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Deconstructing DOOL: A kidnapping, proposal, big return and a confession – all in one day?

Salem Shenanigans from December 7 - 11:

Kristian Alfonso "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 07/15/15 © Jill Johnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12737 U.S.Airdate 12/14/15

It was still Friday this week in Salem. That was one long-assed day for Salemites!

Another week with the SORASd teens.
I think Nu-Theo is adorable. When he got the text that read, “Freak!” I immediately wanted to go all “Chuck Norris” or whoever the female equivalent of Norris is – Ripley? – on them. We haven’t had a student bullied since Chloe ‘Ghoul Girl’ Lane. Other than liking nu-Theo, as I stated before, I’m still not invested in the rest of the SORASd teens. Joey went through all that trouble with the help of psychotic, yet amusing and intriguing, Ava to reconcile his parents and once they told him that his plan worked, he looked almost semi-pleased. Doesn’t anything get this kid excited? As for Ciara, maybe this kidnapping will make me give a crap about her but I’m not banking on it. My advice for Chase is not to kiss his would-be-step-sister. There’s enough chaos in your life. At least he’s not related to anyone in town so he can date anyone. Except Ciara.

Steve proposed to Kayla which was very sweet but way too fast! As soon as they realize Ava’s back, they’ll have too much on their hands anyway, to plan a wedding.

PhillyK’s return.
It’s too soon to say much about him though his 80s hair is interesting, and his demeanour is similar to JKJ’s portrayal of Philip. So far he’s not bad. John-Paul Lavoisier has big shoes to fill!

Hope’s “Screw You” moments.
Hope said “screw you” to Roman, Salem PD, Rafe, Dr. Malcolm and her kid. Revenge is a dish best served cold, something that she doesn’t quite understand. She’s too involved, and while I get her need for revenge, it’s really bad when your own children need you and can’t find you.

One of my Tweeps, Chad, says, “Hope’s quest for vengeance against Bo’s captors is in full swing, but I’m afraid the writers will oversimplify the bigger picture of everything that’s happened. They may brush over Aiden’s involvement with Stefano without revisiting that part of the story. We may find out soon that Dr. Malcolm was hired by Stefano to kidnap Bo, which would explain why he hired Aiden to come to Salem. My question is, why? What was Stefano’s bigger reason for over two years of plotting against Bo and Hope? She [Hope] seems too focused on Bo’s death to even mention Aiden anymore.” There have been countless storylines dropped or plot points glossed over all in the name of moving on to the next plot. I’d really like an answer to those questions, too. It appears as though we’re supposed to forget about what Aiden did to Hope and focus on her losing Bo but it’s not easy to do. Could Stefano have hired Dr. Malcolm to torture Bo into giving him the formula for the serum? Could Stefano have sent Aiden to marry Hope so he could watch over her in the event that Bo sent her the formula for the serum? Did Aiden really murder his ex-wife and is that what Stefano held over him in addition to his – gambling debts?

What in the…
Rafe unintentionally blurted out his feelings for Hope and got a ‘I need to rest’ from her. Ouch. It’s too soon. She made some calls and some dude brought her 500,000 in cash– the same day – at night. This, mind you, is the same day as Bo’s funeral. The longest day in history. Later, Rafe reappeared on her doorstep right after and ranted about her not answering his texts then told her she misunderstood his profession of love. That was bad. Desperation doesn’t become him or anyone else. Then Hope was able to evade him? An ex-FBI agent? Not bloody likely!

SPD strikes again?
Either Ben’s truthfully mentally ill or he’s faking it. I hate to admit I felt for him for a few moments. I’m curious. After the cops arrested Ben, didn’t they empty his pockets out? Wouldn’t they have found the key to the hotel room and had an easier time of figuring out where he stowed the baby?

It doesn’t feel as though we’ve seen the end of him.

Abby spent the better half of the week feeling like a stupid idiot for not seeing Ben’s true colours before he murdered half of Salem. I can’t blame her for feeling that way but there’s no way she could have known unless she cleaned under the bed and found his necktie collection. Though Chad and Abby had a moment, I’m waiting until Chad’s told by his father that he must seduce Belle to get to Sami and the money. But surely Belle wouldn’t fall for a DiMera?

Winterthorne Academy – grooming kickass soldiers since 1956.
One of the posters on the “Days” forum, Altered Tundra, has an interesting theory on the Winterthorne Academy. “What if Winterthorne breeds soldiers?” That’s an exciting theory. Eddie did talk about wanting to live the rest of his life out in peace. I’ve a few questions. Could he have meant peace from killings or is he terminally ill? Did he disappear from his children’s lives to protect them? Was there something about Eddie’s ring John noticed or am I reading too much into that?

That’s enough for this week! Post your own thoughts and feel free to chat about the show with me on my Days Twitter page.

Best lines of the week:

Steve to Kayla, “So Silent Bob ruined you for other men?”

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– Christine Fix


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