Bo staggers back, shocked that Hope would try to take her daughter from him. Carly bursts in the door and asks why she’d do that. "Why do you think," says Hope, with a stony expression. Carly and Hope start arguing. Carly doesn’t want Ciara to get caught up in their issues. Hope’s been trying to keep Ciara from anymore trauma. That’s why she’s taking her out of this house tonight and filing for sole custody. After all Bo has been through, he put himself first in allowing a murderer into his home. She’s putting a stop to all of this now. Bo wants his turn to talk and says this isn’t like Ciara to cut up somebody’s clothing. She’d never have done it before…"Before what?" Hope asks and realizes he thinks she’s been badmouthing Carly to her kid. She’d never do that. The idea that he’d insult her like that…Bo cuts her off. He’s trying to make sense of it all. Ciara rushes into the room to beg them to stop fighting. Ciara thinks daddy’s mad at her. Though he’s disappointed, he’s not mad. They hug and after they’ve gone, Carly grabs her clothes. She’s moving out. Bo grabs her roughly and refuses to lose her on top of everything else. Later, Carly unpacks and says she’s not going to Melanie’s wedding. It’s too risky. Bo agrees. One day soon, she’ll be able to share in her life.

Kate drops by Maggie’s unannounced. Maggie’s ready for bed, but lets her in. Kate needs to warn Melanie about Vivian. Kate goes on to say Vivian’s dangerous. Maggie says Melanie’s at the Kiriakis mansion with Vivian, now. Kate has to go be with her and rushes off.

Vivian gives Melanie the gift. It’s something old. Vivian urges her to open it and get it over with. Melanie’s face falls. "Is it something bad?" Vivian’s sure she’ll be pleased. Vivian has Melanie turn around to keep the element of surprise alive. Melanie covers her eyes and Vivian daydreams she has put a comb on Melanie’s hair. Carly bursts into the room and Vivian says it’s too late. The comb has poison tips. Melanie falls into Carly’s lap, gasping for air. Vivian comes out of her fantasy and can’t do it! She asks Melanie to wait until the wedding. Melanie feels let down but gets over it quickly and asks for a hint. Vivian calls it something she’ll absolutely die for. Later, Melanie gazes at the present. Vivian tells her good things come to those who wait. Vivian throws more platitudes at Melanie and in walks Kate, just as Vivian says something about making sacrifices for love. Kate and Melanie want to know what she’s on about. Vivian says Melanie has had to make sacrifices in her wedding in the name of love. Melanie gets out of the line of fire and takes off – without the present, at Vivian’s insistence. Kate eyes the present and accuses Vivian of hijacking the wedding. When Vivian takes a call, Kate pilfers the present and says Vivian will not steal her thunder or her son. Later, Gus shows up and Vivian has decided to give Melanie her gift on her wedding day. When she goes to look for it, she notices it’s gone and blames Kate.

Johnny and Sami arrive at the DiMera mansion. EJ has DVDs for Johnny upstairs. Sami gives him Rico, his penguin. Sami notices EJ’s looking into pirate adventure tours. EJ says he and Johnny will be going. He needs a distraction right now. Sami reminds him they’ve two kids. How can he plan to take one out of town while Sydney’s missing? EJ wasn’t planning the trip right away but needs something to look forward to. He suggests they all go away together as a family. Sami doesn’t answer when Johnny returns from his room. She tells him daddy needs a hug, and leaves. After she goes, EJ tells Johnny they’re going on a trip to Pirate Island. Just the two of them… kind of! Johnny claps! Later, EJ plays airplane with Johnny and tells his son, it’s going to be good. Just him, Johnny and his sister.

Anna visits Sami and leaves a note, after realizing she’s not at home. As she’s leaving, she bumps into Rafe, who asks who she is. Anna could ask the same question. Rafe introduces himself. Anna looks nervous, causing Rafe to become suspicious. Anna says it’s none of his business who she is. Rafe escorts her into Sami’s place and takes the note, and tries to get answers from Anna, who stammers and tells him this wasn’t her idea! Rafe demands she tell him what she means but Sami arrives and asks Anna what she’s doing there. Sami introduces them to one another and Anna says she is in town for business for a few minutes and gives Sami her prayers. Sami begs her to stay a while but Anna’s anxious to go. Sami won’t take no for an answer. Rafe goes into another room while Sami and Anna discuss Sydney’s disappearance. Sami doesn’t know what kind of sick animal would keep a child from her mother. Anna tears up and asks how Sami gets through the day. Sami says it’s not easy and remembers that she and Tony lived in the DiMera mansion when Sydney was a baby. Anna didn’t get much time with her. She travelled a lot. Sami hopes Sydney’s being treated well. Anna rubs her arm and says she is. Sami questions how she’d know that. Anna wonders who could harm such a beautiful girl. Rafe returns with a few belongings and Sami tells Anna her visit lifted her spirits, before she goes. Rafe thinks Anna seemed jumpy but Sami says that’s just Anna. Rafe tells Sami they’ll get Sydney back, before he leaves.

Hope brings Ciara to Java and Ciara pouts while Hope tells her it’s wrong to destroy other people’s property. If she gets upset, she should talk about it with mommy or the doctor. Ciara nods. In walks Justin, who hugs Ciara. He missed her. Ciara’s happy to see him. He sends her to get hot chocolate. While she’s gone, Hope relays what happened at Bo’s place. It’s so unlike her, Hope frets. Hope gets something to drink and while she’s gone, Justin makes Ciara laugh by putting whipped cream on her nose.

Melanie arrives home and tells Maggie for somebody without a mother, she sure has them coming out of the woodwork. Maggie’s her favorite, of course. Maggie says she directed Kate to find her. Melanie is fine with that and says because she loves and trusts her most out of all her moms, she has something important to ask. Will Maggie be the mother of the bride, even though it's her wedding anniversary? Maggie looks at Mickey’s photo and tells Melanie she’d be honored. They both start to cry and hug. Melanie confesses she wishes the wedding would be over soon so she can get on with her life.

Kate walks on the pier with the present meant for Melanie. She is about to toss it in the river when her curiosity gets the better of her. She starts opening it.

Anna returns home to Sydney, who appears almost as sad as her mommy looks. Anna’s unsure she’s doing the right thing.

EJ gazes at the kids' photos in the great room and gets the door. Rafe questions him about Anna DiMera.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate asks, "Why were you so afraid to let her open that, Vivian?"

Sami says, "It's just better if he stays as far away from me as possible."

Rafe asks EJ, "Is it just me or do you suddenly seem really nervous?"

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