In his hotel room, Baker muses about EJ and the muggings. He watches as Nicole goes live at the pier on television.

Nicole goes live as EJ seethes and steps in. Sami’s puzzled as EJ takes the microphone and says he’s responsible for what’s happening today. He calls Nicole a pathological liar as Nicole tries to grab the mic. EJ goes on that what Nicole’s about to say is fabricated. Nicole’s about to pull out the recording as proof when Ari yells, "Cut."

Back in his room, a news brief interrupts Nicole’s news. The snow leopard at the zoo gave birth to two cubs. Baker says he’s not surprised. Nicole’s all style and no substance. Unlike Hope who always delivers the goods.

Back at the pier, Ari tells Nicole about the cubs but Nicole doesn’t care if they came out singing Dixie. Ethan, the new consultant with Titan TV says he authorized this. It trumps gossip. Nicole yells that this isn’t gossip. Gabi gets a message on her cell phone that she won the lottery with her guess at the cubs' time of birth. She, Sami and Will go off to get the twins. Ethan leaves and EJ tells Nicole to kill her story. Brady wonders why EJ’s so anxious to keep Nicole quiet and once EJ leaves, Nicole tells Brady this is a major story deserving of the right audience. She takes off and Brady tells Ari that EJ’s using her to get back at Nicole.

Justin arrives at Bo’s place and shares his intentions toward Hope. Bo pulls an attitude and laughs, saying Hope has told him they’re only friends. Justin retorts that Hope’s just afraid and thinks it’s hypocritical of Bo not to want Hope to move on. Bo says she’s fragile. Justin thinks Bo likes Hope pining away while he plays house with Carly. Carly interrupts and Justin takes off. Bo shares that Justin’s staking his claim on Hope and Carly notes that this seems to really bother him. Bo admits he wouldn’t mind taking a tube sock full of wooden screws and beating his cousin. Carly understands. Bo and Hope were soul mates and they’ve three great kids together. It has to hurt to see her get close to somebody else. Bo admits it does and is thankful she understands. They make out and wind up in bed having sex. Carly worries Bo feels obligated to her and doesn’t want to get hurt. Both agree this has taken them by surprise but they’ve no regrets.

Adrienne arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and confronts Hope about kissing Justin. Hope denies this and is upset by it. Adrienne’s disconcerted and doesn’t think this is like Hope to be so blasé about this. She’s looking out for Justin’s best interest. Hope feels the same, making Adrienne wonder what game she’s playing. Hope realizes he means something to her and they argue. Hope encourages Adrienne to tell Justin this but says she has done nothing she regrets and doesn’t understand why Adrienne’s so upset. Adrienne, with tears in her eyes, believes her.

In the doctor’s office, Abe discusses having insomnia and is written a prescription for sleeping pills. The doctor discusses how the drug affects high strung women, changing their behavior, drastically.

Hope sees the same doctor later and requests a refill. She fills him in on her life and says she only takes them when needed. He asks if she’s had adverse side effects. Hope recalls strange dreams and after reviewing her file, he hands out a script, warning her that there’s a study he has to tell her about. She is running late so takes the script and leaves without hearing him out.

At his hotel room, Baker wonders where Hope is. He flashes back to her revealing Bo will finally be put to rest. He calls Nicole and says she only gets that lean and hungry look when she’s thinking of sticking it to EJ. Nicole tells him not to worry.

Justin bumps into Hope at the pub. She asks if he remembers anything new about the mugging. He doesn’t so she tries to leave but he wants to discuss how they’re getting closer. Adrienne interrupts and Hope’s perplexed but has no time for this. She’s off to talk to the other victims. Adrienne tells him Hope’s more screwed up than he’s willing to admit.

EJ stops Sami in the great room, asking if she’ll come with him on a family holiday for the summer. Sami knows this has to do with Nicole and he admits it but takes a call from Arianna, leaving the room. Nicole arrives at the mansion and tells Sami EJ’s lying to her. In another room, Ari and EJ discuss Nicole.

Abe goes to Lexi at the hospital. He takes out his cell and she notices a prescription and grabs it from his hand, concerned. He explains what’s going on and Hope interrupts and learns Abe’s having issues sleeping. Hope says she’s taking a look at the victims' hospital reports and turns to see Carly and Bo arrive and make out.

Brady calls Nicole and asks her to call as soon as she gets the message.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Bo tells Hope they need to talk.

Brady asks Nicole, "Why don't you tell me what you've got on him and we'll take him down together."

Sami yells, "You lied to me, EJ."

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