Justin sits by Hope’s side in her hospital room. She wakes up, a little out of it and Justin quiets her down, saying it’s over and she’s fine. Hope has to talk to Bo. She tells Justin about the poisonous comb and has to let Bo know that Vivian tried to kill Melanie.

Philip sits with Melanie, hoping she’ll wake up. Daniel takes him aside and tells Philip that Melanie’s stabilized, but he’s not sure why she hasn’t woken up yet. He asks that Philip not show her how afraid he is. He wants to surround Melanie with those who love her, like Maggie. Later, Maggie and Philip visit Melanie. Philip says he and his wife will spend their honeymoon in Greece. Philip leaves and Maggie cries softly as she tells Melanie that her husband loves her very much and asks her to wake up.

Outside Melanie’s room, Daniel tells Chloe how Melanie’s doing and talk turns to her hysterical pregnancy. He thinks she needs professional help. Chloe’s insulted but Daniel thinks she needs help to digest this all. Dr. White gave him the name of a therapist. He’s upset when his pager goes off and he has to run, but says he made an appointment for her, because she had an opening. Today. Chloe is downcast and thinks he’s got it all worked out for her.

At Salem PD, Bo asks Lexi on the phone, if she’ll tell Hope he’ll be there as soon as he can. Carly arrives and overhears him. She wants to talk to Lexi about Melanie but Bo refuses. Carly worries Melanie is dead. She’s been comatose too long. Bo orders her not to fall apart. He will ensure Vivian pays for what she did to Melanie. He takes off to bail her out and when he returns, Carly’s thankful but hesitant. Bo lays down the law. She can’t go anywhere near Melanie. If she does, she’s risking going to jail, and he says he put it together with smoke and screens. He leaves the room and Carly decides she’ll risk jail to see her daughter. Later, Bo is angry to learn Carly left. Hope arrives, surprising Bo, who thinks he should take her back to the hospital. She claims she’s fine and recalls everything. She’s the one person who can help Carly get out of this mess and wants to talk to her. Hope assumes Carly’s in jail, because the arraignment judge has set bail really high. Bo looks guilty and admits he posted bail by using his own money and borrowing against the rest. Hope tears up. She can tell he loves her. She prayed things would change for them, but asks if it’s too late. He doesn’t answer her so she walks out on him.

At the resort, Nathan dreams he and Melanie have woken up together and are making out. Stephanie wakes him up, mentions he didn’t sleep well last night and hopes he was dreaming about her.

Ari and Brady lie in bed, glad Ari’s not in prison. Her thoughts turn to Melanie and she feels guilty. Brady is upset about Melanie but is glad she doesn’t give up. He tells himself she’ll be alright.

Brady arrives at the hospital and Philip wants him to spend time with Melanie, so she’s with those who love her. Brady worries that Philip’s not eating or resting, but Philip’s only thoughts are for Melanie. Maggie leaves Melanie’s room and encourages Philip to take care of himself. Brady goes to Melanie and admits he’s used to her doing all the talking when they hang out. He reminds her of those who love her, including him.

Carly dons scrubs and walks towards Melanie’s room, at the hospital.

In the waiting room, Daniel and Maggie discuss Melanie’s recovery and Maggie leaves a message for Nathan to call her as soon as he can. Daniel finds Philip and orders him to go home for a while to rest. Daniel finds Carly and pulls her into the doctor’s lounge and tells her this is too risky. She can’t be there and she can’t see Melanie, who won’t want to see her. He orders her to take off the scrubs and leave. Carly thinks Melanie needs to know she’s loved and was wanted. Daniel’s sorry, but he can’t allow it. Carly begs and Daniel agrees to it.

Inside Melanie’s room, Brady tires of telling Melanie stories and asks, "Will you please wake up?" She has become like a sister to him and he loves her. He kisses her head.

Later, Carly and Daniel enter Melanie’s room. He gives her five minutes. Carly apologizes to Melanie for hurting her and says she has never loved anyone like she has loved her. She asks her to wake up for her and remembers her pregnancy and how she had such dreams for her. She kisses her head and tells her she loves her. Melanie moves and wakes up. Carly holds her head in her hands, happy she’s awake.

From the pub, Chloe calls Dr. Gilbert and reschedules her therapy appointment. Ari comes by and Chloe says Daniel thinks she needs a therapist. Ari wonders if she does need somebody to talk to. She wishes they could talk, but she’s alone and needs to get back to work. Chloe says she’ll reconsider talking to the therapist but crumples her card when Ari leaves.

Nathan and Stephanie get back to their room after snowboarding. They start making out and Stephanie notices that he has a message. He turns off his phone and says they’re incommunicado. They start making out again and have sex. Afterward, Nathan showers while Stephanie re-reads Melanie’s note to Nathan and when he returns to their bed, he asks what she’s got. She tells him it’s from Melanie. She feels bad about what happened with them but they promised not to discuss her. He tells her to come to the shower, and heads there himself. She rips up the note.

Justin drops by the Kiriakis mansion and bumps into Philip. He explains all that happened between Vivian and Melanie and Carly. Philip is stunned to learn that Vivian was trying to poison Melanie but Victor saved her. Philip needed to know this but will deal with this himself. Justin leaves and Philip calls Vivian downstairs.

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