In an abandoned warehouse, Carly awakes and Gus asks if she has a feeling of déjà vu. She flashes back to being buried alive.

At the pub, Hope asks Victor if Vivian’s a threat to the wedding. He thinks she’s buying into Kate’s conspiracy theory and promises that everything that goes on under his roof is under his control. "Trust me," he says, Melanie’s going to be fine. He leaves the pub without the shopping bag he came in with. Hope calls after him but it’s too late, so she opens it and finds a receipt. She makes a call and after she hangs up, says, "Now I get it. Bo, your father’s at it again."

Nathan returns to Maggie’s place and learns she’s not attending the wedding. She breaks down. Nathan blackmails her. If she doesn’t go to the wedding, he won’t go on his trip with Stephanie. He offers to go with her to the wedding.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie explains to the girls that Maggie’s not coming. She cries a little and asks to be left alone, where she writes a note to Nathan and privately asks Stephanie to deliver it to him. She and Ari go downstairs while Vivian receives a text message from Gus, saying Carly’s awake.

Chloe wakes Daniel up with cinnamon buns. He’s surprised. She has decided to give up caffeine and alcohol. "And speaking of buns in the oven," she shows him all of the positive pregnancy tests and they kiss, happily.

Back at the warehouse, Vivian pops up on the monitor and tells Carly she’s savoring the moment when she can take her revenge. Carly panics as she realizes Vivian’s not going to kill her but Melanie.

Stefano and Kate are preparing to leave for the wedding when Lucas shows up with a warning. He’s making sure the wedding will go off without a hitch.

At the hospital, Maxine discovers Carly’s missing and is upset that the orderly from radiology took her away with no explanation. She goes off to find him while Stephanie reads Melanie’s letter. Melanie pours her heart out, asking Nathan to let her know if there’s any chance for them, she can’t marry Philip. Part of her will always love him but if he doesn’t respond, she’ll have her answer. Stephanie spots Nathan nearby and shoves the letter in her purse. Nathan starts to ask how the wedding’s going but decides he’s had enough of ex-girlfriends for one day. Stephanie tells him she’ll return later, so they can leave for the resort.

Chloe and Daniel arrive at the hospital. Chloe’s beaming about the father of her child and keeps calling Daniel by that name. Chloe tells him she’s got baby names out but won’t tell him for another eight and a half months. She leaves and Daniel finds Nathan there and nags him about giving up on Melanie. Nathan’s fine and he’s moving on, he insists. Daniel’s skeptical.

In her room, Melanie allows Vivian to place the poison tip comb on her head while Carly screams from the warehouse as she watches. Carly finds a brick and hits Gus on the head. He goes down and she tries to escape. Gus wakes up and they struggle. Carly squeezes Gus’ jugular and he passes out.

In her room, Melanie tells Vivian she’s not feeling well. "So soon?" Vivian mumbles and Vivian leaves her alone. Melanie talks to herself, saying she and Nathan have unfinished business. Nathan should have gotten that letter by now. Arianna and Brady arrive and notice her state.

Downstairs, Victor promises nothing will ruin Philip’s wedding. Philip takes a call. Vivian arrives downstairs and drinks some champagne while fantasizing that Melanie’s dead. She gets a text saying there’s trouble with Carly and is to come quickly, so Vivian rushes out the door.

Later, Philip tells Victor he learned the Justice of the Peace can’t make it. Kate arrives with Stefano, and when Abe and Lexi show up, Victor says they’ve nothing to worry about. Abe will preside over the wedding. Kate tries to play nice by complimenting Philip and Victor pokes fun at Stefano, saying it’s odd how Philip never thanked him for coming.

Back at the warehouse, Carly finishes texting Vivian and then texts Bo. She’s at the cannery and Vivian’s on her way. She asks Bo to come quick.

Maggie, Mia, Will and Allie wait for the wedding to begin. They reminisce about Mickey, which makes Maggie smile and laugh. Lucas and Justin, who is filling in for Bo, are happy about this and Lucas calls Nathan to share the news. Allie goes upstairs to play with Ciara and her nanny while Lexi and Maggie chat. Lexi worries about Stefano. He’s on his best behavior and that always spells trouble.

In the foyer, Victor and Philip look for Vivian, worried when she can’t be found. In the den, Lexi stops Stefano from eating sweets, but badgers him about keeping the truth of Sydney’s paternity from EJ. Nearby, Justin asks Victor if Vivian will cause trouble. Victor tells Justin what he told Hope - they’ve nothing to worry about from Vivian.

Back in Melanie’s room, Ari, Brady and Melanie discuss how pushy Vivian can be but after she got the comb in Melanie’s hair, it was easy for her to leave. They find this odd, but go off to get Melanie a snack when Stephanie shows up. Melanie grills her about the note. Stephanie lies that Nathan refused to read it once he saw it was from her, so Melanie says they need to get the show on the road. Stephanie steps outside while Melanie cries and becomes dizzy. She falls to the bed, unconscious.

Vivian arrives at the warehouse to Carly, wielding a huge wrench. She tells Vivian it’s over. Melanie will live happily ever after. Vivian speculates that Melanie will die in about a half hour. Carly explains why she killed Lawrence. It was either him or her baby. Carly will kill again, if she needs to. "They say it gets much easier," says Carly.

Hope arrives at Salem PD and learns Bo’s still on a stakeout, but left his cell phone at the office. Hope intercepts Carly’s message.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Sami says to EJ, "Actually, I have something I should tell you."

Brady knocks on the door, asking Melanie if she’s alright.

Carly runs at Vivian screaming, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

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