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Deconstructing DOOL: There were a lot of “What the hell?” moments, sadness, and a touch of romance

Salem Shenanigans from November 30 – December 4:

There was no drama to spare this week. We were sad along with Salemites, we enjoyed the touch of romance, and shook our heads at some of the strange occurrences. 

Caroline should charge Kate and Nicole rent for doing business at the pub.
Once again, Kate and Nicole were doing business at the pub. It was nice of Kate to ask Gabi to become the new spokesperson for Basic Black, but a terrible decision considering Gabi was just released from prison for first degree murder. It was also rude of Kate to take over Gabi and JJ’s ‘date’ to talk business. JJ thought so too. At least JJ and Gabi were able to open up about not being ready for anything serious. They’re cute. This could be a nice budding romance to watch in the face of all of the sadness in Salem.

This is not my thing.
Once upon a time I loved Dan with Nic, and then the show turned “Days” into the Dan and Nic Show and they became grating. They waited so long to pair these two, together, that now that they’re engaged, most viewers appear bored of them. I dislike that there’s already an arrogant sycophant sniffing around Nicole. How awful that Daniel actually had to remind him that Nicole is off limits. Fynn must be a friend of Thomas’ from “Bold and the Beautiful.” Ew.

What the hell?
I remember Belle and Shawn as each other’s first loves, her friendship with Mimi, when she turned to PhillyK, when she went through that whiny phase, and as a nursing student but I don’t remember that Belle thought of Sami as someone who ‘stole her thunder all the time’ or that Belle went to law school. That completely threw me and took me outside of the story. I suppose it does make sense considering Sami outshines the whole town with her problems and larger than life personality. Another shocker was that they don’t live in California but Maine. Another “What the hell?” moment!

We’ve a brand new character in Claire.
Claire is a perfect cast looks-wise for Belle’s daughter. Even their mannerisms are the same. My guess is her personality will be similar too, so they can round out their SORASd teens. I’ve no opinion on her yet since we’ve barely seen her. It’ll take time. I’m still not used to nu-Ciara. I miss Lauren Boles and would have loved to see her say goodbye to Bo. Some agree, but the majority of my Tweeps who voted like her!

Bed and Breakfast.
Another WTH moment…I completely forgot that Julie mentioned turning The Martin House into a Bed and Breakfast. So uh, she and Doug bought it? Just another “What the hell?” moment but it’s a great fit for Doug and Julie so I’m in. No more cruises!

The Bo apparition, a manifestation of Hope’s guilt.
I love that this “apparition” of Bo wasn’t a ghost. Hope’s been so out of her mind with grief that her focus is on revenge and Ciara had to remind her that she’s needed at home. Ouch. It’s an interesting way to show her grief unravel, rather than the tried and true. Bo’s funeral was a quick, quiet affair. Really quiet. I mean nobody spoke! I wasn’t sure if I liked the quiet grief or was looking forward to some touching readings. All in all, it’s sad to say goodbye to one of the biggest vets. I’ll miss Bo.

I’ve got cabin fever.
Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I bellyached about wanting the cabin storyline to end. I don’t feel for Benny and the “lying slut” Abigail’s plight (she’s not a slut!). I don’t blame Kate Mansi or Robert Wilson who are doing a great job. This storyline in the cabin has gone on far too long and the dialogue has become repetitive. It’s what made me stop watching “The Walking Dead” a few seasons in when they were stuck on the farm. Ugh! But I digress. Some viewers are so bored they’re starting to ask where Abigail is going to the bathroom and complaining that she doesn’t look too bad for someone in her situation! Thankfully things have heated up – no pun intended – and will wind up next week and we’ll move on with the aftermath.

“The Parent Trap” meets “Days of our Lives.”
Annie and Hallie have nothing on Joey, who has been trying, with help, to get his parents back together. It’s completely bizarre and it’s working.

Thrady lives.
Brady gave up his career and home for Theresa. They sure move fast. They’ve still got mad chemistry and I’m still cringing about her past. My biggest concern: Are Anne and Theresa really over?

At least we get PhillyK back but it’s a recast so we’ll see how that goes!

Matt Purvis’ thoughts on Matthew Ashford’s impending return.
This week we heard the huge news that Matthew Ashford is returning to Days of our Lives even though Jack was crushed to death by an elevator. Since this is “Days,” Matt speculates, “Maybe he’ll come back as a spirit and possess Abby’s baby. Then he can do the voice over for all of its thoughts. If he comes back as a haunted elevator shaft, I don’t think they have any priests left to do an exorcism.” Yep.

Greg Vaughan’s leaving.
It’s a shame that all “Days” casting and spoilers get out six months ahead of schedule. Knowing that Greg Vaughan is leaving Days of our Lives breeds speculation, but worse, somehow, the spoilers are getting out six months in advance, which doesn’t bode well for viewers or the show and makes it a challenge to blog about it. I will say that since he became a priest, most saw the writing on the wall for him to leave. There’s only so much storyline for a priest in daytime television. Eric’s rarely seen now and when he is, it’s with a drink in hand. At this point in the storyline, few care about him, possibly with the exception of the diehard Ericole fans.

That’s all for this week. I’d love to hear your views and please feel free to keep chatting me up on my Days Twitter page.

Best lines of the week:

Ben, “Can you believe this just happens to be sitting here? It’s meant to be.” (Oh the irony!)

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– Christine Fix


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