Will is rushing to leave for a ski trip. Sami ensures he has everything, and Lucas tells Sami, "I think tonight is all about you and me!" Lucas suggests they go on a dinner and movie date. Lucas jokes about watching the Godfather, or Wedding Crashers, and she acts indignant, but laughs with him. He starts kissing her, and she pulls off her shirt. They lie on the sofa, heating things up and then Sami stops again! She reminds Lucas they promised they'd wait, and that Will is just downstairs, putting his skis on the car. He gives her a passionate kiss, trying to wear her down, but she pushes him out of the apartment, while she re-packs Will's suitcase!

EJ dines alone at Chez Rouge. He is interrupted by John, who shares the news about Patrick lying busted up in the hospital. John accuses EJ of administering the beating himself. EJ acts surprised, but lets his guard down by acting arrogant and John tells him that it only confirms his suspicion that EJ beat up Patrick. This will be his downfall, John promises! He leaves.

At the hospital, Patrick thanks Hope for sitting with him. He's almost grateful to Bo for beating him up, he says. She's appalled, but he goes onto explain that it allows him to spend time with Hope. He reminds her of their time together on the plane, and when he told her he loved her. He wants to go back to that time, when she trusted him. He asks that she think of him as a friend. The nurses come in to examine Patrick while Bonnie goes through Patrick's pockets, accidentally finding the bloodied money he was given to by EJ. She stuffs it down her bra!

At Salem PD, Abe and Roman try to figure out just what happened with Patrick. Bo denies any wrong doing and when Shawn shows up, Abe and Roman let them talk alone. Bo explains that he's in trouble. "I need your help in getting through to Hope," he pleads. Later, Abe tells Bo he's no longer suspended. He's fired! John walks in, and Abe reads out the charges against Bo. John tells Abe that EJ is the one who beat up Patrick, not Bo. Abe isn't interested in hearing this. "We are done talking about EJ Wells, is that clear?" Abe tells John if he can provide proof that EJ beat Patrick, he'll listen. Bo tells Abe that he hopes nobody else in his family gets hurt, because it'll be on his head.

At Max's garage, Mimi and Max reach a dead end in their search for Philip (AKA Andrew Spivey). Mimi dashes out when Bonnie calls her to tell her that Patrick is in the hospital. Abby comes in with lunch, asking why Max is bothering looking for Philip. "I was wondering if you're doing it because you've started having feelings for Mimi," she tells him. She tells him she's worried about him, but he tells her that she has no cause to be worried, that he and Mimi are both going through some of the same issues and are a help to each other. Abby tells him that Mimi likes him. She thinks he deserves someone he can trust and count on. He asks her who, but she grabs a file and gets back to work!

Shawn shows up at the hospital, and tells Hope he is positive that Bo didn't beat up Patrick. He gives her a note sent to her from Bo. Mimi arrives at the hospital, says hello to Hope, and gives Shawn the cold shoulder. Bonnie dashes off; while Mimi tells Patrick he had the beating coming to him! She doesn't believe his "I'm a victim story!" She questions his job and he lies that it's auto racing business. He's in pain, and asks that she let him get some rest. He asks her to hand her his pants to get the cash out of them, before she leaves. He can't find it! "My money's gone again! I can't believe this," he shouts. He accuses the nurses of stealing. She takes a call from Max, who tells her to get to the garage. They've found Philip! She is on her way, thanks him and says, "Love ya!" At the garage, Abby comments she told him so and Mimi has a look of surprise on her face!

Hope reads the note. It reads, "From the moment I snatched you away from Larry Welch, and we got on my bike and you put your faith in me. We've been on an adventure, and I'm asking for your faith again. Believe in me when I say I never laid a hand on Patrick. I wouldn't risk our marriage. I'm hot headed but not stupid, so give me benefit of doubt so we can continue on our ride of a lifetime." Shawn asks what she's going to do and asks that she not turn her back on Bo. She says, "I'm finished with your father!" He asks her to watch her back, with Patrick, and tells her Bo plays fair and doesn't hurt people on purpose. He asks her to believe in him and just listen to him.

Back at Sami's place, she is bringing out Will's bags when EJ stops her, asking her for forgiveness. She tells him she's glad things are working out for him, but he attacked her and she doesn't feel right associating with him anymore. He's disappointed that she can't forgive, when this is what she craves is acceptance. He apologizes for his mistake and pleads with her not to judge him too harshly. She calls a truce, but he wants to be friends. Lucas shows up, asking what's going on. EJ tells Lucas he is sorry and wants a clean slate. Lucas says, "I'll give you a clean slate, and then hit you with it," then they leave!

Mimi arrives at the garage, and Max explains that Philip is still alive, lying in a Veterans hospital in Atlanta. She wants to go there so says she needs to find money to finance her trip. She knows just where to get it.

At the hospital, Bonnie finds Patrick grilling the nurses about his money, and ushers them out. She lies, promising to find the person who stole his money.

Hope arrives at Salem PD, tells Bo nothing is clear to her anymore. She tells him she can't be jerked every which way, as she's so tired. He tells her to trust him and stand beside him. She tells him the ride is over, and as Abe takes him away, he professes his love. She cries as Roman tells her if she loves Bo at all, she'll talk Patrick into dropping the charges. Otherwise, "Shawn's father will be in jail for a long time."

Next on Days of our Lives:
Abe tells Lexi that all he has ever done is be a police officer. He can't and won't lose that!
Kayla asks Steve to go away with her, but he refuses.

Bo tells Billie, "I didn't lay a finger on that cry baby."

Marlena tells John, "I thought you had quit lying to me!" She figures out on her own that he is lying about his reason for going to Italy!