Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

A big wedding will happen this November in Salem, but a major return could bring it to a screeching halt. We hear a huge fan favorite is said to be coming back, could it be Will Horton? And if so, will Chandler Massey or Guy Wilson play the role? Others are speculating it’s Matt Ashford as Jack Deveraux returning.

Not only is Eric Brady returning to Salem, but his sister Sami may drop back in for a special event. When Eric returns he finds Nicole has forgiven him, and as the two discuss Daniel they find their old feelings are still there. However a newly single Brady finds himself drawn back to Nicole, and Nicole finds herself having to choose between two of her greatest loves.

The truth about who Chloe’s baby daddy is comes out and it’s a shocker… it’s Daniel! However it’s not her child with Daniel, it’s Daniel and Nicole’s child and someone implanted the embryo in her. Deimos meanwhile learns he already has a son, and it may be someone he’s met, Xander! The baby news keeps coming as Jade learns she’s pregnant with Joey’s child, which doesn’t sit well with either of their families.

Hope goes on trial for Stefano’s murder and is found guilty and sent to prison. It’s being whispered that in prison she is stunned to run into a familiar face.

Deimos shows his ruthless side once he’s settled into running Titan. One of the first things he does is cleans house and fires Brady, Justin and Philip.

JJ and Laura both know the truth that Abby isn’t dead, and both have been helping Andre hide her as they believe she’s better off away from Chad. JJ’s secret causes a rift between him and Gabi. Gabi continues to grow closer to Chad, and the two share a kiss.

A little mole told us that Valerie Grant has a huge secret that includes Abe. Could Abe have yet another kid he doesn’t know about?


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