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Deconstructing DOOL: Bo’s death brought Bo and Hope fans together as they cried enough tears to fill the Salem River, twice

Salem Shenanigans from November 16 - 20:

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What a depressing week. Excellent acting and wonderful storylines but oh the anguish! Oh the humanity. Why Bo?! Why do they keep plucking off characters?

Farewell Bo Brady, rest in peace.
It was awfully sad watching Kayla tell her own brother that he’s dying. Candi (’s “Y&R” and “B&B” news and recap writer) and I watched Bo’s final moments together, not even knowing that he would die. Candi summed it up by calling the scenes gut-wrenching. Sure, we receive spoilers in advance but we don’t always read all of them and we knew it was coming, but not when, exactly. It means a lot to be surprised, especially in a time when spoilers are terribly easy to find. It’s heartbreaking that the show killed Bo off and so soon after poor Will. It’s worse to see a vet go. I can understand it from a storyline perspective and I know Peter Reckell has other commitments. It’s been lovely having him back but we lost him so fast! As Bo said when Hope asked how much time they had, “Whatever it is, it’s not going to be enough.” And it wasn’t. I’ve had moments the past week where I wished he didn’t return, only because it’s hard to say goodbye again, but after seeing his final moments, I guess I do feel as though it’s been a nice gift from the show. Reckell started playing Bo in 1982. There have been recasts that we’ve enjoyed but Reckell has always been the real Bo for me. He played him with such ease. There’s been no other soap character like him. I can’t imagine never seeing him on “Days” again. At least when Bo was out of the country, fans resigned themselves to thoughts that one day he could return. He’s not returning and I’m crushed.

Kayla struggled all week, knowing her brother was to die. Bo told her not to tell anyone and it made Bo laugh that literally two seconds later, she blabbled to Steve. I can’t blame her for that and I can’t even get upset about her not following doctor/patient confidentiality because she’s his sister and probably shouldn’t have examined him in the first place!

Steve and Bo’s scenes together were both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I love their bromance. What did Bo mean when he told Steve, “Hey. In the end, you know what to do.” Everything Bo has said all week took on a new and significant meaning. I am glad that Bo asked Victor to flush out the guys who captured him and that he took time to call Chelsea. It felt as though the show tried to tie up all loose ends. Still, I, like you, wish Chelsea could have been there. The party was really touching and something they’ll all reminisce about for years, but how did nobody see Kayla and Steve looking tormented? I digress…

Kristian Alfonso’s done a wonderful job with this storyline. Poor Hope has had one hell of a time trying to tame that guilt. I love that she tried to cut up her wedding gown. It was glorious to see her anger. I enjoyed the romantic romp between Bo and Hope – Bope – too. Er, until he left her sleeping and took off. That was a boneheaded move but it’s already forgiven.

Theo has a sister.
Lani was great with Theo but she panted after Rafe again. It was creepy. Again. Enough, please. At least Theo learned he has a sister, though I am not sure why we should care or what this is about. I have always liked Theo and Abe but we barely get to see either and we didn’t get Maxine and Abe as a couple (and yeah, I’m still pissed about that!) yet Lani’s thrown at us? Hmm.

It’s interesting how Rafe keeps turning Lani down and telling her they shouldn’t fraternize because he’s her boss, yet when Bo asked him to take care of Hope for him, knowing from one glance that Rafe’s in love with her, Rafe didn’t turn him down. He’s on it. It’s funny and sure made his words to Lani BS!

SORASd kids.
Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I admitted I was feeling a challenge enjoying the nu-kids of Salem. This week they’ve been interacting more with family and each other, which is helping me to take an interest in them. Ciara was really sweet with her mother. She’s so much more mature than I imagined she’d be. Theo is absolutely adorable. How sweet was he when after Ciara hugged him his eyes lit up! Joey too admitted in a way that he was into Lani. It was sweet how Theo immediately had his back up about that. It took time but I’m now opening up to the new kids. Let me know if you are or if you’re still not into them yet!

Whether or not anyone thinks Brady and Theresa should make a go of it, Brady needs to move into his own place and out from underneath Victor’s thumb. What does he expect Victor to say or do other than to remind him she almost killed his father and to give her the boot from the manse? I like their chemistry, sure, but admit that kiss in the park was a bit cheesy – something out of Hallmark!

Necktie Killer.
They’re really dragging out this storyline with Abigail and Ben to the point where it’s becoming annoying to me. Abigail had a hold of the phone and dropped it during a contraction. Come on! And Wendy the Wonder Midwife knew Abigail was in labour without even examining her. Shouldn’t Wendy have gotten Abigail at least out of those skinny jeans and on to the bed to examine her physically?

One doubts Wendy will make it out of this alive now that Ben pulled a gun on her. Yike.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Meet me on my Days of our Lives Twitter page if you want to dish on Salemites or if you’ve “Days” questions and feel free to comment on your own thoughts of the week or on mine!

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Best lines of the week:

Steve, “This isn’t how Bo and Hope should end.”

Steve to John about the ISA, “You didn’t quit. They fired your ass!”

Sami to Andre, “Leave Stefano a dying broken old reptile he deserves to be.”

Bo, “Ma always said the measure of life is quality, not quantity.”

Hope, “Don’t leave me, Brady.”

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– Christine Fix


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