Bo talks to Ciara, Maggie and Caroline online but is interrupted by Carly. Bo puts the lap top aside, but doesn’t disconnect. Carly tells him she and Melanie have connected and she thinks Melanie’s ready to know she’s her mother. Bo thinks it’s too dangerous. Vivian would also learn the truth. Carly agrees and they both discuss how much they’d like Vivian six feet under before they start making out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian leaves a message for Melanie to have a day at the spa with her. Hope overhears it and asks why she’s so wrapped up in Melanie. Vivian says she’s wrapped up in joy, like a beautiful quilt or afghan. From the moment Vivian saw her, she knew the girl completed Philip and lit up the room. Hope doesn’t beat around the bush. "Come on, Vivian, what’s in it for you?" Vivian wants to be a member of the family. Why is Hope so antagonistic toward her? After all, they’re both Carly’s victims. Hope agrees and thinks that’s what’s driving Vivian’s need for revenge. She could have left well enough alone, Vivian admits. Hope asks what that means and Vivian jumps up, suddenly remembering a hair appointment.

Melanie goes to Maxine at the hospital, surprised to see her. Melanie is there for an x-ray. Since Carly hasn’t started her shift, Dr. Horton will have to sign off on that. When Nathan goes to touch her, she pulls away. "Don’t touch me," she yelps.

Caroline and Maggie leave Ciara in the kitchen at Maggie’s place, with the computer. She goes online and plugs back into Bo’s connection and finds Carly and Bo on the sofa, kissing and discussing how Melanie’s her daughter. They start making out more. Ciara watches intently. Later, Caroline and Maggie say goodbye and Caroline takes Ciara to see Bo.

Chad arrives at Salem PD with a file for his dad, DA Woods. He thanks his dad for letting him and his friends go to the Olympics. Mr. Woods thinks Chad deserves this time with his friends. He’s glad Mia’s out of his life.

At Java, Kinsey remarks that there’s something cool about a guy whose family rents a cottage for him in Vancouver. "My family rents storage units. I can get the key anytime you want,"says T, grinning at Kinsey, who ignores him and tells Gabi that Chad wants more from her than friendship. Nearby, Mia and Chad listen in. Chad arrives and they all dish on how exciting they are to go to Vancouver. Mia tells Will she’s got to check on Maggie and rushes off.

Carly leaves Bo’s place just as Ciara and Caroline arrive and overhear her tell Bo, "I love you."Upon seeing Caroline and Ciara, Bo says this is a surprise. Caroline comments, "Apparently so."Carly leaves and Ciara runs upstairs. Caroline asks if he ever thinks about anybody but himself. Bo doesn’t think it’s any worse than what she sees at home with Justin and Hope. In fact, Hope ripped Ciara from his life. Caroline doesn’t think that lets Bo off the hook. Bo is frustrated that he and Hope can’t discuss anything right now. Caroline thinks Carly’s only adding to his issues. After Caroline leaves, Ciara and Bo search for something. When he finds a photo of he, Ciara and Hope, Ciara asks if he found what she needed. He says not yet.

Will arrives at Maggie’s but Mia’s not there. He voices concerns to Maggie about how Mia hasn’t been herself since Grace died. She’s a different person since it happened.

Vivian makes a call from Java, to her hair stylist to cancel her appointment. She’d rather work on making Melanie’s wedding unforgettable.

At the hospital, Nathan becomes frustrated with Melanie, who won’t let them have have a doctor/patient relationship. Carly watches from nearby and later examines Melanie’s hand. She asks if Melanie and Philip will write their own vows. Melanie doesn’t think she’s deep enough to do that but Carly finds her a person of substance. She brings up the sexual tension she saw between Nathan and Melanie. Melanie says she was trying to be sensitive to him, because he’s got a thing for her. Carly thinks there’s more to it. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings for Nathan. But Melanie’s getting married, she reminds Carly. Carly wishes she’d take things slow. Melanie loves Philip and thinks he can make her happy, so Carly lays off. Melanie asks her to come to the wedding.

Hope arrives at the pub for coffee and making a few calls, she learns Vivian’s going to be out for a while. She bumps into Justin, who stops her and blasts her for calling Adrienne to ask questions about their marriage. Hope is a romantic and was just trying to help. She urges him to come with her. He can help, she tells him, slyly.

Stephanie and Nathan run to a park bench and Stephanie takes off her shoe and sock, after having stepped in a three foot deep puddle. Nathan blames himself for asking her to go for a walk in February. Nathan tells her he put in for time away from work and is going to Pine Valley, which is a two hour drive. Stephanie hears the skiing is good and when Nathan asks, she agrees to go with him, until he says he’d like to go Valentine’s Day. She can’t, because of the wedding. Nathan is alright with this and they kiss.

Hope and Justin arrive home and she enlists his help in getting into that box of Vivian’s in her room. Hope runs upstairs. Vivian arrives home and Justin keeps her occupied. Hope returns to the den and Vivian leaves. When Hope opens the contents of the box, she finds papers that upset her. "Damned you Bo!"

Will meets with Mia at Java, who explains why she wasn’t at Maggie’s place. She was in a bad mood so went for a walk. Nearby, Chad learns the Vancouver trip is off and grins as she tells them it’s not the end of the world.

Gus meets Vivian at the pub and she tells him she’s going to deal with Melanie on her wedding day.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Vivian tells Gus, "She watched Lawrence die. Now she's going to watch her own daughter die."

Bo tells Carly, "This situation is way too volatile."

Hope shows Justin the paper from Vivian’s box. "Don't you see? This explains everything."

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