Brady says goodbye to Ari at the pub and heads out to meet EJ at the pier while Rafe arrives, yelling to somebody on his cell phone about dragging the river. He sees Ari and tells her he’s losing it. He explains finding Sydney’s bloody clothing in the river. Ari apologizes but Rafe holds out hope she could still be alive. He admits Sami and EJ blame him for all of this and Sami has pushed him away again. Ari thinks Rafe should do what he thinks is right and let Sami deal with this in her own way. Later, Rafe makes a call and asks the team to back off Sami for a few days, since she’s not in good shape. He hangs up and looks at a photo of Sami with Sydney, then leaves the pub.

From the pier, EJ takes a call from Anna, who is complaining that what he’s doing is beyond cruel and so much more than what she signed up for. He doesn’t care and doesn’t have time to talk. He hangs up on her as Brady arrives. EJ says he can’t do it so Brady will have to tell Nicole that Sydney’s dead. They bring up Nicole and EJ thinks he should tell her, considering he gives a damn about Nicole. Brady’s sorry. EJ hopes Sydney didn’t suffer. Arianna finds them and tells EJ she heard from Rafe about Sydney. She’s sorry. EJ blames Rafe and then leaves Ari upset, telling Brady that Rafe put his life on the line for Sami, who wouldn’t even know Sydney was her child if it wasn’t for him. She’s acting like she’s the only one in pain. Brady knows. Everyone is grieving, says Brady, but she’s curious as to why he told Brady the news. Brady says EJ asked him to tell Nicole. Ari angrily yells that she hopes the news kills her. They argue and Ari feels like Nicole’s getting between them once more.

At Salem PD, Victor calls Daniel to learn Melanie’s still in a coma and Philip went home. Victor hangs up once the Gestapo, Bo, arrives. He wants to discuss Vivian. She’ll be put away with solid evidence, Bo thinks, and says Victor duplicated a murder weapon and could be put away for conspiracy. Victor doesn’t think Bo has anything on him but he’s got the receipt of the comb purchase. Victor will have him on harassment if he keeps it up, he says and tells him Carly will pay for what she did. Finally. Abe passes Victor on his way out and Bo says he’s got nothing else. It was worth a try. Bo’s angry that Victor’s pleased that he kept them from making a case. Abe says he’s too involved in this case with his mistress and his father, and reminds him Carly needs to keep a low profile and stay away from Melanie and Vivian. Bo isn’t worried. Carly knows. She’s probably sleeping. Abe reminds him that he has to answer for whatever Carly does. When he’s alone, Bo hopes he didn’t make a mistake. He tries calling her and can’t get a hold of her. He thinks the worst.

Philip yells for Vivian to get downstairs at the mansion. He’s in a state and asks Vivian what happened at the reception, poker in hand. He explains somebody wanted to kill her. Vivian mutters, "No." Philip screams, "Yes!" Vivian blames Carly but Philip tells her to shut up. He wants to punish his father. If he kills her, it’ll hurt Victor, who loves her. He grabs Vivian and they struggle. Philip hauls off, ready to hit her with the poker, but can’t do it. She’s not worth it, so he throws the poker down and stalks off. Vivian calls out that once he calms down he’ll realize it’s all a bunch of lies. She wouldn’t hurt Carly. She wanted to hurt Carly by killing Melanie. Philip’s disgusted that Vivian’s got a story for everything. She starts ranting about Carly’s lack of motherly skill and devotion.

Melanie wakes up at the hospital to Carly caressing her head and telling her she was in an accident and will be fine. She’s confused and worried about Philip and tries to get up, but the pain from being shot makes her yell out in pain. Carly explains she was shot. Melanie cries out in disbelief, wondering who would do that, especially on her wedding day, then flashes back to Carly shooting her. She starts screaming for help and Daniel arrives, yells at Carly to leave and tells Melanie it’s fine. She doesn’t know the whole story. He tells her that Carly gave blood and risked everything to be here with her.

Outside Melanie’s room, Carly prays. Daniel interrupts and tells her that he thinks Melanie’s going to be alright. She wants to see her. Carly’s afraid, but goes into Melanie’s room and explains what went down at the mansion but Melanie has a hard time believing that Vivian was pretending to get close to her to hurt her. Carly says it wasn’t about Melanie. It was about her. But they’ve just met, says Melanie, confused. Carly explains they met once before. A long time ago. Melanie says she’d have known and finds this weird. Carly admits she was just a little baby. Carly only held her for a moment, the most wonderful moment of her life. Melanie still doesn’t get it so Carly tells her she’s her mother.

Daniel calls Victor to let her know Melanie’s awake and will be fine. Victor will have Philip call him. When they hang up, Victor’s happy Melanie is awake and can testify against Carly. He goes inside and interrupts Philip and Vivian’s spat. Philip’s done with her and leaves. Victor chides Vivian, saying she’s got a lot of bridge building to do. Vivian wants a drink but Victor’s cutting her off. She needs to keep her wits about her. The Three Stooges on crack could have come up with a better plan, he rants, saying he didn’t appreciate her disobedience. He’s got the evidence stored and if she does it again, she’ll spend her golden years in an orange jumpsuit. Vivian isn’t afraid of him. He could put her away but if he does, he’d have to exonerate Carly, who is interfering with his family’s happiness. Victor orders her not to push it. This isn’t over yet.

Philip rushes to Melanie’s room at the hospital but Daniel stops him from going in. Philip becomes suspicious.

EJ calls Anna from outside Sami’s place, letting her know she may not hear from him for a few hours but everything is on track. After they hang up, Anna says it’s so clear what’s going on. Why can’t he just admit it?

Rafe goes to Sami’s place and EJ answers the door.

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ yells to Rafe, "What are you going to do? Are you going to bring Sydney back?"

Bo tells Vivian, "Carly's on the street right now."

Melanie yells at Carly to get out of her room.

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