At the Brady Pub, Kate warns Philip that Vivian is plotting something and to keep her away from the wedding. Philip dismisses her, saying that she’s just jealous of Vivian’s involvement. Kate asks whether it concerns him that Vivian is obsessed with Melanie, but Philip says that Vivian is just being nice to her. He warns her to stop her allegations and storms off. Kate follows him. Across the room, Bo orders coffee and tells Pete that the front of the pub is slippery. He gets an urgent phone call and leaves.

In front of the Kiriakis mansion, Carly recalls her conversation with Kate’s warning about Vivian. She knocks on the door, saying she has to speak to Melanie. Someone knocks her out from behind, and when Victor opens the door, he finds her on the ground, unconscious. Victor walks over her to get the newspaper. He tells Henderson that there’s a piece of trash in the front, and to call the ambulance.

Upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian wakes a sleeping Melanie with breakfast. Melanie says she’s not marrying Philip but Vivian tells her she just has wedding jitters. Vivian sternly tells her that she will not humiliate her son by ending this marriage. She gives Melanie her first gift, her mother’s necklace. Melanie hesitantly accepts the gift but still insists on not marrying Philip. Vivian calls her foolish, weak, and fickle. Melanie asks why she’s being so mean to her and forcing her to stay. Vivian tells her, "You’re going to marry Philip, even if it kills you!" Vivian accuses her of being in love with someone else. Melanie hears the door knocks downstairs, but Vivian ignores it. Melanie admits to another man and Vivian exclaims, "The plot thickens!" Vivian is disgusted with Melanie pining after a Horton this whole time. Melanie asks how she knew, but Vivian asks her how she could agree to marry Philip. Melanie explains that the break-up didn’t "take" but Vivian scolds that she should have thought of this before the wedding plans, and she will have to marry Philip!

At the Java Café, Daniel helps a kid play a computer game, Brady walks in and jokes that Daniel could show his children how to play. Daniel coldly tells him to drop it. He apologizes for snapping and explains that Chloe can’t have kids. Brady says he had no idea, and Daniel reassures him there are other options for having kids.

At the pier, Chloe convinces herself to take the pregnancy test she’s holding. Arianna bumps into her and Chloe drops the test. Arianna asks if she’s pregnant, and Chloe says if she is, it would be a good thing. Arianna hopes she’s pregnant, but Chloe says if she is, things could go wrong and she can’t tell Daniel. Chloe explains the pregnancy won’t last because of the chemo she had, so she can’t give Daniel false hope.

Hope asks for Bo at the police station, but the officer says he’s not there. He asks when she’s coming back to work. Abe walks in and asks the same. Hope tells him she wants to start immediately. Abe asks if there’s any chance she and Bo might work this out but Hope says there is no working it out, and Bo made his choice and he’s with Carly now. Abe feels most sorry for Ciara. Hope says Ciara is her priority but Abe feels that since Bo and her can’t work this out, Ciara’s world is turned upside down. He asks, "For what?" Abe pleads for Hope to think of Ciara and work on her marriage, saying, "Bo made a choice, so dammit, get him to unmake it! Fight for him, fight hard and don’t give up! Do it for Ciara!" Hope asks him to stop lecturing her. Abe apologizes and discusses how his problems with Lexi affected Theo. A police officer brings Hope her gun and badge, and Abe welcomes her back to the force.

At the hospital, Lexi tells Bo that Carly hit her head on ice and they go into her room. Bo asks Carly how she fell but Carly doesn’t remember. Lexi excuses herself and Carly emotionally tells Bo that she needs to tell her daughter the truth now. Bo tells her to stay calm. He gets a call and leaves.

Philip arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with Kate storming after him. Philip warns that she’ll be thrown out of the wedding the minute she stirs up trouble. As he walks away, Victor walks in and "seconds" that. He calls Henderson to escort Kate out but Kate asks how Victor could do this after everything Vivian did to them. She leaves, vowing not to give up on exposing Vivian and promises to get someone to help her.

Back in Melanie’s room, Melanie insists that she can’t do this. Philip walks in and asks, "Can’t do what?" Melanie says he shouldn’t see her before the wedding but Philip dismisses the superstitions and asks what she was telling Vivian. Vivian excuses herself. She bumps into Gus in the hall, who tells her that Carly was found unconscious outside the mansion. She tells Gus to find out what happened and to get her something so that her plan goes off without a hitch. Shortly after, Gus returns with Melanie’s gift and Vivian sends him away to find out what happened to Carly. As she recalls her daydream about killing Melanie, Vivian gloats that Carly will know how it feels to lose someone she loves very soon!

In Melanie’s room, Melanie tells Philip she doesn’t feel worthy of him. Philip doesn’t buy that, but Melanie insists that she still has insecurities. Philip assures her the insecurities will go away when they get married. He kisses her and tells her he’ll see her at the altar. He steps out and reassures Vivian that everything is fine and walks off. Vivian steps into the room and asks Melanie how it went. Melanie says Philip made her feel loved and they will marry. Pleased, Vivian gives her the special wedding gift and tells her to open it. Melanie begins to open the box.

At the pier, Daniel sees Lucas and asks for a favor. Lucas asks him if he’s kidding and Daniel says never mind and walks away but Lucas says he’ll do it for Chloe. Daniel asks if he’d let Chloe spend time with Ally. Lucas angrily says that Ally is having a hard time getting used to Chloe not being around and he won’t open the wound again. Lucas tells Daniel to give Chloe a child of her own and walks away.

At the Brady Pub, Brady greets Arianna with a kiss. He gives her a ring box and Arianna opens it to find a bracelet. Brady says it was his mom’s and he wants her to have it. Brady notices the look in her eyes since it was a ring box with no ring, but Arianna thanks him. Brady didn’t know his mom well, but says she would’ve been proud of him for choosing and loving her.

At Daniel’s apartment, Chloe opens the pregnancy test.

Kate sees Hope at the Police Station and asks for Bo, but he’s not there. Kate is worried about Philip and Melanie because of Vivian. She tells her about Melanie’s gift and that she overheard Vivian talk about Melanie to some man. Kate insists that Vivian is up to something that will hurt Melanie. She tells Hope to tell Bo that Vivian needs to be stopped. Hope asks if she’s spoken to Victor and Philip about this but Kate says they won’t listen to her. Kate pleads for Hope’s help before a catastrophe happens. Hope promises to look into this right away and Kate thanks her and leaves.

In Carly’s hospital room, Daniel tells her she’ll be staying overnight because of her head injury. Carly still can’t remember what happened. Daniel tells her she was at Victor’s house, but Carly can’t remember why she was there.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Philip asks Lucas, "You screwed up your life and now you want to screw up mine?"

Vivian says everything is in place and the poison is untraceable!

Stefano tells Kate he can have the problem with Vivian eliminated!

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