</i> “Little House on the Prairie.” It turns out not many are a fan of this storyline, at least according to my Tweeple!

#Daysofourlives fans, what are your thoughts on Andre brainwashing Chad? @ThaaoPenghlis @billymflynn

Dr. Malcolm is dead.  Merry Ho Ho!
Dr. Malcolm was a pawn and didn’t last long which was fine by me. This storyline and Malcolm’s death reeks of Stefano’s handiwork. Hope didn’t kill Malcolm but could Stefano be setting her up? If so, why? And shouldn’t she have called Dr. Salinas to go into hiding after she gave his name to the bad dudes? A little trivia for you!

I’d like to give a special shout out and thank-you to my friends and family who helped me decide on a name for my column this week. Happy holidays everyone, Merry Christmas. No matter what you celebrate, my wish for all of you is good health, happiness and love. This is my last blog of 2015. I’m taking the next few weeks off and Dustin Cushman will be here to blog while I’m away. I’ll be back the first week of January.

Share your thoughts on the blog and the show in the comments and feel free to chat with me on my Days Twitter page.

Best lines of the week:

Theresa to Brady about Kate: “It’d be hello Silent Partner and goodbye Mistress of Darkness and Misery.”

Theresa to Nicole about Kate: “She’s meaner than a junkyard dog.”

Gabi to JJ: “Oh cry me a river. You ever done time for murder?”

Eddie to John: “They recruited kids, especially kids without parents. Orphans. Like me. Those who did well were constantly evaluated. They were pushed hard to see who would break. You and I didn’t break. We were handpicked to be lifted out of the program and sent to a secret training facility.”

Justin to Steve: “Dial back the Sam Spade impersonation.”

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– Christine Fix


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