At the penthouse, Marlena comes down the stairs from playing with Claire, to find Belle, staring at the newspaper photo, thinking about Philip. She worries about his health, thinking if he is killed, she will be at fault. Marlena reminds her that Philip is a grown man. He is responsible for his own actions, but Belle feels guilty. She admits to taking her frustrations out on Shawn, not even letting him spend time with Claire on Thanksgiving. She seems to blame Shawn for her own bad decisions and doesn't know why. She goes on to say that when she picks Claire up at Victor's, she keeps saying 'da da', and it's her fault that Claire doesn't have Philip in her life. Marlena suggests that there could be photos up all over the mansion of Philip. "Children are resilient," Marlena points out. Belle is worried that at the rate things are going, she and Shawn will never be a family with Claire. Marlena tells her that Claire can have both her parents in her life.

At the loft, Willow and Shawn have their morning coffee. She wants to go back to bed to give her 'full attention' to him, as she was tired last night. Shawn tells her he doesn't think Belle will be stopping by anymore, "I don't think she wants anything to do with me," he admits. He is upset that Belle didn't allow him to see Claire on Thanksgiving. Willow thinks that he's still in love with Belle. Shawn denies that, but Willow goes on to say that she knows Belle's type, saying "Nobody will ever be good enough for her." Just then, Bo drops in and Willow takes off to dress. Bo brings up his disappointment in not seeing him at Thanksgiving yesterday, but Shawn has a chip on his shoulder. He had 'better things to do', he says. Bo thinks that hanging out with his hooker girlfriend isn't 'better' than being with family, and takes the opportunity to bring up his work. He again tells Shawn his work is bringing him 'dirty money', and asks him to get away from EJ, before "He brings you down too!" Shawn shows him the door, and before Bo leaves he says, "You have been warned!"
After Bo leaves, Willow comes out, suggesting that he not let Bo get him down. She again rips Belle apart, asking why he's jumping through hoops for someone who won't even let him see his daughter. She wants him to go off and purchase the convertible he wanted but he receives a call from Belle, asking him to drop by and visit Claire. Willow is jealous, "She's messing with your head again," she says. Shawn ignores her and leaves.

Mimi and Max arrive at the photo journalist's office, admitting they lied in order to get there. She tells him the real reason they're there and implies that there could be a reward. He agrees to look at the photo, and gives them a name. He remembers a man with a prosthetic leg who called himself,'Andrew Spivey, from Oklahoma'. They take a look at more photos and Mimi confirms it was Philip!

Dr Weinstein (plastic surgeon from Montreal) shows up to the mansion. Victor thanks him for coming, but the plastic surgeon tells him that he doesn't do vanity surgery. Victor isn't deterred. He tells the doctor that Philip is a war hero, who lost his leg but was determined to serve again. He shares that Philip went back to war and when his jeep was bombed, it left him disfigured beyond recognition. He'll require a "face transplant"!

At the Carvers, Celeste arrives to a waiting Abe and Roman. She had a disturbing dream about Alexandra and Theo. She tells them because of the dream; she can't put the two at risk. She says, "It made what I have to do, perfectly clear." She agrees to help them, if they agree to protect Lexi and Theo. They show her the photos of the tarot cards, which she lies out. She feels disturbing vibrations, even with the photographs. She says the cards represent "Terrible calamities of those who have crossed EJ." EJ is the Chariot; notorious willful, and in control," she goes on to say. He began by upsetting relationships. Each new incident brings worse consequences, she says. "He isn't finished. The cards predict terrible danger to come." They all try to interpret the cards, but Abe is frustrated with the generalities of the cards. Celeste is a little annoyed, and blurts out, "I'm risking life and limb to do this!" They realize that the cards are actually instructions for EJ to follow Lies, betrayal, adultery, etc. She explains that one card is missing from the deck. It's on its way from Italy - the Death Card! Bo arrives to the Carver home and they realize EJ will be instructed to kill someone, once he receives the Death Card. She believes that someone in their family will die! Celeste thinks EJ must be a DiMera. She refuses to sign documents to bring a case against Wells, much to the men's frustration. Bo thinks this leaves them one option - they need to crack this before someone ends up dead!

Back at the penthouse, Marlena is proud of Belle for making the phone call. Belle doesn't want to make the mistakes as she did with Phil. Max calls, telling her he has good news about Phil, so she rushes off. She asks Marlena to let Shawn spend time with Claire and she'll return soon. Shawn shows up, soon after with a book for Claire. He tells Marlena that he thinks Belle has made it clear that she doesn't want him in her life, but Marlena tells him, "She cares Shawn. She cares a lot!" Shawn visits with Claire, and Shawn plods Marlena for answers about Belle's feelings for him. Marlena believes if they're meant to be together, they'll find a way. He is worried she is thinking of Philip, not him, and says he's not going to waste more time waiting for her.

Belle enters the garage, and Max and Mimi show him the picture of Philip. She too knows it's him. She cries, thinking that if he doesn't come home safe or alive, "What will I tell my daughter?" Mimi blames herself. They agree not to bring Victor in on this, and Belle goes home to be with Claire. He leaves.
Belle arrives home to the penthouse, telling Marlena the news. They're both upset with the news.

Back at Victor's mansion, the doctor prepares to remove Philip's bandages, as Victor takes a call from the journalist who saw Mimi and Max. He is angered. "Nobody can know where Philip is," he spouts. Dr. Weinstein thinks he may be able to help Philip, but can't guarantee anything. It's expensive, he goes on to say. Once he finds a donor, he'll transfer Philip to Quebec and is obviously happy to receive a huge check from Victor, who says, this is the first installment. "I promised my son I'd get him his life back, and I'll do whatever it takes," he pledges.

Shawn arrives home to Willow, who asks about Belle. She suggests he stop letting Belle jerk him around, and he agrees, "From now on, I'm living for myself." She pushes him to buy the convertible, some new designer clothes and a yacht and they start to make love.

Victor tells Philip he deserves Claire, not Belle or Shawn. He promises to do what he can to get her for him and to make him better.

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Kayla is upset to see the photo of Billie and Bo, asking why someone would send it to Steve.

Hope holds up the photo of Bo and Billie, asking if he can explain this!

Marlena tells Kate, "I know what's going on here! You're sleeping with EJ Wells!

John, Abe and Roman agree to swear that nobody will find out about 'this', especially Marlena.