EJ pours himself a drink in the DiMera living room. The doorbell rings - it's Rafe. He says he has a question for him about his sister-in-law Anna - he just saw her! EJ asks where he saw her. Rafe says Anna was at Sami's. EJ asks what she told him - his hand is shaking. Rafe points out that he seems nervous! Rafe theorizes that since the kidnapping seems to be DiMera related, maybe Anna knows more than she is letting on. EJ tells him that's ridiculous. Rafe quizzes EJ about knowing Anna is in town but is keeping it quiet. EJ blames that on Stefano, and tells Rafe that Anna has nothing to do with Sydney's disappearance. He then suggests that Rafe is just there because Sami doesn't want to be with him anymore!

Sami opens the door to Brady. She says Anna visited her, it was kind of strange - she got really upset when they discussed Sydney. Brady remarks that Anna's not totally insensitive. He asks what is going through Sami's mind. She admits she is thinking about the times they had as kids - how much they loved each other - she wants that for her kids. Brady reassures her that Sydney could be on her way back to her as they speak. Brady asks about what happened with Rafe. Sami says it is easier when he's by her side. Brady suggests they get back together, but Sami thinks he needs to just stay away during all this insanity. Brady leaves, and Sami recalls Rafe bringing Sydney back to her arms the first time, and heads out.

In the small house, Anna talks to the baby in her playpen. She says that Rafe guy looked at her like he knows something. She murmurs that she can't do this anymore - she has to make it right. Anna picks up the phone and talks to Carrie about visiting Sami. She hangs up and muses that her cover is still intact. She tells Sydney that she has to tell her father, and he's going to throw things and yell.

Sami arrives at the DiMera Mansion and finds Rafe there with EJ. She asks, "What are you two doing?" EJ tells Sami that Rafe has a theory about Anna being involved in Sydney's disappearance. Rafe denies it and EJ asks him to leave. Sami follows him out. EJ calls Anna and tells her he doesn't know what she's doing, but she's going to be very sorry! Anna tells him she can explain. He tells her she's going to explain to his face!

Sami and Rafe return to her house, where Sami says she thinks EJ is right - Anna has nothing to do with Sydney's disappearance. Rafe says maybe she thinks what EJ does - that he's doing all of this because he wants her back. Sami asks, "Do you?" Rafe admits he does want her back. Rafe tells her he loves her, and always will - nothing will change that. Sami says she loves him too. They kiss deeply!

Vivian is at the Kiriakis Mansion freaking out about a missing box - she thinks Kate took it. She says no one can see what's in it and rushes out the door!

Kate is with Melanie outside - she asks what's in the present Kate is holding. Kate says it's for Allie's birthday, but Melanie tells her that is the box that Vivian was going to give her! Kate admits that it is the same one, and says it's going to be from her and Vivian - they've come to a peace accord! Melanie asks her what it is. Kate tells her to open it and see. Melanie is about to open it when Vivian rushes up, yelling at her to stop! Melanie says she thought they put their differences behind them. Vivian remarks that Kate is lying through her fangs again! Melanie has a lot to do and leaves. Kate quizzes Vivian about why she stopped Melanie from opening the box - what's in it? They trade barbs on the topic of stealing, and Vivian tells Kate this was never about her, but the collateral damage has been satisfying! They bicker about who will be disinvited from the wedding, and Kate takes off. Vivian tells Gus that Melanie must not open this gift until the wedding, and notes they have so much to do. Kate, who hid, listens and appears thoughtful.

At the hospital, Carly asks Daniel for a favor - make it so she has to work during Melanie and Philip's wedding - she just can't go. He quizzes her about what's going on, but she tells him to drop it. Chloe comes over and Carly tells her it's great that she's taking over for Maggie. Daniel walks off, and Carly urges Chloe to speak to him about how much pain she's in over not being able to conceive. Chloe tells Carly that she is sure someday she and Daniel will have the family they want. She thanks her and walks off. Melanie comes in, and Carly tells her she has to work on her wedding day - she's really sorry. She gives her a bracelet. Melanie remarks that it looks like a family heirloom. Carly says she just bought it recently and wants her to have it. Carly hopes that Melanie and Philip will be happy. Melanie thanks her and leaves. Carly watches her wistfully. Kate walks up and greets Carly. They agree it's been a long time. Carly asks Kate what she can do for her. Kate says she can begin by explaining the connection between her, Vivian, and Melanie Layton!

EJ shows up where Anna is and she tries to explain what happened with Roman, but he doesn't care. He tells her he's throwing her out! She asks what about the money he owes her. EJ says she's leaving, but Anna says that's where he's wrong!

Nathan is at the pub having a drink. Stephanie comes in and he says she must be busy doing things for Melanie's wedding - he assures her he's fine talking about it. Stephanie sighs and suggests they discuss their getaway plans instead. Just then, she gets a call. She hangs up and tells Nathan there is a wedding problem she has to take care of - she says she'll come back after with coffee and they can go to his place. Nathan says goodbye, then looks at the wedding announcement in the paper - he pours his drink on it and orders another! Nathan tells the bartender to let Stephanie know he's gone for a walk and steps outside - Melanie is there! He sings 'Here Comes the Bride', and then asks if she's absolutely sure about marrying Philip.

Chloe speaks with a pastor in the coffee shop. She talks to him about not being able to conceive, and remarks that she's led people to believe she's considering other options, but she's not - she wants a miracle. The pastor gets called away and leaves. Stephanie comes in and they chat. Chloe learns that Melanie and Philip's wedding is sooner than she thought. She realizes that she has her dates wrong, and wonders to herself if she's pregnant!

Brady and Daniel meet up down by the docks. They discuss Chloe and Brady mentions that she's always wanted to be a mom. Daniel gets a weird look on his face, and Brady asks if he said something wrong. Daniel says no, and he wants to be a father someday, but timing is everything.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Victor demands to know what Vivian is plotting now!

Carly tells Kate she'll tell her what she wants to know!

Rafe assures Sami that Sydney is out there somewhere and they'll find her!

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