At Sami’s, Will still refuses to believe that Sydney’s really dead. Sami says they need to face facts. The twins have been asking questions and with the FBI evidence, they’ve got to explain the truth but she and Will can have hope if they want to.

Rafe calls EJ from outside of the DiMera mansion. They discuss a memorial and EJ wants the venue to be at the pier. Rafe’s not happy with it but agrees to meet in an hour. EJ tells Anna they’ve work to do. She doesn’t want to do it but he bullies her into it. His intentions are to break up Sami and Rafe.

Kate finds Rafe on her doorstep. He was there to see EJ, who isn’t home. Stefano comes outside, wondering why Rafe’s still there. Rafe wonders why EJ isn’t mourning Sydney but Stefano refuses to discuss EJ and shuts the door on him. Stefano thinks Elvis is up to something.

EJ arrives home to collect Johnny. Kate goes to get him and Stefano says he understands there’s to be a memorial service but he has to warn him about Hernandez. EJ doesn’t want to hear it and tells Stefano he’s not welcomed to come to the memorial. He’d rather have Philip Kiriakis, the man who killed his brother, standing beside him there. "You? You’re dead to me," says EJ, bitterly. Kate brings Johnny down to EJ, and they leave. Stefano tells Kate EJ spit in his face and it serves EJ right if the FBI takes him down.

Philip and Victor discuss how Melanie’s doing at the pub. Philip’s relieved to learn that Bo’s not her father, but who is. Victor doesn’t know. Philip’s angry that Victor didn’t come clean with Carly’s secret. Victor tries to defend himself but Philip doesn’t want to hear it. Victor thinks Carly Manning should be the one to be punished.

At the pier, Daniel reels from the news that Carly just told him. He’s Melanie’s father. The night they met at the medical conference in New York, they had too much to drink. Carly and Lawrence were having problems. Carly didn’t mention she was married and she and Daniel had sex. They stayed in New York after, for a few days and became friendly. Carly remembers that was when she introduced him to her friend Rebecca. Carly knew they were right for each other and by the time he and Rebecca were planning marriage, Carly knew she was pregnant. Daniel fumes that he and Melanie didn’t know. Carly explains that she couldn’t call anyone, see anyone and had to quit practicing medicine. She was a prisoner. Daniel felt that they were good friends and could have told each other anything. Carly could have told him but it would have been signing his death warrant. Lawrence would have tracked him down. He already forced her to give Melanie away. Daniel won’t let Melanie out of his sight from now on, he says, and Carly apologizes. He’s always been so special to her and is probably her only friend. She asks for forgiveness. Shakily, he tells her nothing is the same and he needs to check on his daughter.

Vivian is in Melanie’s room, smothering her with a pillow. Melanie’s heart monitor starts beeping and Melanie struggles and breaks free. She says, "Just do it. Just kill me." Vivian’s shocked. Melanie understands that Vivian has to kill her because of her nephew. Vivian says Lawrence was her life and Carly took him from her. If there were another way… she calls Melanie a sweet, sweet, cheerful girl, pets her hair and Melanie weeps that she doesn’t really know anything anymore, so if Vivian kills her, everything will be better. Tears stream down Vivian’s face. "He was my jewel," laments Vivian. Melanie shares how gambler Trent would pimp her out if he couldn’t pay the bill. Vivian gasps and Melanie confesses getting married was all wrong, too and now she’s been shot. It’s all Carly’s fault. "I was your daughter and you threw me away," she yells. Vivian comforts her but Melanie says today’s a good day to die, if she has to, then passes out.

At the station, Bo tells Hope that Gus was picked up. She’ll pick him out of a lineup and will be the one to interrogate him. Later, they both interrogate Gus. Hope says she saw what he did in the basement of the Cannery. He thinks that’s impossible. Hope wonders how long he’ll last in prison. Bo asks where he last saw Vivian. Gus says she was headed home to get her gloves so she could… He stops and asks for a lawyer, so Bo and Hope leave the interrogation room and assume Vivian’s up to something. Bo calls the guard and learns he left his post to help Mrs. Horton for a moment, so Bo and Hope rush to the hospital.

Rafe arrives at Sami’s place, distracted. He doesn’t like that EJ gets to pick the place for the memorial and thinks EJ’s trying to rub Rafe’s nose in it. Sami says Rafe did all he could but he doesn’t think it was enough. They kiss.

Vivian takes Melanie into her arms, hugs and kisses her. Philip and the guard rush into her room, followed by Bo and Hope. Philip asks what Vivian did to Melanie. Vivian was visiting. The doctor says Melanie appears the same. Melanie wakes up and Bo asks if Vivian hurt her. Melanie groggily says, "Vivian. I had a dream about Vivian. I think it was Vivian. I don’t really care. I just want to go back to sleep." Bo allows Vivian to leave, but she can’t return. Vivian thinks he should address this to Carly, instead. Bo chastises the guard for leaving his post and blames himself. Hope says he’s still the best she knows. They gaze at each other but the moment is lost when Carly calls. They agree to meet at the pub and Bo explains to Hope he’s got to fill Carly in on what went down. Later, Daniel arrives at Melanie’s room and stares at her with new eyes.

On the pier, Sami, Will, Allie and Rafe await EJ and Johnny’s arrival. Once they arrive, EJ says they can’t start yet. He asks Rafe to take the kids to the car so he can talk to Sami alone. Sami reluctantly allows this but when EJ confesses he’s not ready for this, Sami wonders if he’s hiding something. He finally shares that he got another letter. He thinks Sydney’s alive. He shows it to her. Sami gasps.

Vivian winds up at the Kiriakis mansion talking to dead Lawrence about her epiphany and refusal to kill Melanie, who is innocent. She tells Lawrence they have to accept this but he refuses. She says goodbye, and he fades away. She goes inside and tells Victor she had an enlightening walk and realized she can’t kill Melanie. Victor’s pleased. They’re happy Carly will be going to prison for a long time and be haunted that her kid hates her and always will.

Bo meets Carly outside the pub. She flies into his arms and tells him Daniel’s so angry with her. She doesn’t blame him.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Daniel asks Melanie, "Can I say something to you?"

Rafe tells Arianna, "The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that EJ is up to something."

Sami tells EJ, "He deserves to know the truth."

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