Rafe finds EJ at Sami’s place, unhappy to note that he’s there alone. When Sami arrives, she sees the look on Rafe’s face and assumes Rafe has found Sydney’s body, but he hasn’t. She came from the dry cleaner and get her only appropriate black dress, appropriate for a funeral. EJ apologizes and asks if he can be there with her when she tells the children the news. He goes on about how he couldn’t sleep and she’s the only other person in the world who understands what he’s going through. They’ve been through some hideous times together but they’re in this together. Rafe says this isn’t over. They still have to find the person who did this and bring them to justice. EJ asks how his macho posturing is going to bring Sydney back. Rafe plans on following the trail but Sami doesn’t want to know what happened. Neither does EJ, who holds Sami from behind, protectively. "Rafe, we don’t need another hero," he informs, as Sami starts to cry. Rafe asks for alone time with Sami, so EJ offers to leave. Sami asks him to stay and tells Rafe he should go, because it seems as though all he wants to talk about is Sydney. Sadly, he tells her he’ll be at the office if she needs anything, and leaves. They discuss Rafe and how Sami thinks he’s all about the case. EJ says Rafe’s beginning to show his true colors. Sydney’s a case to him. Sami refuses to believe that and says she’s glad EJ’s there. He says they are in this together. Sami says Rafe wasn’t acting like himself but EJ wonders if that is the true Rafe. Sami is uncomfortable discussing Rafe with him. EJ tells her to call day or night and leaves. Sami leaves right after.

Vivian shows up at Salem PD to assist in his investigation so he tells her to make his day and confess. Vivian’s afraid of Carly. She picks up her phone, saying she’s calling the judge. Bo tells her to stop wasting his time. There’s no testimony during a bail hearing and Carly’s not a flight risk. Vivian assumes the judge denied bail, and is shocked to learn she’s on the street. She runs from Bo.

Daniel stops Philip from going into Melanie’s room.

In Melanie’s room, Melanie laughs when Carly admits she’s her mother, then orders her to stop lying to her. Carly knows it sounds crazy and tries to explain she was attempting to protect her.

Outside of her room, Philip hears Melanie yelling at Carly to get away from her and rushes into the room with Daniel after him. Philip grabs Carly and pulls her out of the room while Melanie sobs. Daniel tries to console her. Daniel rushes out and tells Philip that Carly’s Melanie’s mother.

Back at Salem PD, Daniel calls Bo to let him know that Melanie’s conscious and Carly’s there with them. Chloe overhears Daniel’s conversation and Vivian overhears Bo’s. She is beside herself. Lawrence’s ghost pops up and asks aunty what she’s going to do about this. If she cared about him, she’d do as he asked. What if Carly persuades Melanie that she was really aiming at Vivian? He doesn’t think Vivian should underestimate her. Later, Lawrence’s ghost tells her to finish what she started. She realizes she does have to avenge his death. He asks if he can count on her and she puts her hands to her temples, closes her eyes and when she opens them, he’s gone.

Back at the hospital, Melanie tells Philip this isn’t how she envisioned spending their honeymoon. Carly’s a trip, she says, thinking Carly’s lying to get off from attempted murder. Philip thinks she’s being honest. Melanie starts to cry, finding it all overwhelming. Philip’s never been so scared in his life and Melanie says there’s no place to go but up! He kisses her forehead, they tell each other they love one another and Philip leaves to get her water. Melanie flashes back to other meetings with Carly. When Philip returns, she says she has made a decision and asks for his help.

Outside Melanie’s room, Daniel asks how Chloe’s therapy session went. She doesn’t want to discuss it.

Mia arrives home to find Chad there, waiting for her. He heard about Melanie. Mia calls it a nightmare, but refuses to visit Melanie, because of her aversion to hospitals. Chad says because of Grace, and then wishes he could have been there with her. He hugs her and apologizes. Gabi arrives, saying she gave Chad the idea to check in on Mia. They were together when they found out. Chad leaves the room when his dad calls and Mia sniffs around for information on Gabi’s relationship with Chad. Serious and Chad don’t mix, she explains, warning her away from Chad. Chad returns, wondering what he missed.

Anna sits with Syd at the chalet and wonders what’s going to happen to Sami without Syd and Johnny. She hates to say it but she doesn’t see happily ever after for any of them. EJ arrives and Anna shows him the passports. He says Klaus did a good job. EJ wants to see how Samantha feels when she has lost both her children and her boyfriend.

Bo and Carly end up on the pier. She can tell he’s furious with her, even though he denies it. He says she lied to him and went to the hospital, completely disrespecting the terms of her bail. Carly tries to defend herself. She explains how she met Melanie and Carly immediately loved her. She had to warn Melanie. Bo says somebody else could have. Carly says when Melanie heard her voice, she woke up, but now she hates her more than ever. Carly hoped Melanie would have reacted better and wonders why she even got involved with the Alamains. A phone call comes in from Philip, who tells her Melanie would like to see her. Now.

Chloe brings Daniel to the pub, accusing him of wanting to ship her off to a shrink. She wishes he was as attentive as he is to his friend, Carly. How could he risk it all to allow the woman who shot Melanie in to see her? Daniel defends her. Chloe says Carly has ruined Bo’s marriage and she refuses to stand by and watch her do the same to Daniel. She thinks the hysterical pregnancy is hitting him harder than he thought and that’s why he suspended judgment on Carly. Daniel promises they’ll get through this. He takes her hand.

From the FBI office, Rafe calls somebody for help, saying if he goes through the proper channels, he’ll be an old man before he finds out where Sydney is. A man brings him Sydney’s clothes and he takes them out to examine them. He flashes back to Sami holding Sydney, who was wearing these clothes at the time and rubs his hands over his face. He tries to make a call and breaks down in tears. Just then, Sami walks in and noticing he’s in tears, she starts to cry.

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ tells Sydney they’re going away.

Melanie tells Carly she wants to know who she is.

Hope tells Bo, "I hope to hell she’s worth it."

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