At the Carvers, Lexi and Abe snuggle with Theo, and then ask him to go watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, (while they chat about the black glove case.) Abe's distracted, because they've lost Patrick and EJ, and is upset that the DA won't even let them investigate Wells. Lexi offers to speak to Celeste again. Abe goes off to work, promising to be back before dinner. After he leaves, Celeste comes by. Right away, Lexi asks her mom to help Abe. "I'll give you the same answer, darling," she says. "No." Lexi gets desperate, grabbing Celeste's hand when she goes to leave. "Mom, you're shaking," Lexi says. She pleads with her mom to come clean with what's going on, so the two sit, with Celeste saying, "You know who you are and where you came from" Lexi puts a hand to her mouth, and her breath catches, as Celeste goes on to say, "One family has caused all this pain - the DiMeras!" Abe comes in at that point, overhearing that last bit. He asks Celeste to tell him what's going on, but she refuses. She starts to make her way towards the door, saying, "If we keep our eyes and mouths shut, we'll be safe." Abe pleads with her for help, but she says she's not that noble. She says, "I can't help and I won't." She's ready to leave, but they ask her to stay. She concedes when Theo comes into the living room, and Abe tells her that they're a family.

At Kate's suite, Billie and Kate prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Kate's upset that Lucas is staying with Sami for Thanksgiving, and is surprised that Chelsea was invited to the Brady Thanksgiving. Billie is touched when she sees how great Chelsea looks, and tries to make a call to Bo to thank him for inviting her to dinner!

At Chez Rouge, Nick models his new look to Maggie and Abby! He looks fantastic, they agree and he goes off to Kate's suite to pick up Chelsea. Abby secretly thinks that Chelsea will end up falling for Nick!

Back at Kate's suite, Chelsea stops her mom from making the call to Bo. She admits that she was invited to the Brady's festivities, by Nick, not Bo! Billie worries, knowing she won't be welcome there. She wants Chelsea to be sensitive to their needs, as this is their first Thanksgiving back together. Just then, Nick arrives. He stumbles and falls on the floor when Billie and Kate greet him! After the two leave, Billie opens up to her mom, telling her that Hope relayed a message to her. Steve still cares for her, and doesn't remember all of his memories as they thought. Kate encourages her to go after him, but she doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Bo arrives at the Brady Pub, with flowers for Caroline. His mom is thankful and comments that she has never seen Hope this happy since Zack died. Shawn and Frankie come out from the back room while Hope arrives with Stephanie. Hope takes Bo aside, telling him she missed him last night. He blames EJ for that, and doesn't put up any fuss when she asks him back in her bed - tonight! Stephanie isn't going to be home tonight, she tells him. With Patrick out of the picture, Bo tells Hope that he feels that tonight will be very special. He kisses her, and Frankie spies them, joking, "That's all you've got?!" Bo then bends Hope over, taking her in a passionate kiss just as Chelsea and Nick and Abby walk in! Hope gives Chelsea the cold shoulder, as she wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving. Bo gives her a hug and she thanks Caroline for letting her stay. After Caroline comments, "Behave yourself," Chelsea mumbles 'Cow', under her breath. Nick catches it and suggests she not blow this chance he has given her.

Mimi is uncomfortable with all the family stares, when she and Max show up to the Pub. Max explains that Mimi's family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so she is welcomed by Caroline, with a hug! Mimi apologizes to Bo and Hope for her lies.
Bo cautions Max about getting to close to Mimi, because of what she did to Shawn, and Max tells him not to worry. They're just friends!
Max asks Nick for help with their search for Philip. They're not getting anywhere, Max explains, so Nick suggests lying to the journalist the next time he calls. Mimi comments she can't do that, because she's off lying, but Max pipes up saying that he has no problem with that!

Kayla and Steve show up to the pub, much to the delight of the family. She is welcomed home, with photos and speeches from everyone. She thanks the family for their support. Bo says,"It's a miracle that Steve and Kayla are home for Thanksgiving," and toasts to Nick, who has his own speech! He jokes a little, but then tells them that they all saved Kayla, not him! "I never saw love pull someone back from the edge," he says, and reads an inspirational quote to them. Chelsea watches the display and is jealous of him. She cries out to Nick that her family has welcomed him so quickly and she can do nothing right, so Nick encourages her to go to the family to tell them how she feels. She goes to Hope, crying, and tries to apologize for Zack not being there, but Steve interrupts, pulling Hope aside. A hurt Chelsea walks home in tears.

Outside of the pub, Steve talks to Hope about the message she gave Billie. She doesn't want to be a go-between any longer and asks him to find a way to be honest about his feelings. He uses her cell phone to call Billie, asking her to meet. With prompting from Kate, she agrees to it. He tells her he misses her, and is overheard by Steph, who has come to get him for dinner. She asks, "Who do you miss, Dad?" He lies, "Your uncle Jack; my brother," and the two go inside for dinner.

They all sit down to eat a feast when Frankie makes his announcement that he's leaving town to move to DC for a job.

Kayla tells the family she read a passage in a book called "Things worth Fighting for" and tells them that family is about just 'showing up'! She has a lot to be thankful for and feels blessed.

Back at Kate's suite, Billie is realistic. She tells Kate that she is not fighting for Steve, but Kate bets that she'd win if she tried. Chelsea comes barging into the suite, cursing the Brady family. "I hate them all," she yells. She curses that Billie could have had her dad and things could be different right now. Chelsea tells Billie, "You had him in bed." Billie is adamant that she doesn't want to be married to Bo and as Chelsea is disrespectful to her mother, Kate puts a stop to it, "You need to leave and come back when you can hold your tongue." Chelsea stomps off into a bedroom, where she plots her next move. She goes on the computer, and is seen sending the photo of Billie and Bo in bed, out in an email.
In the living room, Kate tells Billie that Chelsea has gone too far. She needs to grow up, she goes on to say, but is stopped short when Billie blames her for teaching Chelsea to hang on to something that isn't going to happen.

Next on Days of our Lives:
Belle realizes she has hurt Philip as badly as she could have and tells Marlena that all she does is take her anger out on Shawn.
Shawn tells Willow, "I don't think Belle's going to be stopping by anymore. I don't think she wants anything more to do with me!"
Victor overhears Max say, "We'll start making the calls and searching the internet to see what happened to Andrew Spivey, aka Philip Kiriakis!"
Bo says, "We've got to crack this thing before someone we love ends up dead."