In her bedroom, Chloe looks at the positive pregnancy test and glows.

At the hospital, Daniel and Carly discuss her fall. Daniel leaves when he’s paged and Carly eventually remembers why she was at Victor’s place. She leaves a message for Bo, warning him Vivian’s on to their secret.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate has dressed for the wedding and lectures Stefano for relaxing in his robe instead of getting ready. He insists he wasn’t invited but Kate needs his support. Stefano offers to have the problem with Vivian eliminated and later, Stefano calls one of his connections. Kate wishes she could get her hands on his rolodex and asks where he keeps it. He points at his head and tells her he’ll get ready for the wedding. When Kate asks him to be nice to Philip, he says he always is. "It drives him crazy!"

At the Kiriakis estate, Philip laughs after learning Victor threw Kate out. She may not be very accepting but Victor promises not to let anybody ruin his wedding. They hug. Later, Lucas arrives and admits he was grilling Melanie. He wonders if she’s over Nathan, causing Philip’s anger to surface. Lucas explains he wants to make sure his brother doesn’t rush into a marriage that isn’t going to work, like he did with all of his ex wives. They discuss how Melanie fits in with the family. Lucas says it’s working out because nobody has tried to kill her yet. The brothers hope that Vivian and Kate will play nice at the wedding and Philip wonders if Kate has the nerve to bring Stefano. Lucas reminds him she always has a reserve of nerve they never thought existed but Lucas is sure Victor won’t let anything go wrong.

Outside Melanie’s room, Vivian fondles her present and once again fantasizes Melanie’s dying in Carly’s arms. Vivian goes to Melanie, who says the wedding is on. Philip loves her for who she is. Melanie opens her wedding gift to find the poisonous comb and as Vivian’s about to place it on her hair, Stephanie and Arianna rush in with champagne. They propose a toast.

Stephanie picks up a call from Nathan. They discuss taking off to the resort after the wedding. As he offers his best, "Ah give my best to Philip and ah… Melanie," Stephanie worries he’s not over her.

From Salem PD, Hope leaves a work-related message for Bo and then wonders what Vivian’s up to. She flashes back to accidentally bumping into Vivian on the pier and remembers the gift bag.

At the pub, Hope tells Justin of her suspicions about Vivian. Melanie’s the right age to be Carly’s daughter. She thinks Vivian knows this and wants to get rid of her, though Hope can’t believe Carly would ever be friends with the likes of Trent. They ponder aloud if Melanie really is Carly’s daughter and Ciara strolls by, confirming it. She overheard Carly and daddy discussing it. Hope and Justin agree they need to get to Melanie before Vivian does so Justin takes Ciara home while Hope leaves another message for Bo, this time about Carly.

Victor walks into the pub with a shopping bag and greets Hope. He’s in a foul mood and she asks if there’s something he’d like to unload about Vivian.

Back in Melanie’s room, Ari takes Melanie aside and they discuss how they’d like freaky Vivian to leave. Melanie doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Vivian asks Melanie not to let anybody touch the comb leaves the room. Once she leaves, the girls drink up and Melanie admits Vivian’s driving her insane. Stephanie admits she is rather strange but does have good taste. She touches the comb. Melanie tells her not to – as per Vivian’s instruction.
Outside Melanie’s room, Gus tells Vivian that Carly’s being kept overnight at the hospital. Vivian’s happy for that but doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Gus will take care of it. Vivian says the poison is untraceable. The only person who will suspect anything is Carly.

Vivian walks back into Melanie’s room just as Stephanie’s got her hand on the comb, and asks what the hell she’s doing! Melanie tells Vivian to dial it down a little and not speak to her friends like that. Arianna takes over and ushers Vivian out with expertise she confesses to have learned from the prison matron!

Back outside Melanie’s room, Gus and Vivian discuss how one of those awful girls touched the comb.

Later, Melanie has dressed and the girls check themselves out in a mirror as they dish about how aggressive Vivian is. Melanie muses that perhaps Vivian never had girlfriends before. Ari goes to open the door and allow her to return and Vivian, who was likely listening in, practically falls into the room!

Carly leaves a cryptic message for Melanie to stay away from Vivian and attempts to leave the hospital. Nathan stops her. She explains she needs to get a message to Melanie, so he offers to deliver it himself. Carly agrees and gets back into bed, but once Nathan leaves, she gets back out of bed.

At the nurse’s station, Nathan asks if Maxine can check in on Carly. She’ll have a nurse do it as she’s busy. Nathan turns to leave and bumps into Gus, dressed as an orderly. He apologizes and Gus goes to Carly’s room. When she sees him she runs into her room with him after her. He pins her to the bed and chloroforms her, puts her on a gurney and covers her in a sheet, before getting into the elevator.

At home, Maggie takes out a locket and a string of pearls from a box and tries them on. The string breaks and the pearls fall to the floor. She cries out and calls Melanie, saying she’s ill and can’t make the wedding. Melanie cries, "No." Maggie asks for forgiveness and they agree to talk when Melanie’s Mrs. Kiriakis. They hang up and Melanie says she can’t do this.

Daniel arrives home, sorry he’s late. He explains his day and says he can’t take her to the wedding. He falls asleep before she can tell him she’s pregnant.

Back at Stefano’s manse, he has dressed and Kate thanks him for spoiling her. After today, Vivian won’t know what hit her. They discuss how they’re growing closer and Stefano offers to help her if she needs to deal with Melanie the way they dealt with Vivian. Kate asks if he can destroy the evidence he has against her from trying to kill Chloe, but he can’t do that.

Carly wakes up in a warehouse where Gus is preparing a monitor. Where is she? He replies, "Six feet under. Bring back memories?"

Next on Days of our Lives:

Lucas tells Kate and Stefano he’s making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Victor tells Hope, "Vivian is not going to hurt Melanie."

Carly watches the monitor as Vivian puts the comb on Melanie’s head. She screams, "No!"

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