Sami and Lucas get hot and heavy, kissing in her apartment. They're pulling off each other's clothes, and getting really passionate, when she stops him asking, What do you want? He wants to make love to her all night long, he pants! She tells him she wants that too, and they start things up again, but she stops once again. She's confused. She tells him first she wants that too, but then if there is more, she wants that too! She asks if they can talk with their clothes on, so Lucas buttons up! Lucas tells her he doesn't think things can get anymore straight than they already are, and Sami laughs! He starts to seduce her again, and although it's working, she stops him again, asking him to tell her why he wants this. He starts to kiss her again, but she pinches his butt, to get him to stop! She reminds him they always end up hurting each other, saying And I can't keep doing it! She tells him if it's a one night thing, she can deal with that but if it's long-term, she can't do it. He has walked out on her before, she reminds him, and asks if he feels something more for her than just his lower anatomy. She admits she has 'strong feelings' for him, and is afraid of them. He too admits to having strong feelings for her and he doesn't want to hide it anymore. He asks to give it a go, to make it work this time, and she excitedly hugs him! She asks to wait to have sex! She wants to do it right this time, so he reluctantly agrees and goes off to have a cold shower!

In his loft, Shawn looks at a picture of Claire, and then Willow comes rushing in the door with a housewarming present! She has given him a baby monitor that she thinks will impress Belle, but he reminds her that Belle won't let Claire spend the night yet. She has another use for it - they'll have one in each room, and if she hears Belle coming, she'll hide on the fire escape! Shawn laughs. Willow goes off to shower, and Shawn gets a surprise visit from Hope, who pounds on the door, Cops! Open up, she yells, kidding around. She comes in and he tells her he looks nervously at the bathroom, telling her he is about to shower. She promises it won't take long and shares the good news about Bo moving back, in and wanting to be a family again. Shawn smiles, then Willow wanders out of the bathroom, re-introducing herself to a surprised Hope. While Willow goes to dress, Hope asks if Belle knows, and he explains that she doesn't and he asks that she not say anything about it. She doesn't think it's a good idea, having a hooker live there. He lashes out back at her, judging her about having one man's baby, and living with another. He asks how it feels to be judged, then asks her to clean up the mess she has made in her own life and stay out of his! Willow comes out after she leaves in a huff, and he tells her he hates this. He wants to take control of his life, he tells her. She tells him Do it! He rants that he can't go to the garage to see Max because Mimi works there, he can't tell anyone about his job, because of EJ, ..etc. She asks him what he wants- after taking care of everyone else; she thinks he owes himself something nice. He smiles, telling her he would really like a convertible car, and she asks him to take some of the money he has made and make himself happy! She goes off to work, promising to call before she gets home (in case Belle is there.) He finds an envelope full of money he has hidden and leafs through it.

At the Brady Pub, Frankie shows John and Bo that he has written up a false will, and gives the two fake names to get into the safe deposit box. He tells them he's more than happy to do this! His sister was almost killed!

EJ storms into Salem PD, throwing down all the cameras and microphones that he found in his apartment. Abe tells him proper procedure is to file a complaint with an officer, but EJ sits down on Abe's desk telling him he's going to sue the department!! Abe asks if he's accusing the Salem PD of bugging his apartment. EJ tells him that he knows that John works for them, and thinks that John is spying on him. He seems to be some 'James Bond' type! He wonders if the DA would find this interesting. Abe smiles, I would pay to get you on the witness stand, he tells him. He goes on to share that there is a file on EJ Wells that he'd love to put on record! EJ wants to know what's in the file, so Abe closes the door and says, Let's have a chat about the DiMera family! EJ doesn't bat an eyelash, smiling when Abe tells him that if he wants to go to court he should prepare to lose. Abe is called out of his office and leaves EJ in there to snoop! EJ finds out they've got papers with his banking info!

Tek comes up to Lexie's table at Chez Rouge, asking to sit. She reminds him that he has a restraining order out on him. She asks, Do you want to lose your job? Tek says, Finally, someone who understands me! Lexi tries to be patient, telling him she won't say anything if he goes home and sleep it off. Tek is upset, telling her that once upon a time she couldn't get enough of him and now she has Theo and Abe back and wants nothing to do with him. She tells him she has lost everything, including her job and doesn't think he wants that. She slaps him, when she gets nervous and the bartender takes notice, calling the police. He grabs Lexi and Abe stops him, telling him to go home and they'll talk about it at the station. Tek tells him to kill him, fire him, and rants and raves, so Abe punches him in the face, and then tells him, You've got your wish. You're fired. Come and clean out your desk tomorrow! Tek claps his hands, happy with the news. Lexi hugs him, but has to stay as she's waiting for Hope. She asks him not to arrest Tek, she just wants this done with. He leaves and Hope shows up. After she shares her horrible run in with Tek, Hope tells her she has found her a job as a nurse to Kayla. Lexi isn't sure they'd want her, but its set! They already want her help, and Lexi happily accepts! They toast to 'New Beginnings'.

Bo (Mr. Fuller) and John (Mr. Avery) are in disguise, at the bank, waiting for the security guard to open up the safe deposit box, when they're interrupted by the bank manager. There seems to be a signature missing from the documents, she explains and she can't allow them to open the box without the signature. John tells her he had checked out their branch as they made their way to the safe deposit boxes and has seen sloppy banking in the past, but this is the worse branch he has seen. He lists off several issues with her management, and tells her he'll ensure she'll be out of a job if he were to say anything to head office about it unless she allows a small oversight. He's asking her to allow them to open the box this one time, without a signature. In the meantime, Bo hangs in the background, coughing. Eventually she gives in, and the two are taken to a private viewing room where they find a stack of envelopes in the box, with Italian postmarks. They each find a tarot card in a one of the envelopes. One is a High Priestess and the other, a Jester card. They start taking photos of the contents of the box, when EJ arrives at the bank, looking for his safe deposit box!!

After they leave, EJ enters the bank, looking for his safe deposit box. He notices it's gone, and seethes, demanding to know where it is. He asks the bank manager, but she says, You're dead! He tells her she'll be dead if she doesn't find his box. She's clearly confused but shows him the empty room, where the box is intact! No thanks to the banks incompetence, he says. He is nasty to the bank manager, cutting her intelligence down. She tries to apologize, saying that the cameras will have the video of the men, but he smirks. He knows they're smart enough to turn off the cameras first!

Abe, Bo and John laugh it up at Salem PD, knowing that EJ is finding out that his box was ransacked! They know they're on to something, and Abe makes a call to Celeste, to read the cards.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Frankie tells his parents that he hopes he can find what the two of them have.

Bo tells Shawn that the authorities are on to EJ and he doesn't want him to get caught in the cross fire. He asks him to walk away.

Billie asks Hope, So this has all been an act, a lie? How can he do this to Kayla?

Chelsea tells Nick not to dress like a 'loser' today, and he retorts, So I shouldn't wear my turkey costume?