In jail, Bo is pleading with John to get him out of there. John knows that Bo is innocent, and is trying to pull strings to find out who EJ is and what he is up to. He asks Bo to cover for him with Marlena. Bo has a condition, "Take me with you?" he asks. Bo will make bail tomorrow but John is leaving today. John thinks Bo needs to handle the situation in Salem. Bo tells him to take care, and if he doesn't make it back in one piece, Marlena will kill the both of them.

Later, Marlena arrives for a visit. She asks about John, but does not believe it when Bo acts as though he knows nothing about any 'private investigation'. She asks him directly if John is going to investigate EJ, and Bo admits John asked him to look after Marlena. He dances around the issue, but he cracks when she starts to cry and begs him to tell her. He explains that he's going to Italy to find out more about the DiMeras. She runs off.

At Salem PD, Abe is reading a document in his office. His vision is blurred, and when Tek walks in, he asks if he's Roman. Puzzled, Tek says, he's "A few years younger and not as white!" He's there to ask for a recommendation from Abe, and is concerned about Abe's eyesight. Abe is angry, thinking that there is something wrong with the acoustics - he's not giving him any recommendation! Tek pleads his case, telling Abe that he's a good cop; he busted his butt to do a good job and upholds the law as well as any cop. Abe brings up the restraining order, telling him that he should have thrown his butt in jail for ignoring it. Tek continues to press and reminds him they were friends once. He asks for a professional recommendation only -thinking it's fair request. Abe smirks. "Memorizing the police handbook doesn't matter. It's what is inside that matters", he says. When he slept with Lexi, he slept with his commander's wife, which caused issues throughout the PD. He tells him to "Get the hell out of here." Tek ignores him, hoping they could do it on the "DL" (down low) and turns, telling him that he had a call from the state's DA asking about Abe's performance after the EJ debacle. He blackmails Abe, "I can help him or I can help you!" He'll tell them that Abe pushed him out of the PD for sleeping with his wife. Abe finally agrees to write up the recommendation and mail it to him.

At Salem Inn, Kayla does yoga and is interrupted by Lexi. She explains that she feels like an invalid and needs to 'do' something. Lexi asks her to be patient. Kayla thinks Steve is lying about his memories. She sees pain in his face, not desire or love and wants to know the truth. Lexi warns her that she doesn't want to push him away forever. Lexi asks her to relax and this sparks something in Kayla. She tells Lexi that she'll bring him to a place they've been to before so it will help with his memory. Lexi agrees to it only if she can go with her.

Steve drops by Billie's house. She's fresh from the shower, and tells him to keep his pants on. "Do I have to," he jokes! They discuss Bo and his innocence and the photo of Billie and Bo. She explains that Chelsea probably took the photo, "With her stupid cell phone!" He doesn't care, saying it doesn't change how he feels about her. He explains that he cancelled their plans because there was an emergency with Kayla. Billie informs him that his 'memory' was all an act and now he's in a mess that he can't get out of. He can't stop thinking about her, he says, but Billie advises him, "I'm an all or nothing girl. If I can't have all of you, I don't want any of you!" Steve needs some time Billie asks when she gets to be number one. "I get to be number one right now, for once in my life," she yells. She knows he's not available. Steve agrees with her and sighs, asking her if she cares for him. "Yes, I do, and it's killing me!" she yells in his face! He rubs her shoulder while telling her that he'll make it right. She agrees to trust him.

Back at Salem PD, Lexi drops in. Abe' s rubbing his eyes a lot and is still upset by Tek's visit. He explains the visit to her, and that he is giving him a letter of recommendation - because he's blackmailing him. He just wants it to be over. He's tired. She sees that something more is wrong when he bumps into the desk, and kneels down to find the papers that dropped. She asks him what's going on and he admits his eyes are getting worse. She encourages him to see his doctor, but he refuses to let anyone know. The EJ Wells mess has him in hot water and he worries he'll be the scapegoat and be let go. She disagrees that it will happen that way, but he stands firm. She promises not to say anything if he agrees to see his doctor after the EJ thing is over.

Steve arrives back at Salem Inn and Kayla asks him to go away with her for a few days. She tells him that Lexi approves, as long as she's there and wants to go to the mountains. Steve doesn't think it's a good idea and wonders if she should wait until after the holidays. He looks scared, and she notices. She asks him what's going on with him, but he can't tell her. He isn't sure and doesn't know what he needs. She asks if there is anything he needs to tell her. He looks pained and agrees to go away with her.

Marlena surprises John when she shows up on John's private jet, asking for wine! He doesn't realize that she knows and asks her to stay behind. She says, "How about you quit lying to me and we'll go to Europe together and catch DiMera?" When he asks who told her, she admits nobody told her, she just knew! She tells him wherever he goes, she goes, and he knows there is no point in arguing. He sets ground rules, no jumping out of the plane or doing anything dangerous. She crosses her heart and they leave for Italy!

Billie visits Bo in jail to offer him bail money. She apologizes to him for Chelsea taking the photo.

Next on Days of our Lives
Bo asks Billie, "Why can't I keep it in my pants around you? She's lost all faith in me."

Hope tells Patrick she has a favor. "Please drop charges against Bo."

Sami asks Lucas, "What if EJ wants the money back?" and Lucas asks her to forget it and call EJ back and tell him you quit!

Kate is freaking out to EJ, when she finds out he hired Sami. "If you're serious about hiring her, it will be over my dead body."