In the hospital, Max, Mimi, Frankie, Hope and Stephanie stand watch while Kayla continues to have issues breathing. Frankie thinks that Steve was sent back to them to save Kayla's life. Inside their room, Steve asks Kayla to rest, and she tells him he's a good man, not a bum, like he always thought he was! He begs her to hang on a little longer, but she's fading. She's exhausted. He tries to get her to hang on by asking her to recite a passage from their wedding. She tries her best. He pushes her to keep talking, "Love does not come to and end," they say together.

Belle arrives back at Victor's mansion, to pick up Claire. He tells her their visit went really well, and when the doorbell rings, Victor opens to a frenzied Sami, who rushes in to tell Belle that John and Marlena's plane went down, and Marlena parachuted off the plane and now they can't find her. They have to go to John, so they leave Claire with Victor for a while longer.

Marlena wakes up startled. She's in a cabin, her ankle still hurts, and when she tries to use the phone, she finds the line dead! She sees the mystery person at the door, with his axe and panics. She grabs a poker from the fireplace and tells him to drop his axe. He does so and also takes off his hood. She is shocked, "It's you," she cries. Her shocked look turns to happiness as she realizes she's looking at Smokey Robinson! Marlena laughs, telling him that she's a big fan and was worried about him when she saw the big parka and the axe! They chat for a bit, and he lets her know that his cell phone isn't getting a signal to call John, but he goes of to make them dinner. They'll find out a way to get word to her family later, they agree. After they eat, he bandages her ankle, signs the bandage and tells her he is up there at the cabin song writing. Smokey tells her that his PDA has a signal. He'll contact Abe for her.

John arrives at the Salem airport, to an awaiting Abe and Roman. They tell him that they couldn't find any tracks from Marlena, in the woods, and send the antidote over to the hospital. Abe tells John that his plane was sabotaged before they left for Ottawa and the kicker is that the person who sabotaged it left behind a black glove in the engine! Livid, John tells Abe and Roman as soon as he finds Marlena he's going to "Drop both of them!" (Referring to EJ and Patrick)

Sami and Belle arrive at the airport, yelling at John for leaving Marlena alone in the wilderness, in a blizzard. John explains that people are out looking for her and he's leaving as soon as he can. Sami feels guilty, telling Roman that Marlena hates her, and the last time they talked wasn't pleasant. Roman reassures her that she is loved by her mother, and she promises to be a better daughter.

John holds Belle close, worried about Marlena. Abe rushes in, "Marlena has been found! You'll never guess who found her!"

Back at the hospital, Kayla tells Steve, "I love you. I will always love you," then flat lines. Steve starts to yell, "Kayla! Kayla! Nurse!" Caroline arrives at the hospital just then, and cries out to Kayla, in shock. Dr. Myers calls the time of death as 19:43 as Bo runs in with the serum but Caroline tells him, "It's too late!" Steve looks to Bo, then to Kayla, yelling, "NO."

He grabs Kayla, kisses her in the hopes of reviving her. We see a flashback of Steve making love to Kayla, years ago, and then another of their wedding, with their vows being said and suddenly Kayla's heart starts beating again, she comes back to him! The family is overjoyed, thinking it's a miracle. The doctor explains to Steve that no permanent damage has been done to her lungs or other organs and what happened is nothing short of a miracle - and is solely due to him!

Steph and Frankie go out for air, while Hope hugs Bo. She tells him she meant it when she asked him to come home, and asks, "If it's still what you want?" He tells her, with a smile, "You know it is, but what are you going to do about Lockhart?" She explains how she has broken things off with Patrick, telling him while he'll be a part of their child's life, he won't be a part of hers. Bo hugs her, telling her he loves her! She smiles, asking that he not fight with Patrick anymore. "I can't risk losing you. I won't! I couldn't take it, think of Shawn," she begs. They're interrupted by Abe, who pulls Bo aside to give him the news about the sabotage.

Mimi chats with Max, wishing she had role models like the Bradys when she was growing up. Max tells her that she is a good person, and is here for him now, when he needs someone! She smiles, "You're my friend and you were there for me when I needed someone!"

At Shawn's loft, he's fixing the sink when Willow arrives with her belongings. She's moving in. He apologizes for the way things went previously, and tries to kiss her but she backs off, telling him they shouldn't do that anymore. "I don't want to be your "prostitute," she says. They argue, with her telling him that she'll be out of his way as soon as she gets a place of her own. Belle calls Shawn from her cell, asking him to go pick up Claire from Victor's and keep her until she gets back. He agrees to it and runs off to get the baby, asking a hurt Willow to leave until Claire goes home.

Shawn arrives at Victor's mansion to pick up Claire, but he is told that she's taking a nap. Shawn is puzzled. "If she sleeps now, it'll throw off her entire schedule," he reminds Victor. He tries to go get her but Victor stops him, saying, "Claire may be your daughter, but this is still my house." Victor brings Claire; Shawn takes her and leaves, thanking him. After he leaves, Victor goes back into the secret room, telling the bandaged man "Don't worry. She's not as affectionate as she once was, but she will be. She'll be back, Philip!"

Belle and Sami pick up Claire from Shawn's loft, and before Sami rushes them out, Shawn shares with Belle how 'weird' Victor was. He asks her to, "Keep an eye out."

A sarcastic Willow enters the loft after the girls leave, reassuring Shawn that they didn't see her come in. She goes off to shower.

Marlena wakes up on Smokey's sofa with a start, only to see John! He came to her rescue! She gives him an emotional greeting, kissing and hugging him. Smokey smiles at the two, and wanders over to the piano. He starts to serenade the duo with, "I love your face." John picks Marlena right up, dancing with her and kissing her.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Tek tells John, Roman and Abe that he was going through E.J.'s bank statements and found this. John says it'll tell them who he is and why he wants to destroy their lives.

Hope tells Bo, "Possibly Steve and Kayla wouldn't be together right now," and Bo says, "It's a turning point for us as well."

Kayla tells Steve, "Now that you remember, I don't want us to ever be apart again!"

On the plane, John tells Marlena, "You and I aren't innocent bystanders anymore. This has become personal and I'm not going to walk away from it.