Lexi yells for Abe to call the hospital as she works on Melanie. Brady holds Carly back as she admits Melanie’s her daughter. The EMT arrives and the party moves to the hospital while Victor has questions for Vivian. If Melanie dies, Philip will be heartbroken and I’ll know exactly where to seek my revenge. If Melanie manages to survive with no permanent damage, Philip will be happy and Carly will spend years in prison. “Pray Vivian. Pray for life. Pray for recovery,” he tells her. They leave for the hospital.

Downstairs, Kate is shocked to learn Carly was Melanie’s shooter. Victor and Vivian find Kate with Lucas. They wonder if Carly’s really Melanie’s mother. Vivian and Victor leave while Kate asks Lucas what’s going on with Vivian. Lucas assumes she’s concerned about Melanie but Kate doesn’t buy it. If Vivian hurt Philip, Kate promises she’ll pay.

At the pub, Sami tells Rafe she doesn’t think Anna or Harold will be of help to them. Frustrated, she sits in his lap. He again promises her they’ll get Sydney back.

At the cottage, EJ tells Anna to stick to the script, as instructed, when she goes to see Rafe. Anna tells him that she washed the clothes that Sydney wore, as he asked, with bleach, so there’d be no DNA trace of them. He orders her to get them.

In a room at the hospital, Chloe cries and yells to Daniel that she took numerous pregnancy tests and she’s had morning sickness, not to mention weight gain. Daniel explains that her body is mimicking a pregnancy. Chloe starts to cry and Daniel apologizes, profusely, as he hugs her and tells her they’ve other options. Chloe bawls and feels like an idiot. Daniel tells her there’s no reason to be. They’re interrupted by a nurse who requests his assistance. He leaves.

Lexi, Philip, Carly and Brady show up with Melanie. Maxine and Daniel can’t believe their eyes.

Bo sits with Hope and when Maxine enters the room, he can tell her mind is elsewhere. She sadly admits Melanie Layton was brought in by ambulance and Bo assumes Vivian’s the one who tried to kill her.

By the nurse’s station, Maggie, Justin, Abe, and the others pile around as Carly explains she was trying to save Melanie from Vivian. Philip warns that if Melanie dies, he’ll save her the same way she "saved" Melanie. Brady tries to calm Philip and Chloe comes out of her room, confused about the recent turn of events. Ari and Chloe agree to get take-out from the pub and bring it back. Maggie isn’t a fan of Carly, but knows she wouldn’t hurt Melanie.
Nearby, a cop tries to interview Carly, until Abe steps in, telling her she needs a lawyer, before she answers anything. Vivian and Victor arrive as Bo comes out of Hope’s room. Justin rushes to Hope’s room while Bo questions Carly. Carly sees Vivian nearby and asks how she dares to come to the hospital. "I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you," she yells. Victor tells Bo Carly shot Melanie. He’s shocked. Carly admits it was Vivian she was aiming at. "She was the one I meant to kill," blurts out Carly.

Meanwhile, Daniel performs surgery on Melanie. The bullet is too close to the heart. Lexi tells him if they try to remove it, she could die. If they leave it, she could die. Later, Melanie’s heart monitor starts beeping wildly. She flat lines and they try to bring her back.
Justin sits with Hope in her room. She calls for Bo. "I love you, Bo."

Nathan returns from his car and Stephanie decides to turn herself into a fantasy for him. While she’s changing, he searches through his things. Stephanie’s purse falls to the floor and the note slides out of it. Stephanie returns, dressed in sexy red lingerie and asks why he’s going through her things. He’s not, and she pulls her stuff back into her purse. He gets a load of her near nudeness and admits he’s a little nervous. They agree to take it slow and move to the bed, making out. They have sex and relax in each other’s arms after.

EJ goes to the river and angrily throws Sydney’s clothing in, and flashes back to a conversation with Anna. "But EJ, those clothes still have blood on them from that nosebleed Sydney had." He calls Sami, asking her to meet him at his place.

Harold, EJ’s butler, leaves Salem PD as Anna arrives for questioning. She’s nervous when he starts recording it, but tries to act nonchalant. He sees right through her. She admits she has had past run-ins with the law and says if Roman were to walk in, it would be awkward. Rafe says not to worry. Roman won’t be back until tonight. She acts concerned about getting Sydney back and thinks whoever did this deserves to be put away, forever. A call comes in and they’re interrupted, so Rafe takes off, telling Anna she’s free to go.

Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion, and is distracted by a photo of Sydney EJ just had framed. He offers it to her as an apology for his outburst, earlier. She doesn’t want to discuss it but EJ admits she was right and it’s not his place to judge. They argue over whether or not Rafe will find Sydney and as they battle about custody of Johnny, Rafe arrives, looking disturbed. He admits they found clothing believed to belong to Sydney. EJ acts as though it could be anybody else’s dress. Rafe tells them there was blood on the dress and Sami breaks down, sobbing. EJ coldly watches, nearby. Rafe says forensics is working on a DNA sample and gives EJ photos. He identifies them as Sydney’s clothing and Sami cries out. Rafe consoles her. EJ says that dress wasn’t unique but the evidence isn’t conclusive. Rafe agrees.

At the pub, Ari fills paper cups full of coffee and Ari asks her not to let this news spoil her pregnancy news. Chloe looks tortured and admits she had a hysterical pregnancy. Ari holds her and apologizes as Chloe cries. She’ll never be able to give Daniel a baby.

Back at the cottage, Anna plays peek-a-boo with Sydney.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Bo says, "Vivian will not get away with this." Carly says, "She already has."

Dr. Daniel operates, "Don't you dare give up, Melanie."

Sami screams and flails at Rafe, "I don't care about who is responsible!"

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