At the wedding reception, Philip asks Brady when he's going to take the plunge - Arianna's a great girl! Brady muses that he's thinking about it. Arianna asks Melanie if she's having second thoughts. Melanie insists she's not - she just wants everything to be perfect. They discuss photos with the wedding party and Arianna goes looking for Stephanie - she's outside with Nathan, who wants her to leave with him right away! Stephanie tells him she thinks they can find true love together, and they leave. Vivian comes in and Melanie greets her, saying, "You made it!" Viv says she wouldn't miss this for the world. She tells Melanie she has another gift for her - a life-changing one! Vivian says she found information about her mother - and suggests they find some privacy. Mia and Will stand chatting - he has a Valentine's gift for her - a necklace. He's glad they're together again. Mia kisses him. Brady finds Arianna and says the wedding feeling is contagious - he might go down on one knee right now! They giggle and kiss. Mia approaches Lucas to show him the necklace Will gave her. Lucas insults her, and Philip drags him away. Will tells Mia they should sneak out the back way.

Lexi and Abe step out of the wedding reception for a moment alone. She tells him he did a wonderful job in there. They kiss.

Victor finds Maggie in a room by herself at the reception. He says he heard today was her anniversary. Maggie muses that she misses Mickey every day, but today was hard. Victor says her coming today meant a lot to Melanie. Maggie urges Victor to welcome Melanie to his family.

Carly arrives at the wedding reception and asks where Melanie is - she's told that she went off with Vivian. Carly takes off through the house. Kate and Stefano step aside. She says she doesn't want anything to happen to Vivian that could be traced to them. Stefano reassures her and leaves. Philip begins asking if anyone has seen Melanie. Maggie tells him she went upstairs with Vivian and Carly followed. Philip is concerned.

Vivian takes Melanie up to the rooftop area at the wedding reception. Melanie wonders why they are outside. Vivian urges her closer to the edge, telling her it's like being in Heaven! By the time Vivian has her hands on Melanie's shoulders, and Melanie yells that she doesn't like heights, Carly shows up! She hollers at Vivian to get away from Melanie, but Vivian says it's too late. Carly points a gun and shoots at Viv - but hits Melanie by mistake! Vivian thanks Carly for doing her work for her. Carly sobs, "No, no!" Hearing the gunshot, Philip and Brady come running. Philip asks what happened, and Carly cries, "I shot her! I shot my own daughter!" As the other guests begin appearing in the doorway, Philip screams at Carly to get away from Melanie, even as Carly gasps that she didn't mean to shoot her! Brady pulls Carly off of Melanie, but she cries, "Let me hold my child!"

Stephanie and Nathan arrive at their getaway location and begin kissing. They stop and discuss Melanie. Nathan insists there is nothing between them, but Stephanie isn't so sure! Nathan protests - he isn't going to let Melanie ruin their time together. Stephanie decides to believe he has feelings for her and they kiss again. There's a knock at the door - Nathan left his lights on. He tells Stephanie he'll be right back. She walks over to her purse and looks at the note she didn't deliver to Nathan from Melanie.

In the warehouse basement room, Bo finds Hope and carries her out, taking her straight to the hospital. Bo gets the word from the doctor that she's going to be okay, and approaches her in her hospital bed to tell her so. She whispers his name, and he tells her he is right there. He asks what happened to her in that basement room - she took a real hit! Hope says, "Carly." Hope becomes agitated and a doctor comes in to stabilize her.

Chloe greets Daniel at the hospital. She says she had to pull over with morning sickness a couple of times on the way. She remarks that Philip and Melanie seemed happy - she hopes nothing ruins it. Daniel says he has a surprise for her - she can get her sonogram right now. Chloe muses that she may be further along than she thinks - her pants are tight! Daniel and Chloe go in for the sonogram and the technician asks if they want to know the sex - they do! Things get underway, but the technician stops - she tells them she's very sorry, but she can't find any evidence of a baby! Daniel goes over and peers at the screen, then tells Chloe there is no fetus. Chloe rants that the tests were positive! Daniel tells Chloe there is no baby.

In the pub, EJ and Sami argue about Rafe. Sami says he loves Sydney and wants to get her back - he's connected to her because he loves her. EJ warns Sami that they may have to face the horrible reality that their daughter may be dead. Sami asserts that she'll never give up on her! EJ says she's headed for crushing disappointment! Sami says Rafe will find her, and EJ shouldn't take out his frustration on him! EJ is exasperated. Sami assures him that they're in this together, but EJ points out she has Rafe, and he's alone. He says Rafe is the reason she's not getting to hold her daughter in her arms. Sami goes into the back and EJ leaves.

Rafe arrives at the pub and asks Sami how she made out with EJ. She admits he got to her with his talk about Sydney possibly being dead. Rafe is angry, but Sami tells him not to confront EJ - just bring her baby home.

EJ comes into the cottage where Anna and Sydney are. She asks about Sami and Rafe, and EJ vents his anger and frustration, saying Sami isn't suffering for what she did! He tells Anna he will not stand for Sami being happy with another man! Anna says he can't stop people from loving each other, but EJ feels he can find a way. The phone rings - it's Rafe. He tells Anna they need to talk. She agrees to meet him in thirty minutes, but EJ gets within hearing range at the end of the call - Anna falters. She hangs up and EJ questions her. She insists she'll stick to the script, but asks what EJ is going to do - is he going to kill Sami?!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Victor tells Vivian that if Melanie dies things will go very badly for her!

Kate tells Lucas, "If she hurts Philip, she's going to pay!"

Philip shouts at Carly in the hospital, asking if Melanie is her daughter!

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