At her apartment, Sami helps Will get off to school. She has redecorated his room in the hopes that he'll feel more comfortable living there, but he sees right through her. He wonders how much longer it'll take for her to get his dad to move back in! She tells him that she and Lucas are working on being the best parents possible for him. He pushes the issue, wondering why they always come back together. He has a feeling that everything could still work out for the three of them!

At the mansion, Victor and Lucas discuss business, and he asks Lucas to pick up a Dr Hubert Weinstein, at the airport for him. Lucas is puzzled but accepts, then asks for time off to take Will on a ski trip. Victor is okay with this, and there comes a knock at the door. Kate comes into the mansion, as Lucas is leaving. She shows him the San Diego Standard. She shows him a photo of the soldiers from the marines, in particular, she points to a photo of a guy in the back row, saying "Tell me that is not our son!"

Shawn arrives at EJ's apartment, with another package. He is paid and leaves while EJ reads the note. It reads, "Bo knows about Eve, Cops are closing in!" He crumples it and throws it away.

After Will has left, EJ knocks on Sami's door. Thinking its Will again, she asks what he has forgotten. EJ oozes charm as he says, "Champagne," but asks her to forget the preliminaries and pulls her into a kiss! He tells her he can't forget that kiss she laid on him earlier and he came to collect on the rest. "Unless," he says, "Unless you were there for another reason?" He confesses he knows that someone was going through his apartment. He asks if she knows anything about it. She looks nervous. She feigns innocence, telling him she doesn't know anything about a break-in, but he doesn't believe her, and grabs her, demanding the truth. She starts to panic, telling him again, she has no idea, when Lucas is shown coming to the door.

He overhears the exchange, and storms inside yelling, "Yo, get your damned hands off of her!" Sami is shaken up, thanking Lucas, while EJ calls her a tease. EJ tells her she has shown him her true colors today and he leaves. Sami starts to cry, "I thought he cared about me." Lucas asks questions about the 'break-in', so she relays what she did for Bo, and how she had to kiss EJ to make him believe she wasn't hiding anything. Lucas understands and comforts her. "You're amazing, and I'm proud of you!" She cries more, but is touched. She's afraid he'll be back at some point, but he doesn't think that will happen and picks up a paint can!

He takes it over to EJ's place, dumping the contents on to his head. EJ is incensed. Lucas tells Sami EJ won't bother her again, and she helps him clean off his shoes. The two share a kiss, as EJ cleans off his desk in his apartment. He finds a camera. He looks into it saying, "Whoever you are, you're going to be damned sorry!"

In Salem PD, Roman, Tek, Abe and John tell Bo about the safe deposit box. They know that Judge Fitzpatrick won't give them a search warrant to search it, so John smiles, says, "Fine. So we do it on our own!" Abe excuses Tek, and Roman follows him out, while John again tells Abe that they can do this on their own! Bo asks him to step down from the investigation, and John realizes that Marlena has something to do with this! The two argue, and Abe tells them neither of them is in any position to be discussing this. Bo is not even on the force and John never was! Abe leaves and John tells Bo, "You're either with me or I'm working on this investigation on my own!

Abe and Tek have words again, and Roman tries to make the peace, then goes back into his office, asking if John knows his way into the safe deposit box!! John needs a death certificate and a probated will. Roman walks in, overhearing the men talk, and is in! They talk about Frankie getting in on it. They agree, this conversation didn't take place.

Shawn arrives home, seeing Belle and Claire waiting for him. She shows him the pictures taken of Claire at the mall and asks him to help her pick a few out. He thanks her, and tries to select a photo, but they're all cute. He comments that she gets that from her mom, as Willow rolls her eyes, in the closet! Belle mentions that he left his door unlocked and asks that he be more careful. He's confused, saying he must have forgotten to lock it, then looks around, finding Willow in the closet. He looks 'caught', and Belle asks him, "What's wrong? You want to tell me what's really going on?" He lies, saying he is just surprised that he'd leave the door unlocked. Willow rolls her eyes some more, in the closet, while Belle and Shawn pick two of the best photos. Shawn shows Claire a bunch of toys, and gives her another stack of money, just in case Claire needs anything else. She tries to give it back. It's too much, and she worries about him, she says. He encourages her again to be a mom to Claire until she's ready to get a career. They leave, agreeing to meet again to pick out more photos for family! After they're gone, Willow comes out of the closet, spewing, "Tell that B**** to call next time she comes by!" Shawn staunchly defends Belle, and Willow calls Shawn a hypocrite, telling him as soon as Belle finds out about his secret, he will be out of Claire's life. She grabs her things and tries to leave, but Shawn stops her, "I don't want you to go," he says. He explains he needs her to understand it's not all about him. He agrees to ask Belle to call first before she shows up, after Willow whines that nothing good ever happens to her.

Back at the mansion, Victor denies that the picture is Philip, and tells her he has private investigators on the case. Kate isn't satisfied. "It's him! I know my own son, and we need to get him back before something happens!" Victor tells her, "He's gone - possibly for good!" Kate implies, "You're hiding something. I think you know more about Philip's whereabouts than you know!" Victor acts as if he has no idea what she's on about, but they're interrupted by Belle and Claire. Belle smiles, telling him that Claire missed his grand daddy! Kate is surprised, and tells Victor that it's interesting that all of a sudden, he has interest in Claire! She thinks she's on to him! She leaves, and Belle tells Victor that she hopes Philip comes back soon. She misses his friendship. Victor 'thinks' Philip will be back soon, and keeps Claire for a visit.

Kate is still outside, waiting for Belle. She shows her the newspaper photo of who she thinks is Philip. Belle is surprised. She too thinks it's Philip, and Kate shares her thoughts about what Victor really knows!

Inside the mansion, Victor takes Claire to see Philip, who reaches out to her.

Tek is at Chez Rouge drinking when he spies Lexi getting a table. He goes to her, asking her if he can sit.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Shawn tells his mom that she is living with one man while having another man's baby. He thinks she needs to clean up her mess and stay out of his!

A towel clad Sami asks if Lucas feels anything for him that doesn't involve the lower anatomy!

Abe hits Tek at Chez Rouge!