In her hospital room, Melanie rants about her horrible life. Carly explains that Trent’s not her biological father but her father is a good man. Since Carly finds it too complicated to discuss, Melanie yells for her to leave her alone.

At the DiMera manse, Victor says north of 14th street is Kiriakis grounds. Stefano promises to set his people straight and asks after Melanie. Victor’s happy that Daniel pulled off another miracle, and says Melanie will be fine. He notices how distracted Stefano is. Stefano admits his granddaughter died. Victor’s shocked and quick to apologize. He wonders who’d be so heartless. Later, Victor and Stefano agree that there’ll be death to whoever did this.

EJ watches angrily as Sami and Rafe snuggle in bed together. Sami wakes up and asks why he’s there. He doesn’t answer. Rafe asks what’s wrong and Sami looks up but EJ is gone. She tells Rafe he’s there in the apartment. EJ heads to the living room, and sees a photo of Sami, Rafe and Sydney, and smashes a vase on the floor, in his anger. Sami rushes out and he apologizes, saying he knocked it over by accident. She tells him to forget it. Why is he there? He’s picking up Johnny’s things. EJ says it’s her business as to whom she beds. Rafe comes out of the room half dressed and EJ offers to pay for the vase while Sami gets Johnny’s things. Rafe’s not happy that EJ waltzes in unannounced. EJ accuses Rafe of taking advantage of Sami, who is grieving. Rafe wonders why he’s more concerned about this than Sydney. EJ’s exhausted, embarrassed and doesn’t need Rafe worrying about how he handles the death of his own daughter. Sami returns with Johnny's clothes and EJ leaves and Rafe thinks something is going on with him. She thinks he’s upset about Sydney and trying to deal. She thinks they should have a memorial for Sydney and include EJ. She’s not sure what to tell the twins or Will. They hug and Sami cries. Will arrives and Rafe leaves to tell EJ about the memorial. Later, Sami has already told Will the truth. He doesn’t believe it and refuses to accept it.

At the pub, Daniel considers the need to check in on Melanie and Carly. Chloe rolls her eyes and reminds him that Carly shot her daughter. Daniel defends Carly but Chloe wonders if Carly was trying to protect her husband when she killed him. Chloe asks what kind of woman would give up her own baby. Daniel realizes this is about what happened on the sonogram. He wants to accompany her to the therapist appointment but Chloe refuses him. She’ll get through this. When Daniel’s paged, he takes off.

In some back alley, Vivian tells Gus she’s going after Melanie again.

Hope tells Philip Bo’s in love with Carly. She pressures him to admit it. Carly walks out of Melanie’s room as Bo admits it. Philip can’t take it anymore and goes to Melanie while Hope dries her tears. Carly tells Bo that she has told Melanie the truth but needs to discuss this with the father before she goes further. Bo wishes her luck.

In Melanie’s room, she doesn’t think he should have married her considering she doesn’t know who she is. She cries and Maggie arrives with a hug and calms her down. Philip agrees to get food from the pub for Melanie. He makes a date with her to visit tonight – just the two of them, and leaves. Melanie explains that she doesn’t know who she is anymore. She asks about Carly and Maggie says she’s a good person. Melanie’s concerned about trusting her. She wants to know her father. Maggie thinks she needs time to sort it all out. Melanie wonders …what if her friend Vivian is trying to kill her? Melanie starts to cry. She’s all mixed up with her feelings.

Outside Melanie’s room, a guard shows up. He takes Vivian’s photo and assures Bo he’ll call him if she shows up. He and Hope leave the waiting area.

At the chalet, Anna kisses Sydney and discusses saying goodbye. EJ arrives without Johnny and complains that he’s not going anywhere, thanks to Rafe. He pours a drink and slams the bottle down and shares what went down, that Sami crawled back into Rafe’s bed. Anna reminds him that’s Sami’s MO, to find a man to save her from her misery. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll have to find her a different hero. EJ tells Sydney he’s been thinking about this all wrong.

Vivian arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. "Lovely room," she says. "What might have been…" She gets her gloves and Victor asks if she’s going somewhere. For a walk, she answers, but Victor stops her and says though he knows their relationship has been a scam, she’s welcomed to stick around his home. Vivian isn’t sure. Victor says Philip will forgive her, eventually. He has forgiven him and Kate dozens of times. Mr. Sumoto calls and Victor takes the call. Vivian says goodbye and runs off.

Carly meets Daniel on the pier and asks if something is wrong. She confirms yes, there is. She told Melanie all about how she’s her mother. Daniel asks if they can go somewhere warm but Carly gets flustered and says she has something to say. She has to do it now. She’s thankful he let her see Melanie and explains the secret she had to keep was a matter of life and death. He understands. Carly says she wasn’t the only person she was trying to protect. Lawrence would have killed the father if he knew him. Daniel asks who he is. Carly has trouble saying it, but eventually says it’s him! He’s Melanie’s father. Daniel’s mouth drops open in shock.

Bo tells somebody on the phone to arrest Augustine Pascall, who answers to Gus. Hope arrives with information. She may be his best and only chance to save Carly. They discuss the case. Bo calls Hope a damned good cop. She’d never let anyone take the fall for something they didn’t do.

Philip arrives at the pub and chats up Chloe, who is obviously upset. She explains about the hysterical pregnancy and feels her relationship with Daniel is strained. She feels she can’t be honest with him anymore. Philip urges her to open up to Daniel. She realizes that she needs to cut Daniel some slack.

Rafe shows up at the mansion but EJ's not there. Stefano asks how EJ was reacting the last time he saw him. Rafe realizes Stefano noticed that EJ has not been reacting to the death of Sydney. He’s suspicious. Stefano decides that’s the end of their discussion and sees Rafe out.

Maggie leaves Melanie to rest and on her way out the door, the guard notices that she has a dizzy spell. He takes her to get help while Vivian arrives to Melanie’s room and lets herself in. She takes a pillow and moves toward Melanie.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Carly says, "I couldn't tell you." Daniel says, "You couldn't?" He wonders why the hell that doesn’t surprise him.

Vivian looks at Melanie and groans, "Oh, God!"

Victor yells at Philip, "You want to make sure somebody gets punished? She's your target."

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