Belle shows up at Max's garage, showing him the newspaper photo of who she thinks is Philip. He takes a look but doesn't think it's him. She is upset, thinking it's her fault that he went back to war. He tells her that if she feels this strongly, she should show this to Shawn and Mimi, to get their opinion.

At the mansion, Philip is out of bed, and in some pain, so Victor offers to help him back to bed. Phil looks at a picture of Claire, and Victor tells him, "I know Claire is the only one who makes you feel better." then a nurse gives Philip pain medication. He promises to Philip he won't let him down again.

At Chez Rouge, Nick has received an invitation from the Bradys to attend Thanksgiving dinner at the pub! He excitedly reads it aloud to Maggie, Abby, Mimi and Chelsea. Chelsea is baffled, that he would be invited and not she, so Abby explains that he saved Kayla's life and the Bradys want to thank him. Chelsea doesn't care. She is hurt and upset that she didn't receive an invitation, too. Maggie and Abby try to impress upon Chelsea that this is what happens when she tries too hard to get her parents back together, when they don't belong together. Mimi tells her that they're not a perfect family anyway. (Not knowing that Mimi's dad is nowhere to be found), Chelsea says, "At least you have a mom who cares about you and a dad who doesn't hate your guts!" Mimi looks down as Abby tells Chelsea that Mimi doesn't know where her father is! They all agree she needs something to take her mind off her parents, and Nick is especially hard on her, telling Chelsea that she should, "Get over it!" He later apologizes to her, admitting he's not good with people; he's better with genetics! She accepts the apology and he agrees to take her as his date, to Thanksgiving dinner! He thinks it's an opportunity for her to show her good side to the family and stop whining! She asks him to try his best not to dress like a loser, so he jokes, "I shouldn't wear my turkey costume?!" She leaves to meet her mom and Abby relays that she doesn't think that he should help Chelsea. She doesn't get why he likes her. He again tells her she is emotional and dangerous and he likes it. She says, "You're a freak!" and he agrees! He asks her for clothing advice, and she agrees to transform him!

Bo arrives at Shawn's loft, to ask him to quit his job. He tells him that he doesn't want him to get caught in the cross fire when he takes EJ down. Shawn refuses to quit, until he knows for certain that EJ is bad. Shawn trusts that he and EJ have an understanding, and isn't concerned for his safety the way Bo is. Bo gets a call and has to leave.

At the Brady Pub, Shawn Sr. shows up with two huge turkeys! He and Caroline can't remember the last time they had such a large gathering for Thanksgiving! Billie shows up to meet with Hope. She's happy to hear that Kayla is well, but when Hope goes to relay her message Steve, Billie doesn't want to hear it. Hope decides she needs to know that Steve doesn't really remember Kayla. Billie is puzzled so Hope goes on to say, "He remembers a few things but not the emotional connections that should go with the memories." Billie is upset by this news, "How could he do this to Kayla," she asks! Hope tells her that it was for a good cause - Kayla's health! Billie isn't sure why she's being told this so Hope goes on further to tell her that he still has feelings for her. Hope forces Billie to admit that she too has feelings for Steve, and asks that she clear up any unfinished business between them now. Billie wonders if Hope isn't pushing her to Steve so she will stay away from Bo.

Frankie sits his parents down and tells them he's leaving town within a week, to move to Washington DC, where he has accepted a job. He admits he needs to get away from memories of Jennifer and his asks for their blessing. They give it to him, telling him, "We'll always be here with open arms," as they hug him. He watches the two, hoping someday he'll find what his parents have.

At the television station, EJ tells Kate he is preparing to go in front of the cameras to 'get his good name back'. Kate is upset that he didn't talk to her about this first. He goes live and tells the citizens of Salem that Salem PD harassed him, and how. His Lawyer speaks on his behalf, and states that he's going ahead with a $40 million dollar lawsuit against Salem PD, and Commissioner Abe Carver, Commander Roman Brady, suspended police officer Bo Brady, and John Black.
Once the press conference has ended, EJ asks Kate point blank if she ransacked his apartment for John. Kate doesn't answer, and he goes on to say that he'd understand if she did, so she admits she did it. He knows she took his ring, calling it a fraternity ring. Kate tells him that John thinks it links him to the DiMeras. "I don't know who these people are," he says. She doesn't want to talk about them, and he notices her fear. He wonders who the enemy is - John - or him. She apologizes, and he accepts, asking her if they can finally go back to being friends, after his name is cleared. He goes off to the Salem PD.

In Abe's office, Celeste agrees to interpret the Tarot cards found by Bo and John. Celeste tells Abe that the Tarot mean nothing unless there is a reading with them. She tells him, "There are a lot of factors, Abraham." Roman calls Abe out to the outer office to watch EJ on the television, just in time to hear him say that he's suing Salem PD with a $40 million dollar lawsuit for violating his constitutional rights. Abe and Roman are worried, they are in deep trouble. Later, Brooke (Assistant DA) shows up fuming. She checks out the file they have on EJ, an tells them that it's all circumstantial! They have no case, and suddenly, EJ waltzes into Salem PD with his Lawyer, telling the men that they'll drop the lawsuit if the police drop their investigation and turn the files over to EJ. He also demands a public apology from Roman and Abe. Bo thinks it's laughable, and Abe excuses himself to ask Celeste if there is anything at all she can help them with to keep their case. She looks at EJ (who is in the office, with the blinds open) and looks back to Abe saying, "I'm sorry Abraham, there is nothing I can do!" They reluctantly agree to it, and are seen going on television saying that EJ is not a suspect. They clear his name, begrudgingly as they have no choice.
Kate drops by the PD telling John she'll never trust any of them again!

Outside Salem PD, Celeste drops her purse. EJ picks it up for her, saying, "What did you tell them?" She denies saying anything, and he tells her "Good. Keep your mouth shut! You're a part of this family too!"

Back at Max's garage, Shawn and Mimi show up to look at the newspaper photo. Mimi is surprised, asking if they would really allow a man with a prosthetic to be in the war. Belle points out that they indeed do, and would find a place for him. Shawn is nervous, saying Philip is selfish to go back and worry them and he isn't going to go after him this time!! Belle disagrees with his thoughts, and storms off with Shawn going after her. Mimi goes after them both, "Even though they both hate me, I'll make sure they don't kill themselves," she says. Outside, Shawn is honest - he's scared of Phil coming back. He wants Claire to be close to him. Belle is annoyed with him, accusing him of being jealous of Philip and says, "Grow up!" Mimi overhears the exchange then goes back into Max's office, asking if he could help her find Philip. She feels responsible and wants to 'redeem' herself.

Chelsea meets with Billie for a coffee. Billie explains what Hope told her, about Steve's memory. Billie realizes her mistake and asks them to talk about Thanksgiving. Chelsea tells her mom she has plans. She lies, saying Bo called her just now to invite her to dinner!

Next on Days of our Lives
Billie goes to introduce herself to Nick, but even though he is looking great (different clothes) he slips and falls!
Hope tells Bo he should have talked to her about the investigation, but he didn't want to push it. She tells him, "Then I'll push it, back in my bed!"
Stephanie hugs her dad, saying, "We're going to be so happy!" (As a family)
Celeste says, "One family has caused all that pain- The DiMeras!