At the penthouse, Marlena is on the phone, discussing menu choices with someone, when she is interrupted by an agitated knock at the door. A disheveled looking Kate barges in, on the warpath. She's looking for John. Marlena explains that John's not there but welcomes her in. Kate grimaces, "When I find John, I'm going to ring his neck!" Marlena asks her what this is all about, and Kate shares how she and EJ's relationship is undermined now, because John had her snoop through EJ's apartment for any evidence of any wrongdoings. Even though she found the onyx ring, she now believes in EJ's innocence, claiming the ring was his school ring. Marlena is surprised at Kate's sudden change in attitude, knowing that John didn't have to talk Kate into anything. It was easy for her to spy on EJ in the first place, so she asks Kate to remember that there must have been good cause for her to spy! Marlena goes on to ask how close she and EJ are. Kate says they're good friends, but seems flustered. A look of understanding crosses Marlena's face, and she suspects that Kate is sleeping with EJ. When faced with this, Kate is indignant. "So what if I am? What are you going to do, Stone me," she asks. Marlena is only trying to protect her, she explains. She tells Kate that EJ is not to be trusted, "Thinking with your heart is a fatal mistake," she promises. Kate stanchly defends EJ, saying he's a perfect gentleman, and she will no longer spy on him. Marlena tells her not to worry. John is no longer involved in the investigation, "He gave me his word," she promises.

At Abe's house, John, Abe and Roman discuss the tarot cards. They realize that someone is sending them to EJ, instructing him to do their bidding. They agree their troubles are not over, knowing someone is going to be killed soon. John is skeptical about Celeste's abilities, even when Abe tells him that she agrees that the onyx ring Kate found is related to the DiMeras. They need his help in finding out the truth but he stubbornly refuses to lie do this or lie to Marlena. With some coaxing, he finally agrees to go to Italy, and the three men agree to never tell a soul. They seal the deal with a bump of fists!

Chelsea and Billie are at home, where Chelsea is celebrates the ending of Thanksgiving with a sundae! Billie takes a call from Steve, agreeing to into the country for a drive with him so he can explain what's going on, face to face.

Patrick arrives home, showing Billie the anonymous email that he received - a picture of Billie and Bo, in bed! She is shocked, wondering who took the photo, but Patrick glances over at Chelsea, knowingly! Billie turns to her daughter, knowing he is right. She calls Chelsea on it. "You did this," she says, incredulously. Billie is livid, wondering how Chelsea could hurt Bo like this. She thinks that Bo will really disown her for good this time! Chelsea defends herself, says that her mom is still in love with Bo, and hopes this will bring them together. Patrick is disgusted, telling Chelsea she needs to grow up. He leaves, and as Billie explains to her daughter that she isn't interested in Bo anymore, Patrick stands outside, talking to Dr. Bader on his cell phone. He promises to get her the money as soon as he gets an advance from his boss. He reminds her that she needs to do the amnio herself, so that Hope never finds out that Bo is the baby's father.

Hope is at home, smelling some lovely flowers. Bo comes into the room, seeing tears streaming down her face. She turns to him, reading the card aloud. "Without you life makes no sense. I don't want to lose you again, our love is forever." The two kiss, and then start pulling of one another's clothes, passionately when Hope stops him; she wants it to be special, so goes upstairs to change into something more provocative. When she comes down the stairs, her attitude has changed. She holds up a picture of Bo and Billie in bed together, explains that this picture is time stamped a few weeks ago, and asks him, "Can you explain this?" Bo looks sheepish, but explains that nothing happened, that they were comforting one another. Hope wonders who would send this to her, but he already has an idea and when Billie calls to warn him, he relays that Hope has seen the picture already. Bo tells her to keep Chelsea there. He's on his way over! ,

Outside, Steve hangs up with Billie, after inviting her out. He goes inside, and asks Lexi about Kayla's health. Lexi happily shares that Kayla has been an excellent patient so far. Steph asks Steve to stay with Kayla while she does some work on the computer. When she is gone, Kayla reminds Steve of a time in the past when they were caught in a sprinkler system. Steve flashes back to this, and the two have a good laugh. Steph comes back, with an email photo she printed off for Steve - the photo of Billie in bed with Bo! Kayla is appalled, wondering who would have sent this to Steve and why! She begins to have breathing issues, and is clearly upset, so Steve calls Lexi to examine her. Lexi asks them to ensure they don't upset Kayla during her recovery.

Later, (after seeing the photo of Billie and Bo together) a phone call has Steve bluntly telling Billie that he can't meet with her. She hangs up, looking sadly at Chelsea. "You've finally gotten what you wanted," she starts to say, but is interrupted by Bo. Bo is even toned while he places both hands on Chelsea's shoulders, telling her, "Look, little girl, you can't seem to get it out of your thick skull that you're not going to get me and Billie back together." He tells her she needs to learn to live with them being apart. "I won't," Chelsea retorts, so Bo grabs her laptop, throws it out the door and promises,"Oh yes you will!" She pouts that her whole life was on the computer but he could care less and leaves. Billie tells her they now have zero tolerance for her, so she storms out to get her laptop. Kate enters through the gate, asking what happened. Chelsea explains, and Kate shares a few tips with her granddaughter on how to make a back-up plan! She tells a saddened Chelsea to stop pushing the family she does have, away!

Patrick goes to see Hope at home. He notices she is upset and sees the photo of Bille and Bo in bed, on her bureau. He thinks that Bo is cheating on her, but she asks him to stay out of her personal life, and denies it. When they continue to argue, he accidentally bumps her vase and it smashes to floor, so frustrated, she yells at him to get out. He does so and she bends sadly to pick up a flower.

John arrives at the penthouse, telling Marlena how things went with Roman and Abe. He has washed his hands of the investigation, he says but he has to make a trip to Basic Black in Italy as one Basic Black isn't doing well.

Patrick arrives back home, telling Billie that maybe Chelsea did her a favor. He thinks she deserves better, saying "Steve doesn't know who he is, or what he wants!"

Bo arrives back home, watching Hope pick up the flowers. She explains that Patrick was there and they argued and he accidentally pushed the flowers to the floor. He's irate when he hears this, and storms off to talk to Patrick.

Abby tells Nick that Chelsea is using him. He thinks Chels will look at him and soon see what she's missing!

Kate tells Chelsea, "You've got to smooth out those rough edges or you're going to spend the rest of your life alone."

EJ backhands Patrick, saying, "You've been running around leaving a wake of chaos all around you. There's a price to be paid for that."

Hope tells Bo he's better find himself a good attorney!