Jill Johnson/JPI
Friday, May 5th, 2017
Jill Johnson/JPI

Xander shot Brady, causing his lungs to collapse, which in turn put pressure on his new heart, donated by his best buddy, deceased Daniel Jonas. Word has it that Brady needs a new heart. If this is true, who will Brady get yet another heart from? Of course everyone has heard by now, the biggest rumor, that Deimos Kiriakis will be killed off, considering Vincent Irizarry is leaving Days of our Lives. Almost everyone in Salem hates Deimos and most wouldn’t mind seeing him dead. As long as they share the same blood type, this could work, making it the second heart transplant on “Days” in less than 2 years.

Since posting this, a few fans have speculated if Deimos isn’t the one to give Brady a heart, could it be Nicole? Ari Zucker’s leaving “Days,” making it possible that Nicole is killed off and Greg Vaughan’s contract is supposedly only for a few months. Maybe they will kill Eric off.


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