Billie arrives at Hope's doorstep to apologize on behalf of Chelsea. Hope is livid. "I'm sick of it," she tells Billie. She tells Billie that if something should happen to Bo, she'll hold Chelsea and Billie accountable. Billie explains what happened in the photo, begging her to believe when she says, nothing happened. Hope isn't buying it, and tells Billie that she doesn't know who to trust anymore; Patrick or Bo! Hope soon asks her to leave, then makes a call to Patrick.

At Patrick's house, he gets off the phone as Bonnie walks in. She's off shopping, she says, but he stops her. He tells her he wants his money back, knowing she stole it. She denies it of course, acting indignant, and storms off. Once outside, she bumps into Bo on the way out. She cautions him to enter at his own risk! Bo barges in on Patrick, telling him he's to stay away from his wife. Hope calls, and as Patrick goes to pick up, Bo hits the phone from his hand, telling him not to stop by the house anymore. He also goes on to say that the authorities know what he and Wells are up to and everyone else will know it soon, too. Bo leaves, with Patrick locking the door behind him. Patrick invites him to hit him, but Bo isn't there to fight. He just wants to ensure Patrick knows that he's out of Hope's life. He'll get visitation rights for the baby, but doesn't want him in Hope's life. That's all he wants to say, and leaves.

At Mythic Communications, Kate reads the paper. She's impressed that EJ has given to charity to the poor at Thanksgiving. He brushes her off, saying he threw the food bank a bit of money, then takes a call from Patrick, who asks for a meeting. EJ takes it in another room, angrily explaining to Patrick that he's to use Shawn as a messenger. EJ explains that Shawn isn't answering his calls.

At Shawn's loft, he and Willow snuggle, while she tries to get him to spend a bundle on the new car. They're interrupted by a knock on the door. Willow goes to hide, but Shawn stops her, telling her that if it's Belle, she'll just have to start getting used to seeing her there. EJ bangs on the door, asking what's going on with Shawn's work ethic. Shawn hasn't been taking calls from Patrick, and EJ warns him he'll lose his job if he keeps it up. Willow leaves the room to give the men space, and Shawn explains that Patrick calls him constantly, and half the time he doesn't even pay him. EJ had no idea, and apologizes for coming down on him. He pays Shawn, telling him he'll be in touch. Shawn tells EJ he saw the press conference and EJ half jokes that it would be great if he could get his father to see that EJ isn't who he thinks!

Patrick goes to lock the door, after Bo leaves, and a voice from behind him tells him he can't lock out the mess he's gotten himself into. It's EJ! He let himself in through a window, and is furious with Patrick for not paying Shawn for his services, telling him "I just chewed out the wrong man!" Patrick asks for a few thousand dollars, and EJ gives it to him, but when Patrick's back is turned, EJ removes his belt, wraps it around his knuckles, and tells him there is a price to be paid - he backhands Patrick, who goes flying across the living room.

Nick, Abby and Chelsea dine at Chez Rouge. Chelsea whines about not having her laptop anymore, but is met with rolling eyes. Abby tells her to get a job, so she can buy a new one. Nick sweetly offers her his second laptop, to which she agrees to, amiably. She thanks him with a kiss on the cheek. Abby asks Chelsea not to treat Nick like dirt. "He has a huge crush on you," she explains. Chelsea is shocked, knowing she treats him like "Toe fungus". Abby explains that he has liked Chelsea since he first met her. Just as they're discussing him, he rushes into the restaurant with his laptop. She promises not to destroy it, then kisses him again, much to his delight! Chelsea leaves. Abby tries to get Nick to understand that Chelsea is self-centered, and is using him. He knows this, but doesn't mind.

Kate is at Mythic working, when Billie shows up, showing a photo of she and Bo in bed. Billie is upset, telling her mom that Hope is furious and confused. She asks, "Did you put her up to this mom?" Kate denies it. Billie asks for her help with Chelsea. Soon after, Chelsea shows up, modeling the laptop she has on loan. Billie is surprised, and they start an argument but Kate asks to be left alone with Chelsea, so Billie leaves. Chelsea is upset, "Who is she to lecture me?" Kate shows her the photo, "Are you responsible for this flaming photo," she asks. "Hell yeah," Chelsea grins. Kate congratulates her on a job well done and encourages her to 'fly under the radar'. She tells her to write a blog about her angst, and be diplomatic to everyone's face

Bo arrives back at home, and can't find Hope. He sees the photo of he and Billie and crumples it up.

Back at Shawn's place, Hope drops by, looking for Bo. Shawn hasn't seen him, and he and Willow are just about to leave, so he says he can't invite her in. He asks what happened, and she shares the news. He tells her he can't help her, because he doesn't understand what Bo does anymore. Hope just gets a call from Patrick, and dashes off to be with him when she hears him say, "Hope, I need you. I think I'm dying"
Hope arrives at Patrick's house. She barges in and sees his furniture turned upside down, and a bloody, beat up Patrick lying on the floor. Hope kneels beside him, and he croaks out, "Bo did it! He's trying to kill me!" Bonnie walks in and after taking in the mess and Patrick, all bloody, she grows hysterical, crying out, "They should lock your husband up!" She grabs the phone and calls the paramedics and the cops!

Patrick is in the hospital, being tended to by a doctor, while Bonnie encourages him to sue. Hope makes a call to Bo at the pay phone. She tells him she's surprised he hasn't left the city, but Bo is confused, asking her what she's talking about. He wants her to come home, so they can talk about 'the stupid picture', but she tells him he needs to get himself a good attorney. Bo is completely baffled, but she can't talk, as Bonnie comes by the phone to get her. Patrick is calling for her. He hangs up and there is a knock on the door.

An officer comes to Bo's house, telling him he has to arrest him. Bo is confused, thinking this is a joke!

Billie walks into the Lockhart house to find blood on the floor, and furniture turned upside down. She calls Bo, to tell him what's going on, and finds a note from Bonnie who explains they took Patrick to the hospital. She's flustered and frightened.

EJ shows up to the Mystic office again, disheveled. Kate notices, and he pulls off his tie, asking her to go back to his place.

Chelsea puts on her webcam, and sits on her bed, starting her online blog. She shares her teen angst, and invites people to check her out. She goes on to say how most people are 'so fake, it makes her hurl'. As she talks, Nick is at work, eating his dinner, watching the live blog in process.

Shawn and Willow take a joyride in Shawn's new convertible. They end up at Chez Rouge, and dine on escargot. He encourages her to order whatever she wants. Abby shows up to their table with news. Bo has been arrested. "He needs you," she says.

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Abby tells Max that he doesn't seem to have a clue that Mimi is falling for him, Abe yells at John, "We're done talking about EJ Wells. It's over. Now do I make myself clear?" and EJ asks Sami if he is beyond forgiveness.