Marlena walks into a room, seeing John, lying dead on a bed! He has a knife in his chest and blood all over him. She screams, then wakes up, with a start! She's on the plane with John! He comforts her and she calms down, again promising him to drop the investigation. He promised her on the plane, he would, but now he tells her he can't. She wants him to ask Bo to find a new sidekick, but he admits, there are things about this case, she doesn't know. He needs to make sure EJ and Patrick are brought down. He explains how the plane they drove was sabotaged. "This has become personal and I'm not walking away from it!" John explains how if EJ and Patrick feel as though he's breathing down their necks, they could retaliate. Marlena is worried. "I don't want to lose you." John tells her if he stands by watching, they will succeed. He knows that EJ is connected with the DiMeras through the onyx ring (Phoenix ring).

Bo comes home while Hope looks at herself in a mirror. They both feel a little strange, but good! "I'm glad you're here," Hope says, and Bo kisses her on the check, thanking her for another chance. "I think our marriage deserves it," she says, and they discuss Stephanie. She's doing well, and is settling in. They agree, what happened to Kayla is a miracle. Possibly the turning point wasn't just for Steve and Kayla but for she and Bo! She hopes they can get their marriage back on track. They smile, and Bo tells her he'll sleep anywhere - she asks him to put his suitcase in the master bedroom, much to his delight, and they agree to take one day at a time. She tells him, "It's your house to," when he asks to get himself some coffee! Stephanie comes downstairs and she and Hope go to the hospital. Stephanie is really excited that her parents will soon be together, "Just like the two of you," she beams! Bo tries to get her not to get her hopes up too high, but she is on cloud nine, impressed with how Steve kissed Kayla, making her heart start beating again! Stephanie goes outside to warm up the car (so she and Hope can go to the hospital) and Hope asks why Bo is being negative about Kayla and Steve getting together. He explains Steve's feelings for Billie and fears Steph's heart will be broken. They talk about the necklace Steve bought for Billie and Hope thinks that Billie has let him (Steve) go. Bo isn't so sure, knowing Billie she hangs on to love! Hope realizes that Steph is in the car and needs to leave! She kisses him goodbye and they linger for a few moments, smiling and looking into each other's eyes, then Hope says, "Welcome back!"

After Hope leaves, Marlena arrives. He notices her limp but she brushes it off as a sprain. She's there to discuss the investigation, asks if he would persuade John to get off the case. Bo tells her that they need him on the case, but she needs him more, she says. "I don't want to lose him," she says, but the look on his face tells that he won't. She hates to say it but, "I saved your sister's life and I want you to save my husband's life." He agrees to talk to John, but can't make any promises. She kisses his cheek, thanking him for everything, then she looks down, seeing his suitcase, and hugs him! She smiles, telling him "I'm so glad!"

At the hospital, Kayla is up out of bed, kissing Steve awake. She's tired of lying around, she tells him and they kiss again! Kayla is thankful for him bringing her back, but he says everyone was pulling for her. She admits she was close to walking away from him, but now that she knows he remembers, she smiles, telling him "I don't ever want us to be apart again!" Kayla is happy to be awake and tries to dance a little but gets dizzy, so Steve sits her back down on her bed, asking her to take it easy. She knows he has regained some memories but wonders if this means that he still loves her. She asks point blank for him to share his feelings with her. He looks concerned when she says, "You can tell me anything!" She asks for his honesty, promising she'll understand. He tells her he wants to explain, but just then, Stephanie and Hope interrupt them. Kayla makes her way to the window, and Steph says, "It's so good to see you awake!" Kayla is so happy to see them both, and Steph tells her mom not to do anything like that to her again! She tells her how amazing her dad was during this whole thing. "He's my hero," Kayla says. Steve tells them Kayla can go home soon, and Stephanie wonders if they're going home together. Kayla thinks they need to slow down a little. Steve cuts in saying that they're all going home together! Hope smiles at Stephanie and waits behind as Steph goes off to tell the rest of the family the news! Dr. Myers comes by, telling them Kayla needs to be monitored for a while before she goes home. She needs oxygen and therapy, but Hope asks if she can hire a nurse for her. He agrees, and Steve thanks her! Hope goes to find someonebut Steve tells her he's in trouble. "I didn't really remember all those things that Kayla thinks I did." He tells her he remembers a little bit but doesn't have the feelings that should go with them. He worries he overplayed his hand, lying that he remembers more than he does. "How long before they realize I'm just a liar," he asks Hope. He tells her that he senses that Kayla is special to him, and Hope thinks he can build on that, but he also shares that he woke up thinking of Billie! Hope is concerned at how Kayla will take the news that he lied, but agrees he did the right thing, to keep her alive. Steve asks her to tell Billie the truth. Steph comes back and Hope takes off as she has errands.

At Salem PD, Roman and Abe discuss Patrick with Tek, who refuses to help take Patrick down! Abe is furious with him, demanding to know why. Tek thinks that Abe had it in for him, ever since he was found sleeping with Lexi! He tells Abe he's a street cop and wants to get away from being behind the desk. The two men start to yell and point fingers at one another, so Roman grabs Tek, taking him to the outer office. He explains that Tek needs to stop acting like a Prima Donna. He goes on to say that Abe obviously is over the personal business they've had or he wouldn't have asked for his help on this project. He throws the folder at him and says to do the work! Tek agrees, "This is the last time!"

Abe and Roman are greeted by John, who has returned. They tell him good news about Kayla and he shares that Marlena is good, feisty as ever! John tells the men that he wants to be even more of a help to them, with the investigation. He wants to be on the inside and asks to be deputized, "Right now!" They both refuse and remind him of Alex North (and how he went off half cocked). Since it's a personal vendetta, Abe says it's a no go. John's not pleased. He's mad, says "I'll just keep poking around on my own!" Just then, Tek shows them all a paper with a number and location to a safe deposit box that EJ has!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Willow is hiding out (in a closet?) as Belle holds Claire, yelling at Shawn, saying, "Do you want to tell me what the hell is really going on?"

Kate tells Victor that she think she knows more about where Philip is than he's letting on! (Phil is watching them argue)

John tells Bo that by the time they finish with EJ, he's going to wish were dead!

EJ grabs Sami, telling her he's not ready to leave and she's going to give him answers! Lucas interrupts, yelling, "Get your damn hands off her!"