In EJ's cabin, Anna asks EJ about the money he owes her, but EJ says he doesn’t pay for failure. He starts to call his bodyguard to take Anna’s place but she reminds him that they’re a team and she’ll make him regret getting rid of her. EJ asks if she’s threatening him. Anna just meant he’ll regret it emotionally. EJ says he could get rid of her and no one would know, but Anna says that Sydney would because they have a bond. She picks Sydney up and reminds him that Sydney is her niece and no one will care for her better, but EJ says no one is as stupid as she is. Anna starts to leave with Sydney but EJ stops her. She asks how he could take away the only stability Sydney knows, and EJ realizes Anna is right. He reassures Anna that he made some phone calls and Rafe won’t be able to trace her to Sydney. He says the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to find the perfect moment to take his children away. Anna says that they all know that Sami still "floats his boat" but EJ reminds her that Sami must know the same misery she caused him. Anna thinks he’s the loneliest guy on earth. EJ says it doesn’t matter as long as Sami is a lot lonelier than he is.

On the phone at the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian tells Gus that her gift will take Melanie’s breath away. She daydreams about giving Melanie a poisoned comb and Carly witnessing Melanie’s death. Vivian ends her call as Victor walks in, pretending that she was on the phone with the caterer. Victor asks if she needs help or if Gus, her henchman, can handle it. Vivian denies knowing Gus, but Victor tells her about the surveillance tapes. Vivian claims that Gus is her "boy toy" but Victor demands to know what they’re plotting. Vivian explains Gus is going to help her make Carly pay. Victor says Gus hasn’t done much since Carly is still in Salem, but Vivian is limited in what she can do with all his restrictions. She tells Victor they have a problem with his psychotic ex-wife and Victor asks which one! Vivian says Kate is jealous of the bond between her and Philip. She reassures Victor that she won’t hurt Melanie as they’ve gotten closer.

A drunken Nathan greets Melanie outside the pub. Melanie asks him what’s wrong and he says her marrying Philip is! Nathan stumbles to speak but says that she shouldn’t marry Philip. He hugs her as Stephanie walks by with his coffee and asks if she’s interrupting. Melanie asks what he was about to tell her. Stephanie tells Nathan he should go home. Melanie says he can’t drive so Stephanie says she’ll drive him to her place, but Melanie suggests taking him to Maggie’s. They agree to walk him there to sober him up. Stephanie asks Melanie if this is a good idea, seeing that her wedding is tomorrow, but Melanie is helping out her friend.

At the hospital, Kate asks Carly about the connection between Vivian and Melanie. She says they can help each other only if Carly is honest. Carly asks what Kate knows but Kate says she must tell her what she knows first. Carly accuses Kate of bluffing. Kate gets up to leave but Carly says she’ll tell her everything if Kate promises to tell her everything she knows after. Carly says she’s grown closer to Melanie as a nursing student. Kate wonders why Vivian would be interested. She tells Carly about her fight with Vivian over Melanie’s gift, and that she overheard Vivian talking to some guy about her and Melanie. Kate wasn’t able to hear much besides that they talked about the wedding and Carly’s name came up. Kate suggests Carly watch her back and turns to leave. Carly asks how she could help her, but Kate says she will let her know at some point. Carly wonders what Vivian knows about Melanie.

As Sami's apartment, Rafe and Sami profess their love to each other and embrace passionately. Sami stops him and says she can’t do this because it’s wrong but Rafe disagrees. Rafe knows she blames him for Sydney’s disappearance, but Sami blames herself more. Sami thinks about what they could’ve had with Sydney, but now she’s lost. Rafe promises that Sydney is out there somewhere and they’re going to find her. He assures her she hasn’t lost him, that they’re stronger and together they can do anything. Rafe says he loves Sydney even though she’s not his child. Sami says Sydney is his because he brought her back to him. Rafe says he won't rest until he brings her back. Sami says he makes her a better person and they make love.

Nathan, Melanie, and Stephanie stumble into Maggie’s house where Mia is doing her homework. Nathan drops Melanie’s things and breaks her phone. They both bend down to pick it up and share an intense stare. Stephanie helps Nathan up and he says he has to go home but forgot his keys at the pub. Stephanie volunteers Melanie to get them. Melanie hesitantly leaves.

Melanie returns to the pub to pick up Nathan’s keys. Lucas walks in and says that Nathan hasn’t been himself. Melanie asks why. Lucas doesn’t know what’s going on and asks why Melanie cares. She says Nathan is her friend and she wants to help. Lucas thinks Nathan is heartsick.

Back at Maggie's, Mia offers Nathan coffee and excuses herself. Nathan mumbles about something he said to Melanie. Stephanie asks what he said to her. Nathan says he should’ve told Melanie to stop looking at him with pity, but that he’s probably just paranoid. Melanie returns with Nathan’s keys and Stephanie says she’s driving Nathan. Melanie offers to follow them but Stephanie reminds her that she should rest for her wedding. As Nathan leaves, Melanie asks what he was going to say, but he says it’s not important.

Carly storms into the Kiriakis mansion looking for Bo. Vivian says not to bother people when they’re busy planning weddings. Carly recalls her wedding to Victor and says nothing good could come out of a wedding here. Carly sees Melanie’s gift and says Kate told her about it. She asks what it is but Vivian says to leave it alone. Vivian asks why she’s so interested in Melanie, and Carly says she’s gotten to know her better. Carly asks why Vivian is possessive of Melanie, and Vivian says it’s because she’s marrying her son. Vivian says Carly will know what that feels like when Carly’s son gets married, but then laughs that Carly is banned from his life, and won’t have a daughter either. Carly realizes that Vivian knows about Melanie, and runs off to find her.

At Java, Kate tells Victor that Vivian has gone completely crazy. Victor says Vivian just said the same thing about her! Victor knows about Kate stealing Melanie’s gift. Kate’s worried about Philip and Melanie. Victor calls her a hypocrite and orders her to not cause trouble or he will make sure Philip bars her from the wedding. Across the room, Stephanie apologizes to Nathan for being weird about Melanie. Nathan says he can’t wait until this wedding is over.

Carly looks for Melanie at Maggie’s, but Mia says Melanie’s phone is broken, and she doesn’t know where she is.

Melanie rushes into the Kiriakis mansion in tears, looking for Philip. Vivian asks what’s going on and Melanie says she can’t marry Philip! Vivian reminds her about the preparation she’s done, but says that they’ll just go to "Plan B," as she eyes the gift.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Carly knocks on the Kiriakis mansion door, saying she has to speak to Melanie!

Kate tells Philip he must keep Vivian away from the wedding!

Vivian tells Melanie she must marry Philip, even if it kills her!

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