In Anna’s room, she notices EJ’s in a better mood, surmising it’s due to Sami and Rafe’s break up. EJ says this is almost over, and Samantha brought this on herself. She had his daughter and didn’t tell him and now gets what she deserves. Anna calls it cruel, but EJ tells her not to defend Samantha. Anna thinks he’s starting to sound like Stefano. EJ calls her an employee and tells her to stop thinking about this as a mother. Anna can’t help it and wonders if it’s hurting Sydney not to have her mother around. EJ may never allow Samantha to see Sydney again and tells Anna not to question his methods or motives.

Nathan and Stephanie book their ski trip online at Java. Stephanie reminds him for the second time that day that they’ve got to go after the 14th, because of the wedding. Nathan doesn’t look as though he wants to hear about it and claims he has other things on his mind and after receiving a page, has to go. He gets up as Arianna joins them to discuss Melanie’s wedding. Nathan takes his cue to leave and Arianna is worried she might not make it to the wedding.

Vivian tells Gus she’s going to eliminate Melanie at the wedding. Gus appreciates her flair for the dramatic. They’re not sure how to kill Melanie or get Carly to the wedding. Vivian makes a list of things to purchase and tells Gus to put everything on the platinum card. Gus says somebody’s bound to record the wedding. Vivian can watch Melanie die, over and over. Vivian shudders - she doesn’t want to see it. Victor interrupts, wondering what they’re up to. Gus leaves and Vivian admits she’s plotting. That’s what she does best, but denies that it’s got anything to do with Melanie. Vivian will bring him back his happy family. Victor says not to hurt Melanie. "And keep my name out of it." He leaves and Gus calls. He found everything on the list, but had to pay retail. Vivian thinks it’s worth it and asks for another favor. Later, Gus brings a package to Vivian, who is thrilled beyond belief.

At the hospital, Carly tells Melanie she can’t attend her wedding. Melanie tries to talk her into it. If somebody has a problem with it, they don’t have to go! Carly’s honored but Melanie says not to be. She invited lots of people she doesn’t like. She stutters and realizes what she has said, but is sure Carly knows what she means. They hug. Bo watches as Melanie says she’ll wait for her answer. Once Melanie leaves, Bo says that the exchange was too obvious. The situation’s too volatile. If she were to go to the wedding, she’d be bawling with happiness. Bo’s running out of options to keep her and Melanie safe. He considers telling Philip but decides not to. In the meantime, Carly is to move back in with him until this is settled. Carly thinks this means their relationship is moving along. Bo thinks she’s the only person in his life who he can just ‘be’ with. She makes him smile, and he needs her support. He can’t promise anything right now. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen with them and knows people are going to have a problem with them being together, but so what? "Let’s go for it."

At home, Hope opens the document she has found in Vivian’s private belongings. She can see now her marriage is over and reads how Lawrence discovered Carly had a baby and wanted it killed. Justin says, "Makes Anne Rice sound like Hemingway." Hope doesn’t find it funny and thinks the baby must be Bo’s. "It’s like history repeating itself. Last time it was with Billie!" Hope considers that Bo would have told her but Justin points out he had already moved out by that point. Hope discusses her reasons for staying away from Bo. She puts the documents back in Vivian’s room and returns to the den to hug Justin before leaving to confront Bo. Victor watches from the door and once she’s gone, tells Justin to stay away from her. Justin’s not poaching, he says. Their marriage is over. They argue and Justin smashes a glass against the wall, telling Victor to go to hell.

Nathan bumps into Melanie outside of Java and asks how her hand is. It’s fine, just in time for the wedding, says Melanie. Nathan has had enough wedding talk and says, "That’s nice," before leaving Melanie with her mouth hanging open.

Melanie goes into Java and overhears Arianna say she may have to go back to prison. If Ari can’t make it, she’ll bump Stephanie to a bridesmaid position. Stephanie argues that she can’t. Ari gets a call and runs out while Melanie asks why Stephanie can’t do it. When Stephanie can’t answer, Melanie assumes she’s hung up on Philip. Later, Melanie hears from Arianna, who says she’s not going to jail. Melanie’s happy and still wants Stephanie to be a bridesmaid. She hasn’t had ‘friends’ in the past and thinks of Stephanie as one. Stephanie concedes and later, Melanie asks about the ski trip she’s planning online. Who is she going with? Stephanie lies that she’s going with an old sorority friend.

At the hospital, Nathan makes a mistake in surgery and Carly asks what’s going on. He’s not sure. Carly thinks it has to do with Melanie, but Nathan refuses to discuss his personal life and feels bad as it is about what happened. He takes off and Carly follows, but he still won’t open up to her.

At Salem PD, Roman tells Ari that she’s not going to prison, but getting a commendation. Ari, with tears in her eyes, says she’s free, and hugs Roman tight. Knowing Roman and Anna share a past, she asks if he knew Anna was in town? EJ told her and asked to keep it a secret. Roman agrees not to mention that to anybody but as soon as Arianna leaves, he calls Anna. "Ola," Anna says in greeting. He asks where she is and she lies. "Spain." Roman replies, "Wrong answer!" Does she want to tell him why she’s in Salem?

Bo arrives home and pays the sitter, then considers how to tell Ciara about Carly moving in. He goes outside where the reception is better, to take a call from Abe, and once he returns, he sees Carly’s clothes shredded to bits. He assumes it’s Vivian’s handiwork and calls for Ciara.

On the pier, Hope flashes back to a conversation with Bo about Carly’s secret and bumps into Vivian, who becomes nervous when the package Gus gave her falls to the ground.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Stefano tells Kate, "Elvis is evicting me from my own home."

Bo tells Ciara, "Carly is a nice person. You might like her." Ciara yells that she hates her!

Hope asks, "What are you up to, Vivian?"

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