Bo decides to go with Carly to see Melanie. They leave the pier.

Philip tells Melanie to rest until Carly gets there. Melanie drops off to sleep and dreams about being shot. She wakes up with a start. Later, Carly and Bo arrive. Melanie wants answers and Philip leaves them alone. Melanie says Jane was married to Trent, and was her mother. Carly swears she didn’t know Trent was a monster. Melanie cries that her whole life was a living hell because Carly was wrong. She explains being married to a very dangerous man. Melanie thinks she is the product of a sleazy love affair with her father. Carly hesitates and then explains how cruel Lawrence was and that she cheated on him. He forced her to give Melanie away or he’d kill her. She flashes back to giving birth and Lawrence taking Melanie from her as she tells Melanie the story of how Lawrence let her hold her once. Carly says her daughter has a birth mark near her left ear and this causes Melanie to cry. "So do I." Carly explains that she killed Lawrence so he wouldn’t kill Melanie. Melanie isn’t happy to hear a man is dead because of her. She feels she’s a curse on everyone’s life. It’s no wonder she’s such a horrible person. Her mother’s a psychopath who murdered somebody and her father was a psycho too. Carly tells her Trent isn’t her biological father.

Stefano gets off a call and puts his head in his hands. Kate comes up to him and touches his arm, and he tells her that Sydney’s bloody clothing was found in the river. He starts bawling. His precious little Sydney is dead. Kate holds and comforts him. He expected her to come home safe and wonders how he could be so wrong. He wanted them to be a family. Kate asks if the police know why the woman kidnapped Sydney. They don’t know he says but it’s now his life mission to find this miserable excuse for a human being.

While working at Salem PD Hope gets a call from reporters, looking for a quote about Sydney’s death. She refuses to give one but is clearly shocked at the news.

Bo stays outside Melanie’s room, where he finds Hope, rushing into the hospital. She tells him the news about Sydney and learns Sami already knows. Hope can’t help but think about their ordeal with Ciara. Bo hugs her tight. Hope thinks they could have dinner together this evening with Ciara. He thinks that sounds great and wants to but can’t. Hope learns he’s waiting for Carly, who is inside Melanie’s room. She can’t believe he’s helping Carly break the law. She understands how Carly feels but reminds him he could lose his job and go to jail. Bo says nothing so Hope assumes he’d sacrifice everything and everyone for her and hopes Carly’s worth it. Hope takes off in a huff. Philip leaves Melanie’s room, saying how he’s mad at Vivian, Carly and Bo. Bo explains he promised to keep Carly’s secret to protect Melanie. He calls for a guard to come to Melanie’s room and asks Philip for a statement. Philip says he wasn’t there when it happened and refuses to be used to twist the facts for Bo’s mistress to be freed.

Rafe holds Sydney’s clothing and can’t keep it together. He begins to cry. Sami arrives and starts to cry after watching him. She should have known he was just trying to be strong for her. She apologizes for asking him to leave. He won’t look at her and says he broke his promise to her to get Sydney back. Sami couldn’t get through any of this or anything else without him. Rafe’s there for as long as she wants him to be. They hug and Sami asks him to promise he won’t blame himself. She loves him and that’s what matters most. They make out. Rafe says whoever did this will not go unpunished. They go home together.

At the chalet, Anna worries about what everyone’s going through, thinking the worst of what’s become of Sydney. EJ tells her to get things ready. They’re leaving for good. Anna pleads with him not to do this. She says goodbye to Sydney, admitting she’ll miss her. EJ says forgive him for asking but where were her maternal instincts with Carrie? She always had them but Carrie was better off without her, she confesses. It’s not the same with Sami, though. EJ knows she’s a good mother but he’s not having his kids torn between two families. It’ll be the DiMera family only. He leaves Anna with Sydney and asks her to have her things ready upon his return. Once he’s gone, Anna thinks EJ’s plan will blow up in his face.

Hope goes to Victor to tell him Vivian would have succeeded in killing Melanie if he hadn’t switched the poisoned comb with the other one he purchased right before the wedding. Victor plays that he has no idea what she’s on about and asks her to focus on the shooter - Carly. If she gets what she deserves, she’ll be out of both of their lives and Bo’s, forever. Hope tells him she doesn’t work that way. Victor knows it but says Bo’s with Carly and she’s all alone. Later, Victor calls Stefano. They need to meet, right away. It’s not the best time, says Stefano, but he agrees to it. After Stefano hangs up, he tells Kate she may want to step out for a while. Her ex is on his way over.

EJ goes to the DiMera mansion and learns Stefano knows about Sydney. Stefano calls him a swine and wonders why he didn’t tell him about this himself. EJ doesn’t need to and tells Stefano he’s taking Johnny from the mansion, where there are bad vibrations. Stefano explodes into a tirade in Italian and calls EJ a pig. Kate asks how Sami will take this. EJ says she has two other kids, and goes off to have Harold pack some things. He leaves and Kate says she can’t help but feel sorry for him, losing a child and all. Stefano says EJ’s nervous and edgy. Kate thinks he’s in shock but Stefano sees something else. He can feel it. Something is amiss.

Rafe tucks Sami into bed, telling her to get some rest. She asks him to stay for a while. He smiles and lies beside her. EJ knocks at the door and calls for Sami. Inside, she and Rafe have fallen asleep. EJ uses the spare key to let himself in and goes into the bedroom, where he sees Rafe and Sami sleeping with their bodies intertwined.

Back at the hospital, Philip wonders why Bo’s so blind where Carly is concerned. Hope arrives and tells him it’s because he’s in love with her.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Victor says, "Death to whomever did this." Stefano says, "Death."

Melanie yells, "Carly, leave me alone!"

Vivian says, "Melanie Layton Kiriakis will die tonight."

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