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Deconstructing DOOL: It’s a bittersweet Thanksgiving in Salem, there’s romance and drama but some viewers are still unhappy

Salem Shenanigans from November 23 - 25:

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Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I mentioned the excellent acting, wonderful storylines and the anguish. This week I’ve noticed that we’ve two camps watching “Days.” Those enjoying the drama, the romance and the holiday, even though it’s bittersweet, and those who find “DOOL” too dark, what with the torture, deaths and rumours about more to come. It’s hard to please everyone but hopefully those feeling disenchanted will hang in there and that we’ll get some payoff.

Necktie Killer.
1) This story needs to end.
2) Ben’s 3 for 3 in his cell phone crushing. The man’s got skill.
3) Abigail’s brains went MIA.
4) That’s one huge preemie.
5) Poor Wendy.

Why the hell didn’t Abigail, a normally intelligent woman, call 911 instead of texting Chad the longest message known to man! Then she annoyed me further by chanting ‘it’s too soon, it’s too soon’. I loathe it when they have females chanting that while giving birth. And is it Abigail? That’s one big preemie. That’s all I really want to say about this storyline except – refer back to #1.

Hey, at least Chad now knows Ben’s the Necktie Killer and Rafe’s on the case. Now what do you suppose Abigail should name her baby? Certainly not Benjamin! We had a few ideas pop up on Twitter…

Um is Sami gone for good? She was supposed to return for two months but most of this two months has had her travelling outside of Salem or kidnapped. I feel cheated. And because so much is going on in Salem, they rarely show her, which makes it hard to invest in a story that should leave us hanging on the edge of our seats.

I’m torn about Thanksgiving on “Days” this year. I really didn’t think we’d ever see Thanksgiving or any other celebration other than Christmas with the Hortons, so it was a pleasant surprise to see all of the celebrations across Salem. Not just centralized around the Horton household. Thank-you “Days.” While I loved Thanksgiving – I love “Days” – it wasn’t lost on me how gimmicky it was. The whole show seems to have been reworked around Bo’s death from SORASing the children to the Thanksgiving celebrations. There was no other reason to age the kids so these ones better work out! Already, I’m seeing a lot of issues fans have with nu-Ciara.

I wasn’t expecting one of Victor’s zingers during the festivities – too funny! Nor was I expecting Eve and Justin to make an appearance together at a family function, since they had one date. It’s a little sad that Theresa spent turkey day alone, but good to hear John telling Brady that he didn’t want to see Theresa anyway. No kidding! I’m glad we’re not pretending that he’s past that yet. At least Paul was seen again and he also had news that ties Eduardo to John’s past in some capacity. The plot thickens. And though I find Eduardo interesting, and Gabi made a good point about forgiveness, I’m siding with Rafe and not trusting him until we get to know him more. Lastly, the Brady celebrations were also bittersweet but if Bo had been around, would we have had Thanksgiving anyway? I feel bad for saying so but I’m only calling it the way I see it.

That’s all I’ve got. Some bitching, some moaning and some love aimed at the show! I’d love to hear your thougths either here on the site or on my Days of our Lives Twitter page.

Best lines of the week:

Victor to Justin: “Did your invite for today say anything about BYOH?” (Bring your own hooker.)

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– Christine Fix


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