Sami and Rafe bask in the afterglow of sex, happy to be rid of the kids for the day. She’s glad she never lost him. Rafe says they had a few big fights, but it’s not the end of their relationship. Sami regrets her behavior and Rafe thinks he should have checked his ego at the door. She loves him and says he’s man enough for her.

EJ calls Anna and asks her to have patience. Now that Sami and Rafe won’t end up together, she’ll get paid. After this, Samantha will be left wondering what the hell’s going on!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe arrives. Brady goes to Melanie with a snack while Arianna asks Chloe if she’s pregnant. She confirms it’s true. Ari goes upstairs and Lucas and Allie find Chloe. Chloe compliments Philip’s attire and Victor, Lucas and Kate rush off while Chloe wonders if she should be there.

In the den, Kate finds Stefano and they discuss how Vivian’s still missing, but it’s not his doing. His people who he hired to detain her can’t find her!

Upstairs, Stephanie lies that Nathan didn’t want to read her letter, so Melanie sadly tells her, “Let’s do this.” Stephanie leaves the room, Melanie starts to cry, and becomes dizzy. She falls to the bed, unconscious.

Justin walks Maggie down the aisle. Vivian and Kate discuss Vivian’s disappearing act in the foyer and Lucas walks Kate down the aisle. Victor takes a seat and Stephanie and Arianna walk down the aisle. Brady goes to the foyer, closes the doors and the guests await Melanie. The doors open again but Brady’s alone, looking nervous. The guests start looking from one to the other, wondering where Melanie is. Brady goes to find Melanie while Lucas and Justin notice Vivian’s nowhere to be seen.

Upstairs, Brady knocks on Melanie's door.

Downstairs, the guests mill around, wondering if Melanie is a runaway bride. Brady shows up with Melanie on his arm. Philip tells her how beautiful she is and the wedding music begins. Brady walks Melanie down the aisle and Maggie kisses her. Abe starts the ceremony. Philip says his own vows, as does Melanie. She tears up. Abe asks if there are any objections.

At the warehouse, Vivian shows Carly a photo of Melanie with her comb in place and taunts Carly, telling her the crest is ivory, the teeth are poisonous. Melanie will die before she makes it down the aisle. Carly starts to cry, and rushes at her, strangling her. Hope bursts into the room, yelling at Carly to let go. "She didn’t do it," yells Hope, so Carly lets go. Hope says Victor switched combs and Melanie will be fine. She arrests Vivian for attempted murder.

Sami and Rafe arrive at the pub and discuss how much fun it’ll be to get Sydney back and have her connect with family. Rafe goes to his sister’s room to use her computer while Sami gets pie from the kitchen. EJ finds Sami at the pub, smiling. He’s surprised to see her and notices she’s happy. She is, and is about to tell him why, when Rafe returns, kissing Sami. Rafe asks for his congratulations and EJ forces a smile and tells them congratulations. "It’s wonderful!" Sami’s sure Rafe’s going to bring their daughter back to them. EJ thinks Rafe’s making promises just to get back into her life. Sami and Rafe ask him what’s the matter with him. Rafe has to run off to see Gabi, so Sami and EJ continue to duke it out. EJ tells Sami that it’s Rafe’s fault they’ll never see their daughter again.

Nathan goes to the hospital and flashes back to a tender moment between he and Melanie where they’ve kissed. Daniel finds him there and tells him the wedding’s probably over by now. Nathan flashes back to telling Melanie he wishes she wasn’t marrying Philip. Nathan says he can’t do this. He leaves and Bo arrives. Daniel asks if he’s seen Carly. He hasn’t, but finds the message Hope left for him, telling him to meet them at the cannery.

Nathan winds up at the Kiriakis mansion, about to knock on the door. Inside, nobody objects, but Chloe rushes out, before Melanie and Philip say their vows. Chloe leaves the manse, bumping into Nathan. She tells him the wedding’s not over. He says not to worry. He’s not going to stop it. Chloe’s feeling ill and dashes off.

Back at the warehouse, Gus comes to and throws crates on Hope and Carly, knocking them out. Carly awakes and calls Hope’s name but Vivian says she’s dead. Gus leaves and Carly begs Vivian to leave Melanie alone and kill her, instead. Vivian finds it noble but says forget it. She runs to the wedding while Carly bawls. Carly eventually gets out from under the crate and checks Hope’s pulse. She can’t lift the crate from Hope, so promises to get her help. She makes a call to the police, and reports an officer down, then calls Melanie to warn her, but her phone has died. She takes Hope’s gun and leaves.

Back at the mansion, Stephanie gives Melanie a drink of water and flashes back to keeping the note from Nathan. Melanie says, "I do," and they pledge their love with the rings. Abe pronounces them husband and wife. Philip tells Mrs. Kiriakis "Happy Valentine’s Day," and they kiss. The guests cheer and everyone mingles. Lucas gripes at Kate and Stefano.

Outside, Nathan sends a text message to somebody.

Back inside, Melanie kisses Maggie. She was relieved to see her. Maggie apologizes. Philip takes a call from his brother while Melanie admits she used to dream about having her mother at her wedding. Maggie made that possible.

In the foyer, Vivian takes off her gloves and mutters how she has to get Melanie alone.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Stephanie says, "I really want to find true love. I think I can find that with you."

Vivian tells Melanie, "I have a life changing gift I want to bestow on you."

EJ yells to Sami, "To hell with you! To hell with Rafe!"

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