Bo finds Carly’s dresses shredded at home and automatically thinks it’s Vivian’s handiwork until Ciara runs from the kitchen with scissors yelling, "I didn’t do it!" Bo sees the scissors and realizes Ciara knows whose clothes these are. He tells Ciara Carly’s moving in. Ciara pouts. "Again?" Bo urges her to open up to him, so she asks if he can tell Carly to leave. He can, but asks her to give it time. Carly’s a nice person. Ciara disagrees. She hates her. Bo thinks that’s a strong word and assumes Ciara did this to Carly’s clothes because she didn’t want her to feel welcomed here. Ciara nods and rushes upstairs. Bo says they’ll discuss it more when mommy gets there.

On the pier, Hope bumps into Vivian, who then spills her package from Gus. Vivian’s nervous look makes Hope think she’s hiding something. With a laugh, Vivian says she is. A surprise for Melanie’s wedding. She doesn’t want it ruined like how Carly ruined Melanie’s gown. Talk turns to Melanie’s mother and Vivian says she died. She grew up to be a lovely young woman just like Hope did after her mother was hit by a bus and killed. Hope raises her eyebrows and Vivian takes off with Hope wondering what she’s up to.

At the hospital, Carly talks to Nathan about screwing up on the job. He says it has nothing to do with Melanie as she’s suggesting and asks why she cares. Daniel interrupts and Nathan goes back to work. Carly thinks she owes him an explanation. She calls Nathan a good guy, who needs to deal with his issues with Melanie head on. Daniel doesn’t see why this is her business but she says they bonded. She doesn’t want Melanie to make the same mistakes with men she did. Daniel says Melanie’s nothing like her and starts judging Melanie until Carly puts a stop to it. She thanks him for being there for her.

Philip finds Melanie at Java, pouring over menus for their wedding and says she’s been working on it with Vivian. Philip’s bored but when he takes a look at the seating arrangement, thinks it’ll be fine, if she doesn’t want the wedding to turn into Armageddon.

At Java, Rafe tells Brady that Arianna’s not going to prison, but he’s worried that Mr. Big might want revenge on Ari, now.

Ari and EJ arrive at the pub. EJ’s happy to learn she’s not going to prison and doesn’t think she should worry about the big boss coming for her. Ari remembers the last time they discussed this. He said she should worry! EJ thinks if he wanted to hurt her, the big boss would have done so already. EJ invites her to have a drink with him. Reluctantly she does and gets a Cervaise with lime. EJ ponders that. "Why would you put lime into perfectly good beer?" They drink up and EJ enjoys it. Rafe and Brady arrive and see the cozy scene. The men congratulate Ari and EJ offers to buy them a drink. Brady declines and EJ assumes there’s no point in asking if there’s news about his daughter. There isn’t, so he leaves and Rafe sulks. He’s doubting himself. Ari doesn’t think there’s reason to. Rafe leaves and Brady kisses Ari and they move things to her room, where they have sex.

Kate shows Stefano her outfit for the wedding. Stefano gets the door and is served with papers from EJ. He’s been evicted, he tells Kate, with a chuckle. Stefano tells her not to worry. Her name’s not on the eviction order and once EJ has his daughter back, he’ll change his mind about all of this. Stefano asks why she’s not involved with planning Philip’s wedding. Kate rants that Vivian hijacked the wedding. Stefano pointedly says Vivian’s not Philip’s mother and tells her to push her aside. Kate can’t. Stefano’s surprised. Is she intimidated by Vivian? He talks her into taking over, and Kate tells him she’ll be back.

Roman talks to Anna on his phone at Salem PD. He wants to know why she lied about being in Spain when she’s in Salem. Anna talks about how this has been a difficult time. Roman points out that Carrie hasn’t seen her in months. Anna says they speak on the phone and she’s planning on seeing her soon. Anna says Carrie asked her to stop by and see Anna. Roman urges her to do so, so she unenthusiastically agrees to go. Once they hang up, she apologizes to Sydney, but has no choice but to go. She leaves the house.

Philip and Melanie manage the guest seating as best they can and while Philip wants to discuss the honeymoon, Melanie just wants to kiss. Kate arrives and asks to help with the wedding. Melanie leaves for the florist while Philip asks her to share the spotlight with Vivian and walk him down the aisle. Kate’s aghast and insulted and starts to cry, but decides to accept what she can get. They hug and Philip says one day he is going to have kids with Melanie. He wants everyone to get along. Kate can do that and kisses him. When he leaves, Kate thinks to herself she wouldn’t have to get along with Vivian if she wasn’t there.

Hope arrives at Bo’s place and is upset to learn Ciara cut up Carly’s clothes and that Carly has moved back in. She yells that he invited a murderer into the house after all they’ve been through and what they’ve gone through with Zach? Bo’s certain Carly’s not going to hurt anyone and asks Hope not to use Ciara as leverage against Carly. It’s not the answer. Hope refuses to allow Ciara to return to the house. Not just because Justin was shot there but because Carly’s living there. Bo doesn’t like the sound of that. Carly overhears as Hope says she’s not sure he should see his daughter at all, after the choices he’s been making.

Vivian meets with some guy and tells him to get ‘it’ ready before Valentine’s Day. He leaves and returns with a wrapped box and reminds Vivian to take care with it. It’s exceedingly lethal.

EJ arrives home and Stefano thinks he has had enough time to mourn. It’s enough. EJ’s consumed with an unending tantrum. He tells EJ that this is schadenfreude. Stefano says once his kids are older, he’ll understand what it's like to be a parent to adult children. EJ pats him on the back and sarcastically says he understands already.

Vivian finds Melanie at the mansion. She shows her that her gown’s ready and Melanie apologizes for being so cold with her in the past. She’s been taking it slow and can see all Vivian wants is to be loved. "You’re my guardian angel," says Melanie. Vivian offers her the lethal gift and tells her to open it now.

On the pier, Rafe asks God, St. Anne and Grace to guide him and help him bring Sydney home safely.

Anna goes to see Sami, who isn’t home. She leaves a note. "Sorry about your baby. Too bad I missed you. XOXO Anna." She bumps into Rafe in the hall as she’s leaving.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate tells Maggie she’s got to warn Melanie about Vivian.

Rafe demands Anna tell him who she is and what she knows.

Hope tells Bo, "I will not let it go on. I'm putting a stop to it right now."

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