Jill Johnson/JPI
Thursday, August 31st, 2017
Jill Johnson/JPI

A few rumors going around Salem for soap fans to consider…

According to a video that Kyler Pettis tweeted, Theo may be leaving Salem, possibly after becoming paralyzed in a police shoot up by JJ Deveraux.

Jack’s spirit shows up again, but this time to JJ, who is ridden with guilt over the shooting.

Will returns but only as a ghost.

The double wedding will be a wonderful day but an unexpected guest throws a monkey wrench into things.

Bonnie flirts with Victor.

Hope becomes suspicious of “Adrienne’s” behavior.

Dr. Rolf returns, insisting that he can reverse death. Check out this audition for Tim Abell playing Elvis Presley on Days on Vimeo.

As Soaps.com already reported, Eileen Davidson is on her way back to Days. The rumor: Kristen DiMera is alive and Anjelica Deveraux’s silent partner.

Eve returns, and according to Kassie DePaiva, it’s with a big surprise. Some are speculating that the surprise is Theresa.

As Soaps.com previously reported, Ali Sweeney is returning to Days, and rumor has it that she is in trouble with the law.


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