Rafe leaves the great room of the DiMera manse to call forensics. EJ calls Sami brave, but she doesn’t feel brave. EJ thinks the clothes could be anybody’s and doesn’t think Rafe should have said anything until he knew for certain they were Syd’s. EJ holds Sami as she cries. Sami doesn’t want to leave. "Because Sydney lived there." Sami wants EJ to tell him stories about Sydney. He says she’s musical and started to hum one day when she heard him do it. Sami laughs. Rafe takes a call from forensics and his voice breaks when he learns the DNA results are back. The blood was Sydney’s. Sami digests this and starts to cry. Rafe comforts her and EJ demands that Rafe tell Sami that this doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Rafe again promises that they’ll find her. Sami screams at him that she wants her little girl. Alive. EJ flashes back to telling Sydney that he doesn’t want his children to be a pawn between to fighting parents. "It’ll just be the three of us." Sami begs him to tell her he believes she could still be alive, but he doesn’t. Sami says the kidnapper wanted the money and when they didn’t give it to her; she threw their little girl away. She turns on Rafe, saying she told him so. They leave. EJ reminisces about telling Johnny that whatever terrible things he hears about his sister are untrue.

At the hospital, Vivian tells Bo to arrest Carly. She just admitted to trying to murder her! Bo tells Vivian to shut up. Vivian retorts, "Just because you’re sleeping with the woman." Abe tells Bo if he doesn’t arrest Carly, he’ll have to get somebody else to. Carly asks to be allowed to assist Daniel but Philip wants her arrested. She’s to go nowhere near his wife.

Daniel frantically works on Melanie, who has flat lined. He asks Lexi if he should call her death time.

Lexi comes out of surgery with a dour expression. She explains what’s going on and Carly asks to donate blood. Philip allows this and Bo escorts Carly to the lab while Vivian goes to Philip, asking him not to take Carly’s word over hers. Kate rushes in with Lucas in tow. She has other ideas. Kate thinks Vivian’s satisfied and asks Philip to consider why Carly would shoot Melanie. Philip can’t take the arguing and tells them to shut up. Vivian goes to Victor, who reminds her if Philip loses his bride on his wedding day because she disobeyed him, her life as she knows it, will be over. Meanwhile, Philip hugs Kate and Bo returns with Carly, who begs Victor to allow her to stay until Melanie’s out of surgery. Abe can’t allow that so Bo arrests her and Abe says they’re taking Vivian in as a witness and suspect. Officer Sullivan cuffs Vivian and Abe arrests her. Kate goes to Victor for answers, knowing he and Vivian share a love of hatred for Carly. Kate wonders how he can let Vivian hurt Melanie. Victor denies this and reminds her of what she did to Chloe. Kate considers that different because Chloe was cheating on Lucas.

At the lab, Carly tells Bo about Gus, Vivian’s manservant. Bo will put out an APB on him. Bo thinks they can get Vivian when examine the comb. Carly explains that Victor changed the comb for a decoy, so that’s out. Carly admits she took Hope’s gun and doesn’t think she should have returned to Salem. Bo disagrees and thinks Melanie will be happy to learn Carly’s her mother.

Back in the OR, Daniel urges Melanie to fight.

At the cottage, Anna shows Sydney her new bathing suit. Where she’s going, it’ll be sunny and warm. She’ll be ready for her brand new life with her daddy…Anna chastises EJ for hurting Sami this way. EJ tells her his kids will be better off without Samantha. They’re going to disappear, now.

At Salem PD, Vivian tells Bo he’s squandering both of their time. Bo says she kidnapped Carly, almost got Hope killed, tried to kill… All Vivian can say is, "Blah blah blah blah blah." Bo reminds him Hope can corroborate Carly’s story, when she wakes up.

Carly paces in Bo’s office and Lawrence claps, as he gloats.

Nearby, Philip asks Victor if he knew about all of this. Victor says Vivian acted alone and he wants Melanie to recover. They hug as Kate watches. Later, Kate is floored that Victor’s protecting Vivian. Nearby, Bo takes a call and tells Vivian she’s free to go. Vivian gloats. When she’s alone, she tells Lawrence she did this all for him and may he rest in peace.

In Bo’s office, he tells Carly that everything she has done has been to protect her daughter. When Melanie recovers, her life will change. She’ll finally know a mother’s love. Carly prays for Melanie. Bo holds her tight.

Sami and Rafe go to the pub, but nobody’s there. Sami just wants to sit there. She calls somebody and asks them to come to her. Lucas arrives and hugs Sami as she cries and asks what they should do about telling Allie. Lucas says they’ll figure it out tomorrow. He’s there for her, he promises, in any way. Rafe makes a call from nearby. Sami says he can’t get away from doing his FBI thing. She hears Rafe tell somebody to have the river dragged and runs off, telling Lucas she can’t stay here, with Rafe.

EJ arrives at the cottage and congratulates Anna. Things are finally coming together. He says it was a little painful getting there but now they’ll set up a stable life for her and her brother. He grins.

Philip sits with an unconscious Melanie and tells her they never got to have their first dance yet. They will. She’s too feisty to let anyone take that away from them. He puts on her wedding band and kisses her hand.

Next on Days of our Lives:

The show has decided not to post teasers of what is to come, instead, there was a lovely note posted with photos of her and of her alone and with Macdonald Carey. The note reads, "In Loving Memory of Frances Reid."